Andy Warhole would have been proud.

On Thursday Bridge City art students went retro in an exhibition of works dedicated to Pop Art. More than 500 pieces of art created by over 100 students from every grade level were on display. The theme paid tribute to the Pop Art era in the 8th Annual Art Exhibition and Open House held at Bridge City High School.

Deborah Pham presents a first place certificate to Diana Pham.

Deborah Gregg presents first place to Diana Pham.

“Pop Art started in the late 1950’s, a movement that is attributed to Andy Warhole who launched the trend by painting the Campbell soup can and famed images of Marilyn Monroe,” said Deborah Gregg, art instructor at Bridge City High School, “Simply put, Pop Art depictes what was popular.”

A feature of the exhibition was a mural sized collage of  “selfies” by high school art students.  The student “selfies” face photos were printed on block linoleum and then printed on bright colored paper. “Once we put them all together it mimicked what Andy Warhol was doing in the 1950’s and 1960’s,” Gregg said, “And what could be more ‘Pop’ today than selfies.”

“It’s was my favorite student project of all time,” said Gregg who is beginning her 27th year at BCHS.

In addition, the event paid tribute to BCISD performing arts. Students of the Spanish Club paired up in a traditional dance, the Strutter officers gave a performance and the BCHS Jazz Band also performed.

Art awards, ribbons and cash prizes were dispensed by Gregg during the opening award ceremony of the events. Art winners by campus for 2014 are:

Bridge City Elementary School art winners: First place Rotsen Mendez, second place Camille Thomas, third place Aaden Bush, fourth place Stephen Stone and honorable mention was Kirra Infante.

Bridge City Intermediate School art winners: First place Branden Pitre, second place Harley Duhon, third place Kammie Clement, fourth place Emily Haynes, and honorable mention was Joseph Rougeau.

Bridge City Middle School art winners: First place Kaitlyn Lawrence, second place Lacey Pender, third place Maylayna Motomura, fourth place Jaclyn Nichols, and honorable mention was Dax Kovatch. Middle school certificates of merit went to Darrell Miller for Scratchboard; Katekt Fawvor for Micrograph; Callie Knight for Zen Tangles; Dustin Bergman for Animal Drawings; Lacey Pender for Mask; and Hannah Huff for Op Art.

Bridge City High School art winners: Name Tag Design Caleb Marshall; Special Merits: Madison Roy, Lane Ashworth, Faith Stephson, Nikkiah Pulliam, Brooke DeRouen, Kelsey Tramel, Kynedie Craig, Jorden Schamber, Krystle Brandin, Gabriel Alvarez, Emily LeBlanc, Kameron Lane and Katie Farque.

Bridge City High School Art I winners: First place Daniel Browning, second place Caleb Marshall, third place Brittany Lauritzen, fourth place Zach Oceguera and honorable mention Caylin Choate.

Bridge City High School Art II winners: First place Diana Pham, second place Linda Pham, third place Jessica Tinger, fourth place Cadelyn Hartman, and honorable mention Emily Lawrence.

Cadelyn Hartman with instructor Deborah Gregg.

Cadelyn Hartman with instructor Deborah Gregg.

Bridge City High School Art III and IV winners: First place Bailey Guidroz, second place Kelli Granger, third place Merideth Brumfield, fourth place Wade Howard, and honorable mention Macey Brown.

Bridge City High School Art Portfolio awards went to: First place Wade Howard, second place Macey Brown, third place Kynedie Craig, fourth place Merideth Brumfield and honorary mention Ashley Mott.

Picturd above: Bridge City High School senior Wade Howard receives a first place and $100 from Bridge City High School art instructor Deborah Gregg during art awards at Bridge City High School on Thursday.