Derreashia Breaux Daughtery is not only an impressive athlete, she is an impressive teen. She stays focused on her goals and puts practicing and studying before anything else. She seems to have found the key that many never find, the key to success. Derreashia is a Senior at West Orange-Stark High School and has recently signed with Howard College in Big Spring, Texas on a Girl’s  Basketball scholarship. Congratulations go out to her.

WOS Derreshia Daugherty sets up the shot

WOS Derreshia Daugherty sets up the shot

She was in the fifth grade when she fell in love with basketball and first played on the Boys & Girls Club team called “Upward”.

Among those who have influenced her life the most, is her beloved Grandmother, Marilyn Collins. She was her ‘rock’ and was always there for her, supporting her efforts.

Derreashia remembers her Grandmother attending games, doing her face painting and helping her in any way she could. She lived with her for many years. Coping with her recent passing in January has been one of Derreashia’s biggest challenges in life.

One of her coaches, Randy Ragsdale, recently lost his father. They both were faced with the loss of a treasured person they were very close to. A special bond was created between them as they began their journey through the grieving process. Now, they have both found a renewed strength. One of Derreashia’s favorite quotes has now taken on a new and deeper meaning, “Prepare yourself for an ending that’s becoming a beginning.”

Derreashia appreciates all the coaches who have worked with her.

“I used to cry when the coaches would yell at me,” she said. “But then I learned that they are just trying to motivate you.”

They helped her to be successful. She says they taught her, “It takes determination and practicing every day possible.”

To be successful, Derreashia says a workout schedule is a must, no partying and always believe “there is nothing you can’t do.” One of her favorite action words, used by her and her coaches a lot is “GRIND” which means get to it, git er dun, bear down, make it burn . . .you get the idea.

“ Later on,” she explained,“ the late Reggie Garrett, who wore the number 12, was very inspirational in my life. He was my Godbrother.”

We all remember the tragic night this talented young man played his final game on the West Orange-Stark football field in the fall of 2011.

”I am always number 12.” Derreashia said proudly.

Derreashia worked super hard to be named the MVP in her Junior year, but a rival who is now a close friend received the award. The next year she was even more determined to receive the title. She diligently applied herself and was named MVP in her Senior year. On a larger scale, the rivalry she described reminded me of the rivalry between two famous adversaries;  Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Larry Bird.

For so long, the two basketball superstars were the most bitter of rivals. They lived to out perform one another, when all the while they were the wind beneath each other’s wings. Because of the intense competitiveness between them, the two men reached heights they probably would never have reached otherwise. In a class completely by themselves, they became close friends in their later years and held each other in the highest regard.

Getting a college scholarship is a big deal. Setting your mark and getting there is very rewarding.  Dee says it feels“really good,” to accomplish her goals. Other acknowledgments of her hard work include being named SEPX All Star Team, All Orange Ladies Team, All District Team and All KOGT.

She would love to play in the WMBA one day. If that doesn’t happen, she wants to come back to her home town and coach the Lady Mustangs.

Teens today face many challenges. The pace of the world they will grow old in is leaving us all behind. Keys to success must be held onto. Determination, hard work, setting goals, and believing in yourself, can bring about amazing results. Derreashia Daughtery is living proof.