The formal American flag raising ceremony began mid-morning last Saturday at 10 a.m. It took place at the beautiful Claybar’s Orange Forest Lawn Cemetery, located at 2312 Irving Street in West Orange. There were a good number of respectful Scouts and folks gathered around to watch.

The Scouts present were Girls Scouts from  Pack 3639, Boyscouts and Cubscouts from Pack 290. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2775 were also there. They all did a great job presenting the flag for raising on the newly lighted flag pole. The flag pole  had to receive a new light before the flag could be raised because an American flag cannot be flown at night without lighting.

Dan Naegelin, Family Service Manager for Claybar Funeral Homes and Crematory, started off the ceremony with some brief remarks, then  Post Commander, James E. Seales spoke for a few minutes.

Seales was proud to be a part of the event and concluded saying, ”He who bleeds with me today should be called my brother.”

Haley Wolford sang the “National Anthem” and “America the Beautiful”. She has an awesome voice that is perfect  for these type of songs and truly did them justice. Her voice rang out across the cemetery grounds.

Lisa Rougeau, Boyscout leader and daughter of Veteran, Harold Perkins, was really proud to see the flag go up. She was also very instrumental in getting it done. She was trying hard to hold back the tears of joy filling up in her eyes.

Lisa is very grateful to Claybar Funeral Homes, especially Katie Mims, who was instrumental in coordinating the event. Claybar furnished refreshments for everyone after the ceremony.