Last week we ran an untruth in our two publications as did the two papers in Vidor. Together we have a combined circulation of 32,000. Until now many of you were not aware of the false ad that Brint Carlton ran in these publications. It was an ad meant to deceive the voters and I’m sure it did. Citizens who voted Monday, Tuesday and today were unaware that the ad was an untruth. The Carlton camp not only deceived the voters but also all of our readers. Let me set the record straight. A Carlton ad, run in our papers last week, paid for by Brint Carlton and his campaign committee, stated that he was endorsed by Judge Pete Runnels, Mayor of Pinehurst and former Judge James Stringer. Both men quickly denied that they had endorsed Carlton or told anyone in his camp that they would. They had not given anyone permission to use their names. Both have denied the allegation that they support him. Judge Stringer told me, “I don’t know and have never met Brint Carlton, wouldn’t know him if I saw him on the street. That boy hasn’t been here very long has he?” No Judge, he hasn’t, two years is all. He worked for his dad Steve for a few months and then landed a job at the county where there was an opening in the DA’s office. Shortly after, he signed up to run the county as county judge. Before that he had explored the idea of running for state representative but found out, since Jefferson County was involved, it would be an expensive race. That’s when he decided to run for county judge. He has no experience and is not familiar with the duties of county judge. A main advisor is Vidor commissioner Jody Crump, who is working harder in the Vidor area for Carlton than he worked for his own election. In six decades of watching local politics, I have never before seen a sitting commissioner endorse a candidate for judge. Someone he will have to work with if the citizen’s interest is to be served, unless he is serving his own interest. Crump is as much a part of where the county finds itself today as anyone. Voters on this end of the county really need to consider that and be sure to vote. Carlton says an advisor is responsible for the false ad on Runnels and Stringer but one thing is for sure, it was intended to deceive the voter. What really is concerning is that every time an administration changes leadership positions change, department heads, who we know to be experienced professionals are in jeopardy of being shown the door. This is a crucial time in our county. Believe me, there’s some good things coming and we need to keep an experienced team in place, with an experienced judge. This is the most important election our county has faced in years; it can determine the direction the county will take and who’s calling the shots. We don’t need to tear the county down and start over. We have a good county. John Dubose admits that the entire commissioners court might have made some mistakes but they also did some very good things and should move forward from here without starting over.*****I’ve got to go. Remember, voter beware; your vote is more important than ever. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


 We were saddened to learn of the death of Ben Culpepper, Jr., 71, who died Monday, May 19. An Orange native, Ben gave back so much of himself to the community he loved. Our sympathies go out to wife Gloria and her entire family. Visitation will be Thursday, May 22, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. At  Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Service will be Friday, 10 a.m. at the new First Baptist Church on MLK. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2004

The community mourns the death of Tim Lieby, 60, who died May 21, 2004. Services were held May 24 at Community Church. Tim and his former wife Ann were owners of the Print Shop and at the time of his death he had retired from Texas Polymer Service. He was very active in civic organizations and was a charter member of the Bridge City Rotary club. He was a member of the famous W.T. Oliver gumbo cooking team that won the world gumbo cooking contest in the Astrodome and also the championship in Bridge City Louisiana. The team also won several championships in the Orange Gumbo Cook-off. Tim enjoyed those days. He was survived by daughters Ann Lieby, Liz Brown, son Jeff, several sisters and brother Charles, Jr. (Editor’s note: Tim is gone but not forgotten.) *****The Bridge City community, good about looking after their own, held a community wide barbecue for Julie Coulter to help pay medical expenses. Coulter is being treated at M.D. Anderson for colon cancer. Julie is a popular coach in the Bridge City Youth league. Bridge City varsity and junior baseball teams washed cars while other groups raised money, many sports items were auctioned including items from Cowboy Tony Dorsett. (Editor’s note: Julie passed away July 6, 2004. She left behind three children David, Cameron and Brady and husband Richard.)*****Brown Claybar is elected mayor of Orange. He had been a longtime school board member. *****The City of West Orange is celebrating a 50th birthday Saturday, May 29. Jay Trahan and Cajun Jam will furnish the music with plenty of food and entertainment. *****Debbie and David Fusilier’s daughter Crystal gave birth to a son Easton Drew Gibbons. He’s David and Deb’s first grandchild. (Editor’s note: I can’t believe that kid is already 10.)*****The annual “Fat Boy’s” pig roast was held. Who are the “Fat Boys” you ask? They are “Buckshot” Winfree, Bobby Cormier, Dr. David Olson, Dr. Lance Craig, Kenneth Smith and host Johnny Montagne. *****Some one spotted Judge Pat Clark paying for a couple of meals at Van Choate’s place. They say when Pat opened his wallet; a couple of moths flew out. (Editor’s note: The most conservative Democrat I know.)*****Tellers at Bridge City Bank are named Joyce, Shirley and Patty, who is expecting a little Billy goat soon.*****Arthur Eugene Ridley celebrated his second birthday May 18.*****The Bridge City High 2004 class valedictorian is Kenneth James Prosperie, salutatorian is Ellen (Missy) Bloomfield.*****At West Orange-Stark, Jacob Moore is valedictorian and Jeffery Hamilton is salutatorian.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville valedictorian is Elizabeth Smith and salutatorian is Amy Lynn Heiner.*****At Orangefield Valerie Austin is valedictorian and Jennifer Broussard salutatorian. (Editor’s note: A lot of youngsters left school ten years ago to scatter around the world. Think about that.)

 35 Years Ago-1979

Cowboy Adams and 94-year-old Jim “The Fisherman” McKay were among the 30,000 to attend the Gumbo Cook Off. Some others were Congressman Charlie Wilson. Miss Orange County, Carla Elaine Alsandor. Sheriff Ed Parker, Lynn Hall, Vickie Cash, Arlene Turkel, State Rep. Wayne Peveto, Jim Stelly, Martha Hughes, Barbara David, Sandi Mobley and Mark Dunn, photographer for the Opportunity Valley News. The Bridge City Chamber gumbo team won top gumbo award. The team members were Lawrence and Ethel Foux, W.T. Oliver, Roy Dunn and Tim Lieby.*****Legal Secretaries name Carol Romero as Secretary of the Year and Wayne Peveto was chosen as Boss of the Year.*****Only attorney Grover Halliburton would come up with this. He was overheard telling a client that he represented against a large utility company this, “What do you say Willie?” “Why do you call me Willie?” asked the client. “Because we’re putting Willie Pep in the ring against Joe Lewis, replied the Judge.” (Editor’s note: Pep was a light weight and Lewis was the Brown Bomber heavy weight.)*****The Bridge City Rotary Club has named two teams in attendance contest. Bubba Hubbard is captain of one and Roy Dunn the other. The team names were “The Outlaws” and “Good Guys.” Can you guess which is captain of which team?*****Happy birthday this week to Kim LeBlanc, Karen Dunn, Evy Kathleen Ramsey and Vernon Peveto who celebrated May 20.*****New officers of the B&PW club of Bridge City installed were: Sue Pate, president; Claudine Hogan, first vice president; Jessie Hebert,second vice president; Bettye Lormond, recording secretary; Lennie Rutledge, correspondence secretary and Mary Railey, treasurer.*****Britt Godwin, age 10, a 5th grade student at Hatton Elementary in Bridge City, has been playing the guitar and performing since kindergarten. Britt also plays the piano and saxophone. He is the son of Mickey and Sandra Godwin of Bridge City. Last year he did an Elvis tribute on TV Channel 4 and has been performing throughout the area. (Editor’s note: Britt went on to record but is best known for his musical talent.)******Jill Wheeler, age 6, is the 1978 Bridge City grand talent winner and also the 1979 Orange and Nederland heritage talent winner.*****On May 28, Memorial Day, the Putman Curry official Texas historical grave marker was dedicated in the Evergreen Cemetery. The marker was financed by the Hotel occupancy tax fund. Dr. Howard Williams, historian, researched and wrote the historical narrative which is required to receive an official historical marker. Putman Curry was born Sept. 16, 1835 at Owego, Tioga County, New York. He came to Texas on July 1, 1861. His company participated in the battle of Galveston, Jan. 1, 1863 and also the battle of Sabine Pass. On June 14, 1868 he married Eliza Ann Ochiltree, the eldest daughter of Colonel Hugh Ochiltree. They had two girls and two boys. He died May 15, 1910. His wife passed away Sept. 15, 1907. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery. *****Celebrating birthdays: Mary Fontaine Smith, age unknown and Edgar Wooten, 25 years old on May 24. He’s a carpenter and very handy with a camera. *****Sue Bailey is featured in Texas Highways magazine’s May issue. Sue is a Warden of the National Audubon Society.


Our outstanding county clerk, Karen Jo Vance, was honored by Region VII as “Outstanding Clerk of the Year.” We’ve known a long time that she’s the best and had a chance to be voted the best. (see story) Orange County is fortunate to have very good elected officials and department heads. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met last week at  Robert’s Restaurant for a 21st anniversary gathering. Dr. Mike Shahan was presented an award for The Record Newspapers  “Person of the Year.” The annual picture was taken. Donna Scales served her world famous Almond Joy cake. For the first time in the last four years Sheriff Merritt and Marlene could not make it. Their son, Robert, had open heart surgery and they were with him. We understand he’s home now and doing well. His mom sits with him everyday.*****Judge Derry Dunn also missed for the first time in years. He had entered the hospital in Orange and later was transferred to St. Luke’s in Houston where he was found to have a slight heart problem. He’s home now and back at work at his J.P. office. The Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week. *****Congratulations to the Bridge City boy’s baseball team for a great season. After winning the first game against Huffman, the Cards lost the next two. It seemed their bats were cold and they stranded a lot of players on base. We are all proud of the great season the Cardinals had. *****Our friend Skipper Free, who is living at the Heritage House, is moving to Austin the first week of June. She will be with daughter Laura. Skipper doesn’t drive anymore and she says it gets awfully lonely being alone. She is going to make her last stand in Austin. *****Lacie Gunn was notified by her Godfather Russell Bottley that her music was being played on 102.5. Lacie has been performing regularly on the college circuit. She stays busy and is just a step away from the big times. *****AT&T pays $48.5 billion for Direct TV. That deal will reshape the industry. Comcast paid $45 billion for Time Warner cable. That’s not really good for the consumer. Less competition drives up rates. *****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays this coming week. On May 21, our friend Babette Philpott celebrates and in a few day, May 25, she and husband Constable Mark Philpott will mark 24 years together. They’re good folks. We wish them a long, healthy life together. ***Also celebrating a birthday on this day is pretty June Gregory, Fred’s widow. I still miss that great guy.*****May 22 finds Margaret Toal, longtime newspaper person, who has vast experience in publishing and worked at one time in this publication celebrates. Lately she has become a radio personality and seems to be enjoying it. She shares a birthday with Apollo Ohno, 32 and Naomi Campbell, 44. Both her juniors.*****On May 23, Billy Raymer, one of Beverly and Jody’s sons, celebrates on this day.*** Also a real sweetheart Amanda Uzzle celebrates another one as does our friend George Gros.***On this day 80 years ago, in 1934, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Burrow were killed.*****On May 24, Joey and Rusty Williams mark another birthday. They share birthdays with Bob Dylan, 73 and Priscilla Presley, 69. *****May 25 finds one of the nicest people we know, Barbara Olson, longtime Bridge City resident and longtime bride of Dr. David, celebrating on this day.***Also celebrating is Chris Green, Jo Lynn Harris and Cutter Hubbard.*****On May 26, Mary Majors, wife of Dr. Joe Majors, Bridge City’s first dentist celebrates. They were longtime residents of B.C. and moved to College Station a few years ago. Son, Dr. Chuck Majors, has a dental practice a few miles away at Caldwell. This is also Memorial Day. *****Celebrating on May 27, Election Day, are Mary Donahey, Robert Herin and Charlene Terro. ***Point of interest: Elvis Presley’s hair was naturally a dirty blond color. He first dyed it on this day in 1957, hoping to emulate his Hollywood idle, actor Tony Curtis. Happy birthday to all. *****California Chrome, winner of the Kentucky Derby, won the Preakness Saturday. All that is left is the Belmont, a 1.5 mile race, to complete the Triple Crown. I don’t believe Chrome can win the long race however, he will be permitted to wear his nasal strip designed to open up his air passage. He has won all six races wearing the strip. If not allowed the owners won’t let him run. *****I was able to pick up on some interesting stories during the last week about politics of the past. Pete Runnels, who I’ve known most of his life, told a good story, actually too long to print, about his first campaign. He said he had no record, so he ran strictly a negative campaign. The only time he did that in his long political career. The interesting part is that a bitter enemy of his dad Joe helped him and wrote all his ads. *****Judge Thibodaux told the story about agreeing to a debate and shortly after it started he learned his opponent had prepared answers to the loaded questions. Carl said, “Look, I’m out of here, I’m not staying for my own lynching.” He left. That’s what Dubose should have done. Some of the same people were involved. Judge Thibodeaux, in all of his 20 years of service was never endorsed by the out-of-town Beaumont Enterprise. Mike Hamilton, who didn’t make the runoff, was endorsed by that newspaper in the primary. Out of 14 endorsements, the Enterprise got only three right. Here in Orange County voters resent out-of-town endorsements. Whoever wrote the endorsements probably never met or interviewed the candidates. *****A friend of James Stringer sent me the following message. “Stick is a donkey, you can lead him to the trough but you can’t make him drink Republican water.” A note from an attorney friend stated, “An acorn doesn’t fall very far from the tree.” One of John Dubose’s clients tells the story of how many small and large businesses John has helped as their financial advisor. His CPA experience has been valuable to them.


James R. Braus, Sarah McClure, Gary Fontenot, June Gregor, Lauren Parrish, Will Schisler, Bailey McCurry, Gary Hollingsworth, John Hanes, Louis Purifoy, Billy Raymer, McCartney Miller, Justin Trahan, Tracy Davis, Amanda Uzzle, Philip Douglas Thomas, Joey Williams, Rusty Williams, Fran Bullard, Gracie Lemley, Jane Logsdon, Nelson Derrick, Chris Green, Jack James, Cutler Hubbard, Jo Lynn Harris, Judy Duncan, Sheryl Frazier, Archie McLellan, Barbara Olson, George Ragsdale, Logan New, Greg Williams, Mary Majors, Willamette Reynolds, Dylan Ball, Dylan Maas, Mary Donahey, McKenzie Louvier, Robert Herin, Bruce Montague and Charlene Terro.


Otis Broussard’s widowed Papa, Alcide, was sickly and not expected to live too much longer, him. Wen da big rice farmer passes, Otis him, would inherit a fortune, so he searched for a woman to share all dat wealth wit him.

He made da round him. He went to Tee-Boy’s Bar and utter places, but didn’t find da right woman. Finally he went to a singles bar. Dere he spotted a woman whose beauty took Oris’s breath away. He axe if he could buy her a drink.

She agreed. Dey talked and Otis told her his story. “I’m jus an ordinary man, me, but before too long my Papa will die him, and I will inherit $15 million and a lot of land.”

The beautiful woman went home wit him. Wen he came home from work da next day, she had become his stepmother.


Our reporter David Ball was called to jury duty Monday. They soon released him, no lawyer would pick a reporter anyway. David was complaining as to how much work he had to do for this issue so I told him not to complain, at least he was in Judge Arkeen’s court. He could have been in one of those hairy-legged boys courts. At least Judge Arkeen is easy to look at.*****We’ve come to the last week of the election season. By this time next week we will know who our new judge and commissioner is. This publication has never endorsed a candidate in local elections but because Carlton brought us into the political race, we were forced to respond. On his website he makes an issue out of us being friends with John Dubose. We’ve known John 42 years, we know his background as a orphan and how he educated himself but more importantly, we know him to be the most honest, straight, kind, intelligent, good Christian man who turns the other cheek. Who you vote for is your choice but please vote. The future of our county depends on it.*****Take care, have a safe Memorial Day weekend. God bless.