On Tuesday, June 3, Vicky Holland and Brenda Jones, third grade teachers at Little Cypress Elementary, took their top accelerated reading winners for the second semester out to eat.

The students chose Pinehurst Barbecue as the restaurant. Accelerated Reader is a program that strengthens reading skills, encourages reading, and assesses comprehension. Altogether, the four students who won dinner out with the teacher amassed just under 170 points.

Ali Colello and Mason Burke won from Ms. Jones’ class. According to Jones, “Ali just won first place at our first annual Third Grade Spelling Bee.  She said that when she grows up she wants to be a teacher and a movie star.  Mason said that he wants to be a singer when he grows up.”

Angelina Mulvaney from Holland’s homeroom and Hayleigh Dockins from Mrs. Theriot’s homeroom were the winners for dinner with Ms. Holland.  “Angelina says that she is going to be a lawyer when she grows up and Hayleigh wants to be a doctor, said Holland.

Dinner with the teacher is not the only reward given for accumulating AR points. When a child reaches milestones, he or she gets to select one of the prizes that are provided through grants and donations by individuals and business partnerships.


Photo – The students and teachers (from left) are Ali Colello, Ms. Jones, Mason Burke, Hayleigh Dockins, Ms. Holland, and Angelina Mulvaney.