Throughout my life, Mother’s Day has always been important to me. Mothers not only carry and give birth, but also nurture us through those formative years but when we skin a knee or fall out of a tree Mom will always make it okay. Her tenderness and motherly love is unmatched. Often it’s when you look back you realize just how important her part was in your development. Sometimes it’s after she is gone, when the big picture fully comes to you. The thousand of times she sacrificed for your benefit. Dad loves you but there is nothing like a mother’s love. She’ll lay her life down for you and she’ll be there when everyone else has left you. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mom, hug and kiss her this Mother’s Day because she deserves it. Remember someday she’ll be gone.*****Last week the staff worked tirelessly to get our anniversary issue out. We are always gun shy that something will go wrong and usually it does. There was a break down at the press that not only made the paper late, but also caused several pages not to receive color. We apologize for that but also want to thank our loyal staff for a great job.*****It’s been great weather but way too dry for recently planted gardens. Worse still is, if it gets too dry and causes fire danger. Hopefully, a shower is coming but we need a couple inches.*****I’ve got to get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The death of Vickie Colburn, 56, in a single car accident is proof that when you wake up in the morning, you never know what the day will bring. For Vickie it brought the end to a good, productive life. We are all guilty of taking every day for granted. Vickie passed away May 4. A memorial service will be held Saturday, May 10, 11 a.m., at Claybar Funeral Home, in Orange, with visitation starting at 10 a.m. A native of Orange Vickie Colburn was a wife, mother and grandmother. Our sincere condolences to husband Oscar and the entire family. Please see obit.


Here’s another example, in reverse, of not knowing what the day will bring. Our friend Lyndie Morris got up early and was on her way to work when, in a split second, her life changed. Lyndie struck and killed a 35 year old man, Brian Chase, of Rhode Island, at 4:30 a.m. as he lay in the outside lane of Highway 87, north of Port Arthur. DPS could not explain why he was laying in the roadway. Lyndie never saw him. When she awoke Monday morning she never could have guessed what life would bring. She looked forward to another great day. She’s a very bright, young lady, a store manager, who also attends college. Her day was shattered by an event beyond her control. We never know what the new day will bring and we should never forget that.


10 Years Ago-2004

A longtime provider of internet service in Orange County has been sold to a national company. J. Glenn Hughes, owner, sold EXP services of Bridge City to Nationwide Internet of Hurst, Texas.*****Two seniors at Little Cypress-Mauriceville high school were recently honored as Mr. and Ms. LC-M. Staci Lumpkin and Jonathan Davis were named at the LC-M pageant.*****Orange Savings Bank will celebrate their 50th anniversary Wednesday, May 12, with an open house.*****Jeremy Stolfa, former Bridge City and SFA football star, has been named assistant athletic directory at SFA.*****Last week, oil prices went up to $40 a barrel before dipping a few pennies. (Editor’s note: Can you believe how high oil shot up under the George W. years. Once up it ain‘t ever coming down.)*****At this same time Nick Wingate is selling heavy beef New York strips for $3.29 and 10 pound packs of ground meat for $9.90. At Danny’s and K-Dan’s pork roast was 98 cents lb., boneless rump roast $1.79 lb., Imperial sugar 4 lb. bag $1.19, large bread 59 cents loaf. (Editor’s note: Just a few ideas to show how prices have risen in case you hadn’t noticed.)*****Smarty Jones captured hearts and the 130th Kentucky Derby. Smarty Jones was only the 18th horse to enter the derby undefeated in its 130 years and only the fifth horse to remain undefeated after the derby. The last was Seattle Slew, in 1977 that went on to win the Triple Crown. Can Smarty Jones win the Preakness and Belmont? The odds are against it.

35 Years Ago-1979

FHA chapters attend the state convention at Tarrant County Center in Fort Worth. Attending from LC-M were delegates Cathy, Emily and Lisa Fore, Marlene Hodges, Cheryl Choates, Sherri Hardesty, Jodi Bryant, Lana Dowling, Janet Seago and Sandy Dolan. The two advisors are Jo Nell Barrett and Doris Bruce.*****Congrats to WO-S speedster Greg Hill for his performance in the 330 meter intermediate hurdles in last week’s Region III, Class 4-A meet. Hill held the national record briefly with a 36:77 time in the preliminaries, but was outdone in the finals by Dennis Brantley, of Houston-Worthing, with a new national record of 36:58.*****The Texas Association of Basketball Coaches selects Billy Tubbs college “Coach of the Year.” In the third year at Lamar Tubbs turned the program around. In the 1978-79 seasons Lamar’s record was 23.9 with a Southland championship and a berth in the NCAA’s Midwest tournament. Lamar upset Detroit 95-87 in the opening round but lost to national champion Michigan State. Tubbs three year record at Lamar is 53-35 and 41-18 over the past two seasons. *****Bruce Huckabay, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Huckabay, was named Distributive Education Student of the Year at Bridge City. The DE banquet was held at the Ramada in Orange. Bruce was selected for job attendance, excellent attitude and job performance. W.T. Oliver was the guest speaker. *****Gene Watson and the Hail Ball Express will hold a big show May 12 at the VFW Hall.*****Orange Mayor Major Inman has proclaimed Friday, May 22, Delta Kappa Gamma Society Day in Orange in recognition of 50 years of leadership in education in Texas.*****John Dubose has been named general manager of the Port Arthur News. John and his family make their home in Bridge City. *****Theresa Hughes will be sweet 16 on May 15. A belated happy birthday to Angie Behair, who turned 17 on May 8. *****Johnny Phillips and Melissa Mullins will tie the knot on Mother’s Day, May 13. (Editor’s note: They are still knotted today, 35 years later. Congrats.)*****Karen Bacon, Ed’s little girl, is back washing, polishing and hand-waxing cars at heir dad’s filling station on Green Ave. *****VFW Post 8943 has named new officers. V.J. Marjolet will continue as post commander. Other officers are: Larry D. Wedekin, vice-president, Michael F. Armstrong, vice-president, Charles Lieby, quartermaster, Henry Crowell, adjuntanct, Michael Armstrong, service officer, Jennifer Lieby, auxiliary president.*****Don Clayton and H.D. Wright are in a runoff for director of Bridge City water board trustees.*****The BC Fire Department Auxiliary elects officers. are Grace Cole, president; Karen Cappell, vice-president; Connie Woodard, secretary; Janice Prevost, treasurer, Mary Callahan,parliamentarian; Johnnie Vercher, reporter; Brenda Baker, historian and Donna Riley and Linda Soloman social chairmen. The officers will be installed May 15 at Leo and Willie’s Restaurant.*****Congrats to Billie Bradberry and Faye Fisette on being awarded life membership to the Bridge City PTA. Marlene Cooper is PTA president. A covered dish luncheon was held at the home of Brenda Lapeyrolerie. *****“Spectacular Bid,” lives up to expectations and wins the Kentucky Derby. *****Sabine River CB’er Polar Bear is back from Brazil. Others making the rounds are: Lounge Lizard, Dr. Feel Good, Branco, Slick and Badger. *****


Gene Brown, of Mauriceville, born in 1934, is old enough to remember when a little money was hard to come by. Gene is a fan of Roy’s  ‘Life’s Highway’ column. He says he never picked cotton all day but he picked blackberries. Not a dream job but the price got up to $1 a gallon. Good money in those days. Five or six gallons a week bought a lot of necessities for the family. Let us know how you helped earn a living as a youngster. During those hard times.*****We were sorry to hear of the death of Rev. Bob Simmons who passed away last week. Brother Simmons, former pastor of Maranatha Church and established North Orange Baptist Church many years ago. He was an engineer for Ed Lovelace at KOGT and Ed’s two Beeville stations. He also was an announcer and for many years had a religious Sunday morning show. He was truly a man of God. *****We were also saddened to hear of the death of Edwin Johansson,91, who died April 29. He had been a longtime resident of Bridge City. Through his civic endeavors he helped a young city grow. *****California Chrome, a 5-2 favorite, raced to a victory in the 140th Kentucky Derby Saturday. Trained by Art Sherman, 77, the oldest trainer to win the Derby, will now take his horse to the Preakness in Baltimore, the next step to the Triple Crown.  Danza, the horse I talked about a few weeks ago after he won the Arkansas Derby, ran a good race and placed third. California Chrome was just too much for the field. *****CNN, for over a month ran breaking news constantly on the disappearance of Flight 370. We predicted then it wouldn’t be found soon if ever. Now FOX News is doing the same constant repeat of Benghazi, the invasion of the U.S. mission in Libya that took the lives of four U.S. diplomats. The invasion took place Sept. 11, 2012. A bipartisan committee made their report, several hearing were held and regardless of who killed the citizens you can’t undo it. It doesn’t do any good to keep rehashing it. Now, two years later, Speaker Boehner will call a special committee on Benghazi. Another waste of time. It won’t bring our dead back. No one did anything wrong to cause their death except we shouldn’t have embassies in those dangerous places. The GOP, and especially FOX, wants to keep it alive as red meat with hopes that it will give Hillary a black eye. She has already been cleared of any wrong doing. *****I was glad to learn this week that the lovely Carman Davis, 96, is enjoying fair health and looks forward to each day. Daughter-in-law Diana Hill, son Brook’s wife, looks after her well being. *****Misinformation always runs rampant during political season. One such story is that Orange County is in debt. Not so, Orange County is debt free. By the end of the year they may or may not have a shortfall, however Orange County is not in a financial crisis. The County is in far better shape then many counties but it’s no time to let our guard down. The County does not have a district deficit. *****A few folks celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Longtime educator and our longtime friend Joe Chenella, who now makes his home in College Station with wife Nancy, celebrates a birthday May 7.***Also on this day 10 years ago, Judge Grover Halliburton died. See Down Life’s Hwy. *****On May 8, VE Day (1945), Debra Truncale, Alan Bates, Patty Cook and Ginger Hogden celebrate birthdays. *****On May 9, Lynn Scales and Justin Dupuis are getting older. Also Dalton Gilliam, Doug Havens, Mary Callahan and Ken Reeves. Billy Joel turns 65 on this day. *****May 10 is election day for Port, School and City elections. Celebrating birthdays are educator, lovely lady, Sharon Woolley, Katie Hubbard, Gordon Brown, Chuck Williams, Candace Miller and Gerald Taylor. This is the day also that Bono turns 54.*****May 11, an all important day, Mother’s Day is also the birthday of Pat Collins, Sarah Moreland and Penny’s little sister Sherry Walles.*****On May 12, a great guy, married a long time to a beautiful wife, Charlie Webb celebrates. Also celebrating are Jerry Hardee and Bridgett Bonneaux.*****Celebrating on May 13 are longtime school teacher, a great lady Ann Bryant, Calvin Granger, Kate Jackson, Kristie Hughes, Bob Wood and Mike McNair. Happy birthday to all.*****I always enjoy the annual White House Correspondents dinner when politicians, stars and athletes rub elbows and the comic makes fun of everyone and the President has a chance to be funny. Joel McHale was in charge of humor and had some good jokes but ran through them too fast. President Obama again did a great job with his timing and jokes. He directed one joke to the FOX News table saying “You’ll miss me when I’m gone. It will be harder for you to convince Americans that Hillary was born in Kenya.”*****Go Cardinals: Bridge City has ranked in the top five of the THSBC polls for quite a while now. The Cardinals look to be one of the strongest area teams left in the playoffs. Led by junior, Texas committed, Chase Shugart, Bridge City dismantled Tarkington in the first round 5-0, 17-4. Next up, Chad Landry’s team gets Sweeny in its first year without now PN-G head coach Scott Carter. It’ll be a best-of-three series at Baytown Sterling. Game one is 7:30 p.m. Friday, game two, 1 p.m. Saturday and game three will be 30 minutes after game two if needed. This is the 14th straight year Bridge City has reached the area round. *****This week our buddy the “Clown,” Dewayne Marsh and his wife Kathy mark their 13th anniversary. I recall that May 6th day like it was yesterday. I gave the Clown some advice and a schedule of what he could expect. He says so far, he’s right on schedule. Happy Anniversary. *****We’ve been hearing some good things about Nuttz and Boltz at Bridge City Automotive. They say they get the work out as soon as they can or Neighbor Cox will ask, “Why has that car been here so long?” Mark and Bryan appointed him general manager but have since found out that he is a slave driver. *****An important Port election will be held Saturday, May 10. Several elections are being held but none more important then the election of a Port Commissioner. The Port plays a large financial part in the growth of our county. Keith Wallace is the incumbent and is being challenged by Charles Holt. Find out where you vote and please do so. *****A debate was held Tuesday evening in the Republican runoff. It was held too late for my deadline but coverage should make our main news. Again we will have a new congressman in our district. The Primary will select a nominee. Both Dr. Babin and Ben Strusand are seasoned politicians. They will face Democrat Michael Cole, an Orange county school teacher and Hal Ridley, from Bridge City, running as a Green Party candidate.

 Birthdays This Week

Josh Sanders, Charles Slusher, Clint Vidrine, Glory Burke, Jessica Hughes, Joseph Chenella, Michael Psencik, Norma Cummings, Sherri Thompson, Caitlin Allen, Connie Angelle, Debra Truncale, Patty Cook, Ginger Hogden, Julie Allensworth, Alan Bates, Arlon Fields, Lee Legate, Doug Havens, C.L. Armstrong, Kevin LaRose, Lynn Scales, Justin Dupuis, Kelly Brown, Ken Reeves, Mary Callahan, Trudy Blair, Anna Hughes, Dalton Gillian, Janice Wilkinson, Gerald Taylor, Gordon Brown, Jacqueline McGee, James Rogers, Johnnie Mae McKuster, Katie Hubbard, Patricia Williamson, Preslea Thibodeaux, Sharon Woolley, Stacie Dryden, Stacie Teaff, Candace Miller, Chuck Williams, Pat Collins, Bobby Keeling, Sarah Moreland, Scott Andes, Tami Vanderheiden, Sherry Walles, David Pitts, Charles Webb, Justin Roberts, Jerry Hardee, Bridgett Bonneaux, Hazel Heckendorf, Calvin Granger, Douglas Wilson, Mike McNair, Imogene McKinney, Jamie Garcia, Kate Jackson, Kristie Hughes, Melanie Wilderson, Renee Price, Ann Bryant, Bob Wood, Janis Goss, James Birdwell, Nikki Smith, L.K. Jarrell, Brad Johansson and Cortney Spring.


Two 90-year-old Cajun mens, Joe Comeaux and Clovis Meaux, have been friends all dere lives, since dey were small chillums. Joe went to visit his old buddy Clovis, who was on his death bed him.

“You know Clovis, how we have bot loved baseball all our lives? Clovis you got to do me a favor when you go. Somehow you got to let me know if dere’s baseball in heaven, dat would sure make going easier for me wen my time comes.”Clovis answer, “Okay, I do dat me.”A few days after Clovis passed him, Joe was awakened about midnight by someone calling his name. He sit straight up in bed, da hair on da back of his neck is straight up.“Who is dat wat call me?” Joe axe.“It’s me Clovis, I’m in heaven me and I got some good news and some bad news for you Joe.”“Give me da good news first,” says Joe.“Well, says Clovis, da good news is dat dere is baseball here in heaven.”“Dats wonderful news yea, says Joe. Wats da bad news hanh?”Dere’s a silence and den Clovis say, “Joe you’re pitching Tuesday.”


Next week the Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s and will be celebrating the 21st anniversary of the group gathering started by Judge Grover Halliburton. Planned also is to honor Dr. Mike Shahon and present him with his “Person of the Year” plaque. Maybe Donna can be talked into making her famous cake. An official annual picture of the group will be taken by Gunn Studio. Even if you haven’t attended in a while feel free to come for the picture. Everyone is welcome, even if it’s your first time. This week the Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s. *****I got an email asking what I thought about political endorsements. Not much. They cut both ways. Everyone has some baggage, plus I believe voters separate the wheat from the chaff for themselves. I have found also that a voter’s vote is not transferable. They think for themselves. *****I’ve gotta go. Don’t forget Mom. Take care and God bless.