Saturday will mark the official first day of summer. We’ve had a pretty good spring and summer is ready to come on strong. I predicted earlier that despite last year’s hurricane season being mild, we would have a major storm in the Gulf. Last year, I predicted correctly that we wouldn’t have a Gulf storm. I based that on the forecast of a high pressure system hanging over the Gulf states. This year, it looks like late August, September we could be under low pressure. That is what sucks in a storm in the Gulf and it will head to the coast with the lowest pressure. Hopefully, that’s not us. I hope I’m wrong about a storm in the Gulf. Right now we are really under high pressure and that’s causing us some drought problems. Last week most of Orange County got 2.5 inches of rain but east Bridge City, near the Hawk Club and Gerald Morris’ place, just got a little over half-inch.*****The uprising in Iraq has stepped on Hillary’s outing of her new book but what’s coming next is the investigation of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the recently released Afghanistan hostage. The news media will jump on every word. Major Gen Kenneth Dahl will investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s capture. I found their last names to be ironic.****Tuesday President Obama announced that the U.S. had captured Ahmed Abu Khattala, the mastermind and key figure in the Benghazi invasion of the U.S. mission. He will be brought to the United States to stand trial.*****Anyway I best get going. I hope you will come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Politics will be front and center over the Iraq situation. The spinners are targeting President Obama with their talking points. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. McCain have jumped at the opportunity to bash him. Iraq finds itself in a civil war with the problem going way back when Cheney and Rumsfeld talked Geo. W. into invading and occupying Iraq, despite advise from his father, former President Geo. H. Bush, and military experts. The biggest con game was pulled on the American people with claims of Saddam having weapons of mass destruction. It was a lie, they knew it was a lie. We invaded, spent $1 trillion and lost nearly 5,000 young lives, with over 30,000 injured but in the process we destroyed all Iraqi military and cheered when Saddam was hung in public. The truth is Iraq never was a threat to the U.S. Saddam had been our friend. Iraq had great universities and a high middle-class. Saddam ran a tight ship. No terrorist could survive under his rule. Cheney and Rumsfeld had their eyes on Iraq’s oil production, plus most of the money spent to rebuild the country went to Halliburton. Obama, as a senator, opposed the invasion and predicted what he thought would happen. As president, he turned Iraq over to the Iraqi government and got our young soldiers out of harms way. To blame him now for leaving is an attempt to run away from the real facts of who is responsible for the monster Iraq is today. Irag’s weak leadership has been a problem and the civil war is also their problem. The U.S. however does have a vested interest that needs protecting but not with another full scale war. If it were up to Graham and McCain we would be fighting three wars right now. Our country is weary of war. Instead of playing November politics, the congress and our commander in chief should be on the same page for all the right reasons, not for political hay.


GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Heubart “Snuffy” Smith, 77, died Saturday, June 19. A native of Mississippi, he had lived in Bridge City many years. He was survived by wife Rachel, sons Kenneth, John and Grady. Pallbeares were L.K. Jarrell, Ed Osburn, Bill Kiihnl, James Perkins, John Banken and Tom Brooks. *****John R. Moore, 78, diedJune 18. He was a WWII vet and former POW. Services were held June 20 with full military rites. He is survived by wife “Tina”, sons John, Donald, Wayne and Marlin and daughters Jane, Judy, Rita and Kellie.*****Our friend Patty Harris, of Bridge City Bank, gave birth to her “Little Billy Goat” on June 17. Arriving early, Landon Reed Harris weighted in at five-pounds, one-ounce and was 18 inches high. *****Former Bridge City football star Luke Wolford will be taking a bride on July 17. His bride-to-be is pretty Ashley Womack, a 2003 LC-M grad. Luke, who has been playing football at Southern Arkansas, will be attending Lamar next semester. *****The Museum of the Gulf Coast celebrated its first 10 years. Jo-El Sonnier was inducted and also preformed.******Specials at Danny’s and K-Dans this week were ground chuck, $1.59 lb; chuck roast, $1.88 lb; lettuce, 59 cents head; fryer quarters, 39 cents lb.; watermelon, $3.99 each.*****Crawfish at MacDaddy’s were $2.49 lb., boiled and seasoned to perfection.*****Susan Gallier, retires from Orange Savings Bank onJune 28.*****Van Choate’s Cajun Cookery, on IH-10, features “All You Can Eat” shrimp, gumbo, ribs, quail, boudain, catfish, etouffee, jambalaya, deserts and etc. for $7.79 lunch and $15 dinner. (Editor’s note: Boy, those were the days.)

35 Years Ago-1979

President Jimmy Carter and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev signed the SALT II treaty limiting the nuclear arsenal of the United States and the Soviet Union. *****Billie Sol Estes in the news again for violating his parole agreement. In question are strings placed on him preventing him from entering private businesses. *****Junior Bruce is a target of local daily newspaper. The stories are seen as a vendetta. *****Betty and Corky Harmon host the monthly dinner club. After a cocktail and visit at their home, the gourmet group also visited a Beaumont restaurant.*****McLaury’s, at 2207 MacArthur, is holding a giant remodeling sale.*****The Carrousel Restaurant, located in Orangehurst Shopping Center, is open seven days a week and features an all you can eat cafeteria. Jim Kesman plays the organ.*****WBC heavy weight champion Larry Holmes will make his third title defense next week against Mike Weaver at Madison Square Garden.*****Orange baseball star Andre Robertson signs a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays and is assigned to Dunhedin of the Class A Florida State League. He was signed off the Texas University campus. (Editor’s note: Andre went on to star with the New York Yankees.)*****Beaumont’s James “Bubba Busceme, who hasn’t fought professionally in three years, will fight Robert Tijerino of Dallas. The fight will be held in Beaumont. The 10-rounder will be taped by cable television. Also boxing on the card will be Wilfor Sypien of Port Arthur. Busceme 27, a 1972 Olympic quarter-finalist, had a 116-11 amateur record and 12-2 as a pro with 11 knockouts. He will weigh in at 135 pounds for the junior lightweight class. *****Richard Corder gets a Father’s Day card from his son Craig. The card reads, “Dear Daddy, I’d like to say thank you for loving me. I remember so many nice things you do for me. One of the things is that you taught me how to fish. I’d like to do something nice for you. I promise I will help you with the yard work. You are the best father in the world. I love you, Craig.” (Editor’s note: I bet Craig’s feelings for his dad remain the same even after his dad’s death.)*****Pretty Linda Gilbert and sexy Lana Dowling are new stylist in the Orange House of Beauty.*****Olivia Annette Moore, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John O. Moore of Orange, is name Orange County Baby of the Year in photogenic show pageant.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Vergie Mansfield Scales, 102, who passed away Monday night. Please see story and obituary in this publication.*****A little about the natives: Donna and Judge Jimmy Scales attended the wedding of son Jared and Alyssa DeRamus, in Key West Florida last week. I can’t wait to hear Donna’s version of that trip. She always tells a good story. In fact, when Roy retires she should take his place with Life’s Highway. *****Former Orangeites James and Janet Fontenot were in town from Round Rock. They visited with brother Ray and daughter Brenda then had a Lunch Bunch outing  with Corky and Betty where Harmon told stories on Roy.***Marlene escorted son Robert to the Lunch Bunch gathering. Robert just last month had quadruple heart by-pass surgery.***Nova Strickland and daughter Tonya were in attendance. Tonya, who recently traveled to London, is now headed to New York. Commissioner Owen Burton and Judge Derry Dunn told Mauriceville country boy stories.  The Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky‘s this week and back to Robert‘s next. Remember, everyone is always welcome.*****Willie Nelson has a new album called “Band of Brothers” featuring outlaws, ex-wives and breaking the rules. Should be a good one.*****Rayne, LA native Essie Bellfield never forgets her longtime friends and I have a $2 bill to prove it.*****Commissioner Owen Burton came through with his promise on tomatoes and a few squash he got from brother Tom.*****Over the past three weeks Ms. Phyl has had a houseful of out-of-town folks. Her sister Jo Ann and husband Claude left Saturday for home in Hot Springs after the Father’s Day event she says she’s retiring.*****Last Wednesday near noon at Robert’s, I met a very kind guy. He was with his wife leaving the restaurant after having lunch. My mind was preoccupied and I’m sorry to say I didn’t get his name. He’s a real fan of The Record, especially “Down Life’s Highway” column. Maybe I’ll hear from him again. Ironically on Sunday morning, during an early shopping trip to Market Basket, I met a guy, Bobby Barras, who introduced himself to me. He and his wife had moved to Waterwood 17 years ago from Port Arthur, he’d retired from Texaco Chemical and was also a great fan of The Record and had read most of the “Down Life‘s Highway” columns.. He told me he had graduated from Bishop Byrne in 1953. I learned he had attended school with some of the great folks I knew like Roland Angelle, Donald Boneaux, Raymond Meyer, Gene Cropper, Don VanEten, Max Forster, Eddie, Kenneth and Gene Bourgeois and a mess of others. Bob Barras’ folks came from Loreauville, La. His mother was a Braquet and he knew all of the Judices and Berard’s, Oubre’s and such. Even though he lived in Port Arthur he keeps in touch with the folks back in the old Cajun country and visits often. It was an enjoyable visit. It’s nice to find and old, new friends.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On June 18, former “Girl Friday” at David Self Ford, Brandy Slaughter, celebrates. We don’t know her where a bouts these days. Also celebrating are Nancy Haworth, Vern Campbell and Amber King. They all share birthdays with Paul McCartney, 72 and Blake Shelton,38.*****On June 19, William “Bill” Rigby celebrates as does Shelby Permenter, Marianna Choate and twins Chelsie and Cortnie Moerbe. Paula Abdul turns 52 on this day. *****June 20 finds Justin Roberts, Marie Norman, Lyndia Phillips and Debbie Johansson celebrating. They are joined by Nicole Kidman, 47 and Lionel Ritchie, 65. *****On June 21, Commissioner David Dubose is a year wiser. So is John Cooper, Dustin Hartsfield and Sarah Claybar. They join Orange native Coach Wade Phillips who is 67. *****On June 22, Don Finley, Paul Richardson, Charlene Braus and Phyllis Nimitz all celebrate. *****On June 23, Sissy Braus, Jaden Trahan and Ken Johnson all celebrate. *****June 24 would have been our longtime friend Lester “Buckshot” Winfree’s birthday. He passed away a couple of weeks after his birthday on July 2, 2010. Hard to believe four years have flown by.*** Friends celebrating on this day are our buddy, mother of the twinsMason and Luke, Amanda Adams, who is with the Stark Foundation, Ronnie Broussard, Wesley Smith and the “Clown’s” better half, Kathy Marsh. Poor girl deserves a great day. Happy birthday to all.*****Are you ready for a phone with four cameras and a 3-D screen? That’s what Amazon is expected to introduce at a big news conference Wednesday in Seattle. The challenge for Amazon will be attracting consumers to a new option in an already crowded market. This is unbelievable and hard for an old guy like me to wrap my mind around.*****The San Antonio Spurs defeated defending champions Miami Heat in five games. The Spurs put on a clinic, beating the Heat 104-87 in game five to win the team’s fifth NBA title. No team in the league plays better as a team. No big names or outlandish stories. Kawhi Leonard, 23, stuck to LeBron James like glue to win the MVP award. The heat was just no match for the Spurs. Its almost a sure bet that both teams will see changes next year as contracts run out.*****We’re told no one enjoys the “Cajun Story of the Week” more than Eva Benoit, at the West End Salon. It’s the first thing she looks for when she gets her Record. She loves repeating the jokes as she’s giggling her head off.*****Chief Deputy County Clerk Brandy Robertson not only has two 15-year-olds, Nathan Hayes and Payton Robertson, with driving permits but also son Payton is playing on a local select team, Bullet Baseball 16U, coached by Roderick Robertson, Tony Dallas, of Dallas Insurance and Stephen Patterson, Superintendent of Orangefield ISD. The select team will be playing games in Lake Charles, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin and Florida. Lots of luck guys. You too, Brandy.*****Be sure when you are eating at Robert’s Steakhouse to say hello to his pretty daughter Elisa Evans who left her job with the county to help in the restaurant.  Elisa is doing a great job and I’m sure Dad’s happy to have her around.*****Get well wishes to Eunice Rubel who took a fall and broke her wrist and crushed her hip bone. She underwent surgery on  Friday to have a total hip replacement. Speedy recovery Eunice.*****


Janice Rabin, Nancy Haworth, Krystal Leonard, Shelby Turbeville, Vern Campbell, Amber King, Kyna White, Brandy Slaughter, Mary Stewart, Betty Norwood, Wyetta Carter, Shelby Permenter, Chelsie Moerbe, Cortnie Moerbe, Marianne Choate, William (Bill) Rigby, Myrtle Howell, Frankie Allen, Keith Kay, Marie Norton, Justin Roberts, Debbie Johansson, Gregory Darbonne, Loretta Beck, Lynda Phillips, Tyler Bailey, Dustin Hartsfield, Sarah Claybar, Sharon Wright, Wesley Darbonne, Dan Dumas, David Dubose, John Cooper, Melanie Broussard, Don Finley, Paul Richardson, Gean Hammett, Caitlin Wells, Charlene Braus, Nora Anne Minor, Phyllis Nimitz, Mary Foreman, Laurie Louvier, Ken Johnson, Roberta Overstreet, Sissy Braus, Betty Merchant, Jeania Craus, Kim Turbeville, Jaden Trahan, Ronnie Broussard, Barbara Garza, Wesley Smith, Amanda Adams, Judy Gerrald and Kathy Marsh.


Alcid Thibodaux, wat is 76 years old, went to see Dr. Remus Comeaux for his annual check up.

Doc Comeaux axe, “Mr. Thibodeaux, how you feeling you?”

“Doc, I’ve never felt better me, I got me an 18 years old bride wat is pregnant and having my child. Wat you tink bout dat Doc?” Thibodeaux axe.

Doc Comeaux him, he tink bout dat for a moment den said, “Mr. Thibodeaux, let me tell you a story. I knew dis guy name Walter who was an avid hunter him. Walter never missed a hunting season but one day he went out in a bit of a hurry and his mind wasn’t as sharp as it once was and he accidentally grabbed his umbrella instead of his gun.” Doc Comeaux continued, “So Walter him was in da woods and suddenly one of dem big, black bears appeared in front of him. Walter was so frightened and nurvoes him, dat he raised up his umbrella and pointed it at dat big, ugly bear and squeezed da handle. Do you know wat happen Mr. Thibodeaux?” Doc axe.

Dumfounded, old man Thibodeaux replied, “I don’t know me.”

Doc Comeaux continued, “Well, dat bear dropped dead, rat dere in front of him.”

“Dats impossible, said Thibodeaux, somebody else must of shot that dere bear.”

“Dat’s kind of wat I’m getting at,” replied da doctor.


The big shocker hit the GOP last week with the defeat of Con. Eric Cantor. The majority leader was referred to as the number two man in congress. No doubt Canter had run the congress. He picked the chairmen and the leadership. He was speaker John Boehner’s brain. Cantor was like a little king when he walked down the halls of the capital. He lead as many followed. Cantor was the power broker. What happened to him had nothing to do with immigration or the government shut down. It’s a situation the Republicans created with gerrymandered districts, straight party voting and suppressing the vote. With low turnout and a public who approves of congress by only 16 percent other defeats within their own party can be expected. Only 12 percent voted in the Cantor race. They called it a fair turnout. Think about this, our own congressional district has nine counties, nearly a million people, yet Dr. Brien Babin won the primary with only 17,000 votes, less than 2,000 voters per county average. In the local race for county judge Carlton was elected with 2,900 votes out of 49,000. The way the GOP set it up, over several years, is not representative government. They will continue to win but from time to time an unknown will come along and defeat experience because they have established through the Tea Party a “against everything vote.” As for Cantor, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, tongue in cheek, of course. However, what congress will get could be far worse. If I were Paul Ryan and some of the other leaders I’d be a little nervous. Democrats will have to challenge in every race. They will lose for awhile but it’s the only way back to a large vote not just a “gimme.”*****Gotta go. Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover, take care and God bless.