For 56 years a community newspaper has been furnished to the citizens of this area at no charge. In most instances it is delivered, wrapped in plastic, to each door. The Record grew up with the community, half of the population was not born yet or were just babies. For the most part the task of our publications has always been to give small, independent businesses an outlet to advertise their goods at a reasonably low price, yet give them the largest customer reach of any publication in their trade area. The Record has always concentrated on doing business with local establishments and urging consumers to shop at home when possible. Over the years we are proud to say that we have helped independent stores grow their business against the big outlets. Many successful businesses today grew with The Record. 

Our publication could be bigger and better if more businesses took advantage of our large circulation and customer base. When advertising at home, shoppers will shop at home, also. Too many tax dollars are leaving Orange County and one good reason is that some local businesses are not appealing to them through advertising. Yet, many car dealerships, real estate brokers and professionals haven’t seized the advantage we give them to reach a loyal base. Local shoppers are taking their money elsewhere. I sight as an example that Danny’s, Robert’s and K-Dan’s food stores have thrived and continue to grow against the chain stores. They have relied on The Record exclusively to reach their customers. Another example is Harry’s Appliance. The Stephen’s have used us exclusively for many years as their print outlet. There are others who enjoy success by using their community paper for customer reach.

What we are most proud of, besides furnishing a free paper to everyone who wants one, is that for 56 years we have honored our dead with free obituaries. We feel that every person who has lived among us, been a part of the community, is entitled to be honored upon their death without families having to spend hundreds of dollars to let the public know that their loved ones have gone to their reward.

We thank you for your loyal readership and following us through all the years. We say welcome to those who have come on board lately. We thank our family of advertisers who make it all possible. Welcome to our 56th anniversary issue. Come long, it won’t do you no harm. 


We were saddened to learn of the death of Glenn Pearson, 80, who died Sunday, April 22, at his home on Toledo Bend Lake. Glenn was a former Bridge City ISD superintendent but had held many positions, serving as coach, mentor, church deacon, etc. He was currently superintendent of Hemphill ISD. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Annie, daughters, Terri and Paula and brother, James. Visitation was held Tuesday, April 29 and services will be held at 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 30, in HISD Athletic Complex. To Annie and the entire family we send our sincere condolences. He was a good man.


Congratulations to Dr. Michael Shahan, our 56th anniversary recipient for “Person of the Year. Dr. Shahan is an outstanding choice. Under his leadership Lamar Orange has come a long way and has much to offer. The school is constantly witnessing growth both in enrollment and faculty.


The first thing extremist Sean Hannity was promoting was for Nevada nut Cliven Bundy and his band of patriots to stand up to Federal forces because Cliven’s cows were grazing on Nevada state land. He should have checked his facts first. The U.S. didn’t acquire that land by Eminent Domain; it was acquired by the surrender of Mexico in 1846. Nevada didn’t even exist yet. This guy Bundy wraps himself up in the American flag and proclaims that he doesn’t recognize the United States as even existing. On the other hand, Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, is now banned for life from the MNBA and fined $2.5 million. He can’t participate in any team or league activities. I believe he gets to keep the profits but he will be forced to sell the team. He gave $12 million for it and it is worth $700 million. Bundy and Sterling are both losers; Bundy through ignorance, Sterling through stupidity and bigotry. Sean Hannity and the other radicals ran as fast as they could from Bundy, and the owners and players ran Sterling off.


10 Years Ago-2004

Former Bridge City and University of Texas football great Steve Worster was the guest speaker at the Bridge City Athletic banquet. The female Cardinal Pride award went to Meagan Godwin; the male award went to Joe Willey. Outstanding Female Athlete was Katie Faulk; Outstanding Male, Athlete was Michael Gauthier. *****The Bridge City Cardinals are sending three to the state track meet. Senior speedster Michael Goeddertz, Michael Gauthier and Aaron Brannen. *****Eric Eshbach, the pride of Orangefield, wins Big 12 track meet in Oklahoma. He won with a vault of 17.9. Eric won many pole vaulting events for Coach Joe Hester while at Orangefield. Debbie and David Fusilier were in Oklahoma when Eric won the championship.*****Judge Grover Halliburton is in St. Elizabeth battling a heart problem that has put him in and out of hospital for several years. (Editor’s note:  Judge Halliburton died a few days later on May 7, 2004.)*****Wedding headlines “Harvey weds Nash;” “Hatton weds Hines;” “Hatton to wed Federoff.” (Editor’s note: Afraid to say more, maybe some have split the sheet since.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: James E. “Eddie” Suitts, 48, of Orange died Monday, May 3. Services were held May 6 at Dorman Funeral Home. ***Leo Daniel Ellis, 64, of Orange, died May 6. Services were held at Claybar Funeral Home. ***Donald Ray “Big Don” “Santa Clause” Lange, 55, of Mauriceville died May 3. ***Agnes Brown Freeland, 97, of Orange, died Sunday May 2, 2004. *****On the first day of May it’s a breezy, 57 degrees. About five inches of rain fell Friday and Saturday. Gardens welcomed the good rain. Neighbor Cox and Ms. Ginny planted the neighborhood garden a few days ago. *****Our neighborhood cat “Callie” disappeared with her kittens after H.D. tried to visit with her. Cox found them but after a few days Callie disappeared and was never seen again.

40 Years Ago-1974

The good folks at Jess Davis Realty are: Carmon Davis, Brooks Hill, Margie and A.C. Roberts, Jack Moore, Bill Fite, Diana Hill, Bruce Sawyer and Jane Dorman.*****Ed and Joan Lovelace leave for their honeymoon in Acapulco. Ed has been on extra strength vitamins for three week. (Editor’s note:  Before Viagra.)*****J&J Hardware and Sporting Goods is now open on MacArthur Drive. *****Huey Simon and Don Barron recently returned from a Colorado big game hunt. Huey got a lion and Don a good sized bear. *****Curtis Barns owns the Bamboo Club and makes the best pizza in the area and serves the coldest beer. *****Patty Retzlaff is in M.D. Anderson hospital, a victim of leukemia. Funds are being sought. *****W.T. Oliver named “Boss Cajun” for the Texas Louisiana Gumbo Festival set for May 24-26 on Pleasure Island. Oliver is a three time winner of the distinguished service award (DSA) which is presented by the United States Chamber of Commerce. He is the only American to win the honor three times. A 450-gallon gumbo pot was brought over from St. Martinsville, where it serves as a syrup cooking pot. The 450 gallon pot will be used to make the world’s largest gumbo. Manning the pot will be Laurence Foux, Earl Bishop, Ethel Foux and Roy Dunn. Oliver “Oink” Theriot will be in charge of the special brew.  Ingredients for the gumbo; 200 pounds smoked sausage, 3,000 large pieces of chicken, ¼ acre of green onions, ½ acre of rice, (1,000 pounds), and 42 gallons of roux.*****Spotlight on the 1974 West  Orange Chief’s baseball team: James Long, Randy Cormier, Ray Pousson, Paul Richardson, Junior Henry, Bo Guillory, Randy McMillian, Ricky Manuel, James Lancaster, Chris Ulery, Micky Smith, Kenneth Hodge, Andre Robertson, David Chesson, Ralph Callier, Joe Baker, Kenneth Richard and Marlon Richard. Head coach is Ronnie Anderson, asst. coach is Harold Fugua. (Editor’s note: What a team, what a coach. Pousson and Andre went on to become the two most famous.)


Earl Thomas III, an Orange native and W.O.S. grad, became the highest paid football safety in the NFL. This week he agreed to a $40 million contract for four years with Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks. That’s not all, Earl has also signed a contract with Nike’s Jordan brand that should make him more millions in the future. Earl is very smart and humble about his good fortune, he won’t throw his money away like so many athletes do. He however, is very generous to his home town and gives back to the village that raised him.*****The big question in the NFL draft, which beings May 8, is will Houston Texans think Texas first and draft Johnny? If not, their excuse will be that they were criticized for not drafting Vince Young and look where he is today.*****Congrats to Bridge City Lady Cardinals softball team. They keep on keeping on. They play a one game playoff against West Columbia Friday, 7 p.m., at Goose Creek. Lady Card Miste Henderson is hoping  for her 201 win.*****Speaking of Bridge City, over the years Bridge City High has produced doctors in several fields. The latest is Dr. Richard Guillory, Jr., a 2000 B.C. grad who recently opened his Cardinal Chiropractic practice at 490 Texas Ave. The former Marine is the son of Richard Guillory, who for 25 years has owned All-In-One Tire service where Jr. worked for his dad. We are glad he chose to come home to open his practice. He is married to Dr. Brittiny Guillory and have two children, a boy and a girl.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and Novrozsky’s next. Everyone always welcome.****The death of Murray Harris, 96, on April 20, in Tyler, brought back many memories of when Murray was in Orange. From 1957 to 1974, he was in the law firm with Frank “Dub” Hustmyre and Malcolm Dorman. The firm was located on Front Street. In 1964 they were joined by James “Jim” Dunaway. After Hustmyre took his own life after losing the district judgeship, Harris, Dorman and Dunaway stayed on in the firm. When Harris left in 1974, the firm became Dorman, Dunaway. Jim now has his own law firm. A few years ago he was Orange mayor. He’s a good attorney but more than that, he’s a great guy. I understand the late Grover Halliburton’s legal secretary Jackie Roberts is now with Dunaway.*****Sometime back, our friend Bill Kiihnl suffered a stroke. He has since been in a Beaumont rehab. Word is that he’s improving daily. He misses his old buddies that gather at the Whataburger.*****Also, we hear that the “Clipper,” barber Ray Leleux, has a heart. The shop was closed while it got checked out. Kee-Kee Dupuis can’t believe it wasn’t black. It must have been okay; Ray is back at the shop.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Joining Willie Nelson, 81, celebrating on April 30, is Harold Haymon, Jenni Barrow, Roger Brister, Mary Grimes, Virginia Woods, Kim Izer and Garbrielle Freeman.***On May 1, is National Day of Prayer and also Tim McGraw turns 47. Celebrating on this day also is Frank Carpenter, Newt Hodges, Cindy Landrum and Christina Johnson. Also on this day McDonald Baptist Church turns 83.*****Celebrating on May 2, is Mary Stewart, Ethel Champagne and Glenda Dailey.*****On May 3, our former Girl Friday, Nicole Gibbs, now a resident of Oklahoma, celebrates. We will wish her a happy birthday on FaceBook. Also marking a birthday is Jenna Angelle, Stacie Hollier and Kay Boudreaux.*****On May 4, Julia Hoke, Mac Alan Trammell and Jenna Dismukes celebrate.*****May 5,  is Cinco deMayo, a big day in Mexico and also Texas and other states. Celebrating on this day is Bridget Touhey, Butch Meyers, Matt Williams, Lindsey Dardeau, Amanda Dumesnil and Susan Spencer.***** On May 6, a special lady we’ve known since she was a young mother, former Orange mayor, city councilperson Essie Bellfield is a year older. Essie doesn’t let age get in the way of celebrating.*****On April 29, 2012, my old friend Wilson King Dunn passed away at age 93. He was born June 16, 1918, one of eight children. At age 18, he married Eloide Linscomb, 16. She passed away in January, 2011, just before their 74th wedding anniversary. They are survived by six children, Nita, Andrew, Derry, Danny, Nancy and Thomas. King was from the Greatest Generation. He joined the Army in WWII and served in Europe. He is a friend I’ll never forget. A good story teller and a great guy.*****When the phone rings and the staff is slow to answer, I have a habit of saying, “Get the phone, it might be Hollywood.” Sure nuff, Monday, right after saying that the call might be Hollywood, Delores Cantu, back home from the West Orange reunion called for Penny. They talked and laughed for 30 minutes. See Penny’s reunion story held at Mike Trahan’s.*****Fifty-six years ago, when The Penny Record started publishing, Mike Hatton was just a lad. While in high school he earned his money as a waiter at the famous Wayside Inn, a restaurant that drew customers to Bridge City from all over the area. Today, Mike is senior vice president for Community Bank, that owns banks throughout the Southeast Texas area. Mike is always quick to tell people he’s a Bridge City native. His folks were pioneers and a school was once named for his granddad, Mike’s namesake Roy Hatton.*****We met a beautiful, intelligent lady from Bridge City last week that we hope to work on a project with. Bertie Herman, 82, going on 70, is the late Butch Herman’s widow. They were married 64 years. Butch misunderstood her when he was looking for a Cajun bride. She said she was from Indiana and he thought she said Louisiana. They made it work.*****Our buddy, Judge Joe Parkhurst, Pinehurst City Administrator, is taking a few days off after having a 20 pound fluid reduction. Now he will  be lighter and also faster.


Garbrielle Freeman , Harold Haymon, Janice Gooch, Jenni Barrow, Roger Brister, Katie Smith, Kim Izer, Mary Grimes, Samantha Ziller, Virginia Woods, Carl Peltier, David Winfrey, Cindy Landrum, Ramona Walker, Flo Arnold, Loretta Phillips, Karolyn Doiron, Frank Carpenter, Jason Mayfield, Newt Hodges, Tom McDavid, A.J. Sellers, Christina Johnston, Ethel Champagne, Jonette Brown, Mary Stewart, Megan Cornwell, Amy Wiebold, Glenda Dailey, Nicole Gibbs, Jenna Angelle, Judi Verdin, Stacie Hollier, Kay Boudreaux, Brandon Applebach, Jeff Harrison, MacAlan Trammell, Jenna Dismukes, Julia Hoke, Brad Broussard, Matt Williams, Butch Myers, Bridget Toohey, Ricky Zirlott, Lindsey Dardeau, Susan Spencer, Travis Coffey, Amanda Dumesnil, Ashley Eby, Clint Blackwell, Beverly Millsap, Murdock Havard, Deborah Gregg, Doris Raynor, Mayor Essie Bellfield and

Brandon Bond.


Clovees Comeaux and Otis Thibodeaux was camping in the Atchafalaya Basin, a trip dey had planned a long time. Dey set up da tent jus as night fell, went in an ate dere sandwish, den blew out da light. Dey talked a while bout da different sounds from da night creatures. Jus before dey was sound asleep a rustling noise outside sprang dem to dere feets. Peeping through da flap, dey see a big, mean, hungry looking, black bear rummaging for food. Figuring the bear would soon make it to dere tent and rip it open Comeaux put his boots on him. He was lacing dem up when Thibodeaux axe, “Mais Comeaux, why for you putting dem boots on hanh?” “You know dat bears dem run fas, fas, dem boots ain’t gunna make you no faster dan dat bear.”Comeaux answer, “Tib, I don’t need to run faster dan dat bear no, I jus need to run faster dan you.”


A great big thanks to everyone who participated in our 56th anniversary issue. We can’t thank you enough for your support. We also thank our staff, who has worked so diligently to produce a good product. Also to our team of carriers, who deliver this publication to your door each week. Thanks for your effort. It is a very important time that citizens seem to be taking lightly. It’s election time in our cities, school district, drainage district and also the Port of Orange.***** I don’t know how you get people to exercise the greatest right freedom gives us, the right to vote. Interest seems to be very low. Early voting is now in progress for those positions where there are contested races. Please make it a point to inform yourself on the issues and take time to vote. Now I know this will fall on a lot of deaf ears but I can’t quit trying. Getting people to the polls is a tough job.*****I feel for all the areas that were hit by tornados. We on the Gulf Coast know what destruction is but at least we have more time to run. Those people in “Tornado Alley” don’t get much warning. When you see the damage done I’m really surprised that more people were not killed.*****Read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Remember always try to shop Orange County first, keep your tax dollars at home plus help our local businesses grow. We can make the Orange County economy healthier by pulling together. Thank for your time, mine is up. Take care and God bless.