Glenn Pearson, longtime Bridge City ISD employee, died Sunday in Hemphill.
Joe Chenella worked with Pearson from 1963 to 1990.
“He was a great friend, a great boss, a great mentor and a great crew leader,” Chenella said. “He did a lot for Bridge City ISD.”
Pearson rose through the ranks as first an assistant principal at Bridge City High School, then principal, then superintendent of the school district.
Chenella served as BCHS principal and as an assistant superintendent.
Pearson was also girls and boys basketball coach earlier in his career. He later coached only the boys’ team. In fact, the BCISD alumni game is named after him.
Chenella said he learned how to deal with disciplinary issues, work with staff, plan for buildings and plan for the upkeep under Pearson’s tutelage.
“He will be missed by a lot of people. It’s a sad day,” Chenella said.

Retired Bridge City Independent School District Superintendent Glenn Pearson addresses the audience during the annual alumni basketball game that bares his name in February. Pearson passed away on Sunday in Hemphill.