Those weather folks on television are more often wrong than right. In all fairness, no one can predict southeast Texas weather for certain. At best, last week they got a D. Every day the forecast had from 80 percent to 30 percent coverage of three to five inches of rain. Very few drops fell and that worked out good for outdoor activities but because of the forecast, some functions were indoors. I believe they all get their info from the National Weather Bureau in Lake Charles and if one is wrong, they’re all wrong. Anyway, on my way in to work today I saw where a good shower fell between Bridge City and the airport. No rain for the rest of us. It’s very dry.*****This week, on June 6, we mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy in 1944. According to the U.S. Veterans Administration about every two minutes a WWII vet leaves us, dying at a rate of 556 a day. Known as the “Greatest Generation” we honor their sacrifices on this D-Day. Our buddy Millard “Neighbor” Cox was on an island in the Philippines when word reached him. Like people who lived when JFK was killed, every WWII vet knows exactly where they were when word reached them about D-Day. If you know a WWII vet give them a call or visit. Ten years from now none will remain.*****I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

NO POLITICAL STAMPEDE FOR CHANGE Just a few facts about the recent Republican Primary that proves lack of interest and no movement by youth. Never before has a county judge been elected with so few votes. Only 5,565 votes were cast in the runoff. Out of 49,353 registered voters, averaging 49.5 years in age, less than 3,000 votes elected the county judge. The average age in the primary was 59.8 years but the voter was older in the runoff, 63.2 years. I have seldom disagreed with Judge Thibodeaux but he said it was new, young voters who wanted change. That doesn’t prove to be the case at all. There wasn’t a stampede to the polls for change. If 192 votes would have been cast differently, we would have had different results. A false ad might have been the difference. Less than one percent elected the county judge. 1,949 females, 1,622 males voted early. Of the 3,571, the oldest was 100-year-old Clifton Arthur McGee, the youngest was Elizabeth Rachel Newell, who turned 19 on May 14, 2014. Twenty-seven voters were over 90, 372 over 80, 1,324 over 70, 2,327 over 60, 2,971 were over 50, 3,298 over 40 and the so-called youth movement voters, 273, were 30 or younger. Seventy-six percent of all voters were not new, they were regular Republican voters who voted in the last two races. For the most part, Democratic and Independent voters didn’t vote. Not only was there no rush for change, there was no interest. One thousand more voters voted in the congressional race than in the county judge race, they ignored it, “no emergency.” Independents make up between 20 and 25 percent of the voters. In the general election the way they fall usually determines the winner. It’s almost a sure bet that if Judge Carl Thibodeaux ran again, he would be elected in November with Democratic, Independent and Centrist Republican votes. To avoid anyone without qualifications coming out of a primary and being elected, Democrats will have to field good candidates in the primary, especially in open seats. There were many qualified Democrats, for example, if Bridge City mayor Kirk Roccaforte were on the ballot in November, I believe we would see different results. For years John Dubose had a strong Democratic base. Only a small percent followed him to the Republican primary. A qualified Democrat can still be elected in Orange County and chances will get better when Obama is gone. Brint Carlton picked just the right time to run. A light turnout, out of nearly 50 thousand registered voters only 2,971 voted for the winner. That doesn’t show a rush for change, it shows lack of interest. To recharge the interest both parties will have to field candidates or we will continue to have primary candidates in a light vote elected. Eighty-four thousand citizens will be represented by someone who got less than 3,000 votes. That’s the Democrats and voters fault.


On June 5, President Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, died at the age of 93, after a 10-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He served as president from 1981 to 1989. Reagan lived longer than any U. S, president. On Nov. 5, 1994, Reagan, in a hand written letter, informed the American people and the world that Alzheimer’s disease was riding with him into the sunset on his life. He knew that in just a few years he wouldn’t even remember the White House. He once told his daughter Pattie, “How we die is God’s business; our duty is to accept it.” President Reagan lived 10 unpleasant years with the disease after living a life that had been richly blessed. *****June 6, is the 60th anniversary of the day that changed the world, D-Day, in 1944. *****A birthday party for Roy was held at Dunn’s Bluff on Cow Bayou. Many out of town family and an impressive group of friends helped him celebrate. Most all the county judges attended except Judge Pat Clark, who was given a pass for not attending. Pat had a legitimate excuse; he was attending a Clark family reunion at Fairmont, 15 miles from Hemphill. Clarkstown, where Pat’s folks are from, doesn’t exist anymore. His dad Junior, uncles H.K., Doyle and Bill and aunt Morell all attended. Roy tried to talk Judge Carl Thibodeaux into taking his place when a sharp New Orleans gal sat on his lap and sang “Happy Birthday,” Marilyn Monroe style. Tib said there was just too much daylight. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Betty Ruth Kirkland, 87, of Orange, died June 5. Service was held June 9. Ed Green and Mickey McNamara officiated. She was preceded in death by her husband Zach. She is survived by two daughters, Nancy E. Procell and husband Quincy and Joyce Cross and one son Zach Derwin Kirkland and wife Wanda.*****Earlene McCormick LaBleu, 55 died June 1.*****Mayne Ruth Williams Simar, 92, died Tuesday, June 1. She was preceded in death by her husband James Roy Simar and son Jimmy Simar. She is survived by sons Ronnie and John Simar and daughter Norma Gayle Campbell. *****Mike Griffey, 48, died May 31. *****Audrey Spell, 75, of Bridge City, died June 6. She is survived by sons Tom Perkins, Sr., Ken Perkins and Herman Jenkins, Jr.

35 Years Ago-1979 The Bridge City High School Band is in Mexico for Fiesta ‘79. The band worked for a year to earn money for the 10-day trip. *****Bridge City grads earning 4.0 grade points as students at Lamar University in Beaumont are: Brigid Angelle, Elizabeth Chandler, David Daigle, George Durling, Kevin Hayes, Denise Lormand, Ronald Stokes and Susan Moon.*****The old Jimmy Ochiltree Sims home has been moved from Front and 8th Street to 905 Division to make room for the civic plaza. The Sims home will become the Heritage House. *****Becky Stoffer is chosen 1979 queen of the Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo. She replaces Sherry Curl. *****A few of the names making the round in the Bon Ami CB Club are: Tugboat Mama, Sugar Granny, Drill Stem, Capt. Kangaroo, Honky Tonk Angel, Sambo, Rod Burner, Miss Kitty, Sundance Kid, Cat Mama, Sugar Bear, Crippy Nipple, Snuff Gully, Never Ready, Coon Skinner, Sugar Bea and Capt. Kirk.*****State Rep. Wayne Peveto is home after session in Austin. The Peveto Bill is a version of tax revolt. Peveto’s final bill didn’t have everything in it he wanted but the tax cuts were the “bright spot” of the session. *****Pretty, little Tanya Thibodeaux turned 10 years old on June 3, Mike McCardle was 18 on June 7 and Norma Davidson will celebrate her dayJune 12.*****Bernard Giarratano has been named executive director of Family and Children Services of Beaumont. He is the husband of Betty Ed and the father of Scott. Betty Em and Bernard were both raised in Orange. *****Mrs. James Laughlin of Orangefield wins $1,016 in KOGT’s bumper to bumper club. Station manager is Bill Fort, music director is Steve Cathy.*****Jimmy Segura is released from the hospital.*****Jason Richards will be 5 years old on June 10 and Larry Guyote turned 40 last week on May 31.*****Harold Fisette celebrated his day June 6 and he’s already past 40. *****The Houston Astros have new owners, John McMullen and David LeFevre. They bought the team from Ford Motor Credit Corporation. J.R. Richard, Bob Watson and Jose Cruse are on the Astro team.

A FEW HAPPENINGS The Greater Orange Area Chamber is sponsoring the “Do It In Orange” third annual fishing tournament Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15. This year the event will also include a high school division. Those fishing events have brought many tourists to the area in the past and promoters are expecting many out-of-towners.*****The top 10 biggest companies on the Fortune 500 list have four oil companies, so don’t ever feel sorry for Big Oil. #1. Wal-Mart; #2, Exxon Mobil; #3 Chevron; #4, Berkshire Hethaway; #5, Apple; #6, Phillips 66; #7, General Motors; #8, Ford Motor Co.; #9, G.E. and #10 Valero. Energy Texas has 52 firms on the 500 list. Half are based in Houston. Only New York has more Fortune 500 companies than Houston. Black Gold is Texas’ trump card.*****Ronnie Johnson, former high school basketball star and member of the All Decade Team of the 60’s, is in town visiting his ailing father, Grady “Guvnor” Johnson, former mayor of Pinehurst and owner of Johnson Ministorage. Ronnie, a published author and artist has several recent book published by Tate Publishers. His agent is Amy HixonRonnie sends a big hello to Kaz and Dickie.*****Friday a big family crawfish boil was held for Dr. Amber Dunn, who was in from Ohio to celebrate her birthday. Her sister Jenna and daughter Delilah were here from Framingham, MA also. They are the daughters of Mark Dunn. The crawfish, from Big Daddy’s, were cooked to perfection by Clint Britt. The far-away girls luckily were able to be home during crawfish season this year. On Saturday they joined in the big birthday bash for their “Poppa” Roy. The great food was prepared by Danny’s. Relatives and friends came from far away. Roy’s two sisters, Fay and Shirley and their families and many cousins attended. A special surprise guest was Mary Ottea, who has been a friend of Roy’s for at least 57 years, and daughter Lisa were here from College Station. Also attending was longtime friend from Arlington, Penny Thompson and childhood friend, Fadra Thibdeaux, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The Louisiana families brought many Cajun treats, even Grandma’s old treat “fig tarts” made with special dough and homemade cracklins, boudain etc.*****A few folks celebrating their special day in the next few days. On June 4, having a birthday are Sandra Hoke, Paige and Jade Ousley, Glenn Fisher, Donna Rogers, Brittany Yu and Aaron McNeil.******June 5 is a pretty good hand to draw from. Celebrating on this perfect Gemini day are Tim Hughes, Britt Godwin, Roy Dunn and Joyce Dowdle. Joining them are Mary Jennings, Gene Guyote, Aaron Bland, Nancy Ramsey, Patricia Mires, Brenda Howard, Laura Silva, Trey Wild, Chris Andes and Hunter Puckett. President Reagan died on this day also. *****On June 6, celebrating are Lynn Fields, Linda Sims, John Bertrand, Gail Griffith, Harold Fisette and Ryan Gunstream. Also on this day our late friend Lannie Claybar was born in 1912. He died Sept. 6, 1969, at age 57. This is also D-Day back in 1944. *****On June 7, our friend girl, grandmother to one grandchild, “Girl Friday” to BobbyShirley Zimmerman celebrates. Also Richard Granger, Logan Smith and Billy Frank Bradberry. *****On June 8, a special guy, Walter Riedel celebrates his special day. Also celebrating are Billie Wood, Shan Jones and Carolyn Sexton.*****On June 9, pretty Karli Choate celebrates, also Charlie Blalack, Paige Olive, Elizabeth Barfield and Dixie Armstrong.*****June 10 finds our good buddy “High Pockets” Rayford Jimenson, who was two feet long when he was born, celebrating on this day. Also Chris Riedel, Tyler Derouen and Caroline Hennigan. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a real nice gathering last week at Robert’s. This week The Bunch gathers at Novrozsky’s and back to Robert’s next week. Everyone is always welcome.*****If you are thinking about landscaping, now is the time to call Pete at Coastal Landscaping. I saw a beautiful job they did last week. It’s amazing what they can do to make your yard beautiful. They will work with your plants or put new ones in.*****Shirley Zimmerman went to Oklahoma to visit her only grandchild.*****Jenna Dunn Belau and daughter Delilah are leaving Wednesday for home in the Boston area. They have been visiting grandparents, family and father Mark. Amber returned to her hospital job in Ohio Sunday. It won’t be quite very long around the Dunn “TeePee” however, Phyl’s sister Jo and husband Claude arrive on Thursday from Hot Springs.*****Let us know if you have family coming and going and we’ll give it a shout out.


Brittany Yu, Brittany Chalmers, Glenn Fisher, Paige Ousley, Jade Ousley, Brooklyn Goldsmith, Aaron McNeil, Sandra Hoke, Donna Benefield, Donna Rogers, Hunter Puckett, Brenda Howard, Patricia Mires, Nancy Ramsey, Aaron Bland, Gena Guyote, Jessica Freeman, Kevin Doss, Mary Jennings, Tim Hughes, Trey Wild, Chris Andes, Joyce Dowdle, Roy Dunn, Karen McDuff, Laura Silva, Lindi Torson, Ryan Gunstream, Lorrie LeBlanc, Ed Worthy Jr., John Bertrand, Sherilyn Brister, Lynn Fields, Gail Griffith, Kelsey Miller, Linda Sims, Sarah Williams, Richard Granger, Ashley LaRose, Billy Frank Bradberry, Billy Killman, Logan Smith, Penny Robards, Shon Jones, Tana Hightower, Walter Riedel, Aubrey Reynolds, Billie Wood, Carolyn Sexton, Crystal Wells, Elizabeth Barfield, Debbie Vidrine, Gavin Birmingham, Deane Moran, Alston Reynolds, Dixie Armstrong, Charlie Blalack, Jessica Hilliard, Karli Choate, Paige Olive, Kevin Ernst, Chrisleigh Longlois, Rayford Jimerson, Tyler Derouen, Caroline Hennigan and Chris Riedel.


Joe Comeaux’s boy Alfred, in da Marines, was deployed to Afghanistan him bout six months ago him. While he was dere flusing out dose terrorist, he got a letter from his girl friend, Camille, wat lives in Crowley. In da letter she explin to Alfred dat since he’s been gone him, she had slept wit two fellows and dat she wanted to break up wit him because one of dem mens really sent her in orbit, him. She wanted Alfred to send back da picture of herself she had given him.

So po Alfred him, he did wat any squared Cajun Marine would do. Alfred went to all his buddies and collected all dere unwanted photos of women’s dat he could find. He den mailed all 25 of dem pictures of women’s, some wit clothes and some witout, to his girl friend Camille wit the following note. “Me, I don’t remember which one you are, please remove your picture and be kind enough to send da rest back to me, tank you.”


I got to wondering how, why and who was responsible for printing the phrase “In God we Trust” on United States currency. Well, it was a mandate handed down by Abe Lincoln’s treasury secretary, Salmon Chase. Later President Theodore Roosevelt attempted to remove the slogan because Teddy, as a devout Christian, felt that putting God on money was sacrilegious. He had a point. I was thinking the same thing since money is called the “Root of all Evil” but then it’s also called the “Almighty Dollar.” I don’t know what got me off on that. I guess I need to get out more. I’ve got to go now. Thanks for your time, mine is up. Have a great week, take care and God bless.