Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between May 16, 17, 18, and the morning of May 19:

Warrant service, 2400 16th St.
Burglary, 1301 Park Ave.
Warrant service, 1009 Henderson Ave.
Traffic accident, Meeks and Clark
Burglary, 1109 9th
Burglary, 3301 19th St.
Traffic accident, 2425 16th St.
Traffic accident/fatality, Hwy. 87 at LCM Dr.
Possession of marijuana, 2000 Sunset Dr.
Aggravated assault, 803 Levingston St.
Warrant service, 2424 16th St.
Trespassing, 1500 Link Ave.
Warrant service, 300 Schley
Larceny from vehicle, 12 Colburn Ave.
Aggravated assault, 608 Strickland
Traffic accident, 6311 IH-10
Death, 3800 block Meeks Dr.
Vehicle in ditch, FM 1130 at FM 1078
Forgery/counterfeit documents, 1710 16th St.
Weapons offense, 1555 16th St.
Traffic accident, 2419 16th St./Get-N-Go
Traffic accident, 14th and Hart
Traffic accident, N. Hwy. 87 and FM 3247