Here we go again. The weeks keep flying by. In fact, here we are already in mid-July. In early fall I predicted that it would be a hot summer but much wetter than normal. I’ve been right about that but some areas through the country have had constant downpours. South Louisiana hasn’t had a dry spell. My sister north of Lafayette says that in June and part of July they have received nearly 14 inches of rain. My place had gotten very little rain while it rained all around. However over the weekend we recorded nearly three inches. Throughout the country nothing has been normal about the weather. In some north-western states temperature dipped down into the low 30’s and had frost. *****Meanwhile, Wall Street is all aglow. The Dow climbed over 17,000. Hard to believe it was below 8,000 five years ago. Unemployment was at 10.2. The housing market was in shambles, mortgage companies had raped the country. Auto manufactures were on the verge of bankrupts. That would have also busted many other manufactures. We’ve come a long way but I still say if the congress would have passed a jobs or highway bill, million more would be working. We’ve recovered from the worst recession in 2008 since the great depression plus we have recovered the eight million jobs lost in 2007-2008. A jobs bill was the answer. With all the bad things we are bombarded with every hour of the day, think about how much better off we are today than we were just over five years ago. Sometimes among all the garbage we forget to count our blessings. *****It’s time for me to go. Hop on board and come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.
On July 20, 1964, the words came from the moon. “Tranquility Base, the Eagle has landed.”
Those were the words of the other man on the moon, the pilot of the lunar module, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin,just a few minutes before Aldrin stepped on the surface of the moon. Neil Armstong spoke the words heard around the world. Armstrong, being the first man to step on the moon, became famous, a hero, but he never capitalized on it. He could have made millions on endorsements, books and speaking engagements. Instead he turned to teaching. Aldrin, who landed on the moon at the exact time asArmstrong did not get the same notoriety even though he was far more outgoing and well liked. I got to meet him once briefly. When they returned to the module Aldrin shut the door. When Armstrong was asked in Houston why they bothered to shut the door he said, “So people wouldn’t say we were born in a barn.” Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon that July day attended West Point, flew jets in Korea. He earned his doctorate in aeronautics. He retired as a Colonel from the United States Air force. His wrote his autobiography and two science fiction books. In 2002, he was in the news again when a conspiracy theorist, Bart Sibrel, said there was no moon landing and called Buzz a coward and a liar. Aldrin, then 72, punched him out. Sibrel went to the police but they wouldn’t file charges on one of the best known astronauts in history, the man who landed Neil Armstrong on the moon. Now you know the rest of the story. Two famous men landed on the moon for the first time.
It was a tragic accident, a strong storm cell started by nature, when lightning struck Andy Borel’s boat on the Sabine River SaturdayAndy and his two young girls were traveling down the river trying to beat the stormy weather home when the boat was struck causing it to run into the dock. All three of the passengers were thrown from the boat. The front of the boat was folded back. The propeller injured seven year oldAnna, who is now in a Houston hospital recovering from several cuts. Her 10 year old sister Janae, was reported to have been trapped under the boat and lost her life. It is very sad anytime a child is taken from us. It’s difficult not to question why. Ms. Pearl Burgess tells us what a fine man Andy is and what a wonderful family the Borel’s are. Andy kept Pearl’s yard up and the two girls often visited her in the house where they shared cookies. Our prayers are with this good family. Services for Janae are pending.
Donations of help with expenses can be made at FaceBook.Go FundMe. Our sincere condolences toAndy and his family. May Janae rest in peace.
10 Years Ago-2004
Our neighbor W. A. “Bill” Richter, 74, died Sunday, July 18, at his home after an illness. The Bridge City Food Program, that feeds so many elderly, was he and wife Margaret’s pet project. He was involved also in many other community projects. *****We were shocked to learn of the sudden death Saturday, July 17, of Terry Lyons, 50.  Terry was a longtime KOGT personality who was blind but had amazing recall.Terry passed away while on vacation visiting his mother. *****Tony Houseman came through cancer surgery fine at a Houston hospital and while he was sedated for the surgery they also removed his gall bladder which was loaded with stones. (Editor’s note: Tony has since passed away but I believe he was the toughest guy I’ve ever known. He fought three types of cancer for ten years and never complained, just kept going to the last day.)*****Ray Granger, at age 73, is still maintenance director at Orangefield ISD. His wife Laverne is the OFISD attendance clerk. (Ray has since died and Laverne has retired.)****Bridge City grad and longtime BCISD employee Richard Briggs is leaving his job at B.C. for an assistant principle position at Port Neches-Groves. (Editor’s note:  Richard’s life has taken several turns since then. He didn’t stay at Port Neches very long because the position of principal became available at Bridge City. He became principle but later gave it up to become athletic director, the job he said that fitted him best. *****Ebb and Kim Moore, of Parlours, will be moving into the Harry’s Appliance building on Green Ave. They bought the building from Harry and Margie Stephens who are moving their appliance store to the Salvation Army building, located at 10th and Main. This is the same location that Harry started his business in. (Editor’s note: Both businesses are still at the same locations.)
35 Years Ago-1979
Bridge City First Baptist Church hosts Francis LaRocque on Sunday, July 8. He will preach the morning worship at 11 a.m. and present a concert at 6:30 p.m. LaRocque has recently returned to the States after performing in South Korea, Japan, Switzerland and the Holy Land. Dr. Charles Walton is pastor of First Baptist.*****The Bridge City Independent School District has announced that all tax payers 65 or older are entitled to receive an exemption for school taxes of $5,000 on their homestead. Also, disability survivors are entitled to an additional $10,000 exemption off the market value of their residence. *****Louis Dugasreports that some of our citizens display great talent in fields not involving their professions. Senator Carl Parker has a great singing voice, Ray Herman, the service station operator, is an accomplished musician and came to Orange as a saxophone player with a band, Attorney Jim Dunaway is an excellent cook, attorney Roy Wingate was a butcher and can still cut up a beef, Frank Fimchum, former football star at UT, is a chef and cartoon artist.*****Frankinson’s Delicatessen, owned by Frank Finchum and son Tab,has changed hands and is now called Mandola’s Delicatessen, named after the new manager Dee Mandola. The new owner is Sue Horne of Sulphur, who is a psychologist with practice in Sulphur and a councilor for West Orange-Cove ISD.*****Harmon Chevrolet, on July 7, opened the new car sales department at their new location, 2611 MacArthur Dr. The Harmon family has been involved in the transportation industry for over 100 years from horse and buggies to new Chevrolets. Jackie, his dadOvie and brothers, Corky, Don and Tommy are all rightfully proud of their new 44,000 square foot facility with 34 service bays, a two-story 9,000 square foot parts storage area. The 10 acre complex will hold its grand opening in early August. Planning and engineering was done by Bill Hughes of Norstock Steel. The facility was two years in development. (Editor’s note: It is now home to Granger Chevrolet.)
40 Years Ago-1974
A crew from Orange rode to Houston in Ed Lovelace’s travel home to see the Texans play last Wednesday night. On board, with Ed at the wheel, were Houston Baker, Leland Morrow, Mike Pasternak, Jerry Pesson, Richard Corder, Roy Dunn and Joe Kazmar. Ed wouldn’t buy hot dogs for the crew.  Dunn scalped tickets to get enough to feed the boys. Local football standouts were Garland Boyette and Pat Gibbs. The Texans played the Philadelphia Bell. Editor’s note: Lovelace, Morrow, Baker, Pesson and Corder are now deceased.)*****Happy 11th anniversary to Doris Ann and Bill Clark. *****For 50 years, Joe Blanda has walked from home to work without anyone bothering him and his little money bag of change. Last week however, Joe was knocked down in broad daylight by a young, black male who took off with his money bag. Joe sported a shiner for several days. It was on exhibit at the Orange House Barber Shop for a few days. Blanda’s vocabulary wasn’t short of words when describing the incident. *****Jimmy LaComb and Mark Dunn, Bridge City football players, will be attending the University of Texas at Arlington. LaComb will be playing lineman, Dunn the linebacker position. UTA is where attorney H.D. Pate played football. He was recruited out of an Austin high school.*****Dairy Queen, at 10th and Park, has a Sundae Sale, only 21 cents.*****KCAW Radio, owned by Jimmy and Felix Joynt,holds a remote  broadcast at Frenchie’s Discount Furniture. It was a fun time. Frenchie told every customer who came in, “If you don’t like the low prices, just make me an offer.”
We received a very nice letter from former teacher MiMi Hollier. She’s such a nice lady. She and husband Bob, also a retired educator, are enjoying their garden, traveling and MiMi also operates her own estate sale business. They retired 10 years ago from Bridge City High School. *****We were sorry to hear that attorney Lynwood Sanders had a leg amputation. We understand the leg was amputated just below the knee. We are glad to announce that Lynwood got out of ICU last week and is reported to be doing quite well under the circumstances. Knowing Lynwood for many years, this little set back won’t stop him from practicing law and operating Sabine Title. He’s a tough, Louisiana guy. We wish him the best.*****Garth Brooks, who retired in 2001, at age 39, at the top of his game, is coming out with a new album with new material in November, Since retiring he’s become a grandfather and says he has a lot to say in his new songs. Look for a big show near you.*****Neighbor Cox was disappointed that Ginny, his bride of 66 years, didn’t make it home from Oklahoma over the weekend to celebrate her 86th birthday. Daughter Karen became ill so they delayed the trip home. Cox delayed his cake baking. Ginny is due home Tuesday night. *****I heard from someone who wanted to know how to get rid of black spots on roses. I’m not an expert but something that has always worked for me is grandma’s old remedy. Add one tablespoon of baking soda to a gallon of water and a few drops of dish washing detergent and spray it on the roses. It always works. It works on Camellias also. Spray every week or so and soon the spots will be gone. *****As of July 10, Ronnie Shugart became a new grandpa to a future baseball All-Star. Hudson Rayne Shugart-Kyle weighed in at 7 lbs., 7 ozs. He arrived 20 inches high. Parents are Mackenzie Shugart and Stan Kyle. Congratulations to all. Has Ronnie bought him a glove yet? Is he a “righty” or “lefty?”*****Allen Tate and the gang at MidCounty Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram are getting some good traffic and sales from Orange County. During these summer months they have rock bottom prices in all new car departments. Summer is a great time to shop for a new vehicle. See their ad in this issue. Tell ‘um we sent you. Maybe you’ll get a “Lagniappe.” Cajun saying for “something extra,”  an unexpected nice surprise.*****We had a nice visit with Dan Mohan. What a nice guy. Dan is former mayor of Orange and now serves on the Pinehurst city council. He and wife  Manon and the grandkids just returned from their place in Fredricksburg, in the Hill Country. He tells me the weather was great for golfing. The family always has a great time plus an outstanding peach crop. That’s the first thing I asked about. *****Angel Sehon, of Bridge City, submitted a couple of prom pictures and was chosen to be an extra in the movie Pitch Perfect 2. She was an extra a few weeks ago in the movie for another scene but this time she was chosen to be in an action scene and get paid. Ashley Ashworth, also of Bridge City, was chosen for the second time. The film comes out in 2015. *****I really would be disappointed if I didn’t hear from Lily Ponds each week. I was starting to believe I wouldn’t hear this week when here comes another stupid e-mail. On the other hand, I hear from people like Cindy Thibodeaux who wouldn’t miss an issue of The Record. She checks it out every week and it doesn’t do her no harm. *****Belated birthdays to Kellie Mason Meaux and Tracy Addison who celebrated on July 15. *****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On July 16Carlis Reed Roy, retired teacher, wife of Brad, celebrates. Also on this day Cathy Landry, Gail Eads and Lorie Dubose celebrate. *****On July 17, our friend and longtime Recordadvertising executive Edee Pratt, and Debbie Ashcraft celebrates. *****On July 18, former Bridge City manager Don Fields celebrates. Also a year older are Sandra Callahan Navarro, Cheryl Richard and Harry Barclay.*****On July 19, former teacher and Shangri La director Michael Hoke celebrates as does pretty Robin Thibodeaux, and Paige Williams.*****On July 20Kim Dubose, Teresa Suggs, John Callahan, Rebecca Toal, Linda Fulton are a year older. Also on this day 45 years ago, 1959, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.*****On July 21, former Record recipe contributor Von Broussardcelebrates, as does Danika Dubose, Tina Lawrence and J.D. McReynolds.***Our friend Cal Broussard died on this day in 2009. It’s hard to believe that five years have already gone by.*****Our buddy Jeff Anderson is a year older on July 22, as is Rocky DeCuir, Lois Dickey and Keazie Cappel.*****Our friends, Linda and former mayor Brown  Claybar, celebrate their anniversary on this day. Best wishes for a long, healthy life together and Happy Birthday to all*****The National Dance Day event for Orange has been listed on the national calendar of events at The closest event to our area is in Austin and Roundrock. National Dance Day celebration is July 26, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Riverfront Pavillion in Orange.*****Congrats to Allison Morphed, Madison Lyons, Madison Woodruff, Mallory Wappler, Sydney Shepherd and Kaitlyn Ezell, six former Bridge City Strutters on the Lamar University Dance Team. The Strutters make up about one-fourth of the Lamar team.***** Congratulations also to Norman Gaspard, school administrator who celebrated 14 years at BCISD.*****A benefit to offset the expenses of Gary Lapoint, of Bridge City, who recently passed away from cancer, will be held Saturday, Aug. 9, at King’s Tavern, 807 Simmons Dr., Orange starting at 9 a.m.
When Joe Boudreaux died, he left a widow, Gladys, and four little chillums. Gladys was determined dat her family would be like all da uttas. She made her little girls nice feed sack dresses and her two boys feed sack shirts with shiny buttons. She did everyting to keep the family normal.
Owning a dog was considered a social status, but dey was too poor to feed a dog. Gladys could just barely feed da family. She was very proud however so when she saw company coming up da dirt trail, she made Ned, the fourteen-year-old, get under the house and bark like a dog so folks would think they had one. Gladys would always say, “Dat ‘Blue Tick’ will bark at everyting and howls at da moon.”
The problem on the border, with the arrival of so many immigrants, goes back to a well intended bill passed by the Bush Administration that cleared the way for those seeking asylum. Mostly those that have arrived are from South America. Those from Mexico and Canada are not eligible. Not all, but many, of those asking asylum fear death from gangs in their countries. That reminds me about a situation in 1939. Boat loads of Jewish people fled from Germany to avoid death. Cuba had agreed to take them in but changed their mind as the Jews were approaching Cuba so the ships came to the United States and asked for asylum. We turned them down. The ships full of people returned to Germany where Hitler killed most of them. My point is that we may be sending some of those kids back to sure death by gangs that have taken over lawless countries. I believe Bush’s law was intended to protect some of those people. However, the bill created a loop hole that was being abused, and will certainly be changed. For a minute put your child or grandchild in the position that some of those seven, eight or nine year old, scared youngsters find themselves in. I’ve only had one idiot tell me, “Put the National Guard on the border and tell them they can’t enter, and if they do start shooting.” You don’t want to know what I told him. *****TheWednesday Lunch Bunch will meet at Novrozsky’s this week and back to Robert’s next. Everyone is welcome. *****My final thought. You may find yourself in the same place, “I used to stare at the mirror, admiring myself. Today I stay away from mirrors, but when I happen by one, I see somebody else.”  Think about that. *****Gotta get out of here. Right now I’m headed to  on the Bayou for a broiled lobster. Read us cover to cover, patronize our advertisers and check us out on the web. Take care and God bless.