A Fundraiser to support Demi Demas’ sarcoma treatment will be held Sunday, June 29, at the Cardinal Snow-cone Stand on Texas Avenue in Bridge City (across from post office).

There will be a raffle for a free Open heat registration for the September 20 event at Ford Park. The number of entries being given away will depend on how many raffle tickets sold. Tickets will be priced at $2 with no limit on the amount you can purchase. There will be links, drinks, snowcones, and a free/donation obstacle course on site. We welcome everyone to come out, have a great time, and show your support for Demi. All proceeds will benefit her directly.

In Dec. 2011 at the young age of 19, Demi was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Desmoid Sarcoma. At that time she had surgery and was treated with radiation. Since then, Demi has had to go every three months for check ups, labs, X-rays, etc. routinely.

In Nov. 2013 at one of her follow-ups she found out that the cancer is back. This time it is inoperable. The first plan of treatment was oral chemo for three months and recheck  progress.

Demi recently went for her three month follow-up and was found that the oral chemo was not working. She was told she would have to start IV chemo right away. The insurance Demi’s mom carries on her has very large deductibles, and then only pays a certain percent.

This deductible starts over again soon. Cancer treatment and all that goes along with it is extremely costly. They have still been paying on her original bill and follow-up, and now they will be bombarded with this.

Demi works more than one job and goes to school, and has paid her own rent. She was told that she will not be able to work and that this medicine will make her feel bad. Keeping her apartment in Houston will be beneficial to her, and to her mom being able to be there to care for her when needed.

So many of you have wanted to do something to help all along, and now is our chance since she will be on some very costly medicines.