Much needed rains came but in some cases, rain is not that good for the crops. Also, timing is everything. Saturday morning I finally found a chance to break away from pressing chores, doctors visits, etc., to visit my friends, Sue and Tommy Simar. I probably disturbed their Saturday morning on the back porch, drinking coffee and talking about old times and I apologize for that. Tommy, like me, is a collector of old things, equipment, tools and almost anything grandpa used. He even has his granddad’s original ox yoke. Tommy and I are always on the same link of yesteryear things. We differ however on one thing, Tommy is quite a farmer and I’m not. He grows the best corn I ever ate. He grows a lot of other vegetables and fruit too; pears, Muscadine grapes and plenty figs. I would nearly commit a sin for a batch of figs. I love to eat them right off the tree. I’ve gotten off my original point however, the Thursday and Friday rain had soured every ripe fig. I would have to wait a couple of days for a new crop. That was disappointing. Rain ruins figs. They sent me home with frozen figs and grapes that went in the big pot and made preserves and jelly on Sunday. I also was able to get some of their tomatoes that fortunately hadn’t gone bad from the rain. I was having visions of fresh figs in a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I may get some yet before the short fig season ends. Sue usually has figs, tomatoes, pears, etc. for sale. Give her a call if you’re looking for some at 883-33619. *****Well, the old clock on the wall says I’d best get going. I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Athalene Brown Manchac, 88, died Wednesday, July 16. She was the widow of our friendFrank Manchac. We had know Athalene for over 50 years. She was a good lady who suffered a lot of heart break having lost Frank, her parents and also sons Frank, Jr. and Mark. She also lost a grandson William Manchac. Her daughter Margaret Boehme is her only surviving child. Athalene  leaves seven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Service was held Friday, July 18.*****Antionette Ragusa Moore, 63, passed away July 16. I recall, over 40 years ago, seeing her at the family grocery store on 37th Street in Orange. I went in for hot tamales which the Ragusa’s were famous for. Antionette, a real beauty, with a great personality, caught everyone’s attention. She married John Moore many years ago and they had a son, John, daughter Olivia and several grandkids. Antionette suffered poor health for many years but was blessed to have a loving, caring husband and family. On a personal note, she was our friends Van and Josette Choates’ aunt. Services were held July 21. May she rest in peace.*****A couple of weeks ago, on July 9, Francine Tuppen, age 70, died at her residence in Bridge City. She was the widow of our longtime friend, Jimmy Tuppen. We had known her since she was a youngster in Orange. She was a nurse by training but also a lot more. She and Jimmy were an interesting couple traveling a lot to Vegas and visiting other Nevada casinos. Jimmy was a professional gambler and Francine was very sharp with numbers.They lived a quite life. It brings a smile to my face imagining she and Jimmy‘s reunion.. Services were held July 17. She was a fun person to have around.


Ten years ago, the late Louis Dugas recalled being elected to the Texas House 50 years earlier. (That was 60 years ago this week. I found it interesting and reprinted it. I still miss Lou.) By Louis Dugas, “Fifty years ago, I was elected to the House of Representatives as representative from Orange County. Sunday, July 25, the Chronicle carried a story by its Austin reporter saying only the rich could be in political office. When I was elected, I was a law student attending the University of Texas on the G.I. Bill. I had spent my last fifty dollars to file for office. I owned no car. My campaigning was done on foot. Once elected, I went to Austin on a Greyhound bus, riding all night. In Austin, I went to the Capitol and to the House of Representatives. I met Dorothy Hallman, Chief Clerk of the House and Carrie Frinka,Contingent Expanse Clerk. Since my election was after a run off, I had little choice of seats. I took one that was next to a man from Fort Worth named Joe Pyle. In January when the session started, I introduced myself to Mr. Pyle. He did not acknowledge me then or for a month or so, one day he turned to me and says, “I went to the doctor this morning.” At that point, I did not care about his medical situation. It turned out to be a joke and Joe Pyle and I were friends thereafter.”*****Vacationing at Disney World are Judge Pat Clark, Roselie and granddaughter Whitney. The little granddaughter was looking to buy grandfather a “Grumpy” doll. ***Sharon Bearden is at South Padre Island attending law classes. He left Liz at home but had to promise he would not go near the nude beach, just cruise the local beach. *****Retired Judge Flo Edgerly conducted the marriage vows of Ken and Penny Wyatt.*****Orangefield ISD Superitendent Mike Gentry and other dignitaries broke ground for school renovations to begin.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Oliver Sands, Sr., 95, died July 19.***Jimmy Leonard Hallman, 60, died Tuesday, July 20. Billy “Bill” Wheat, 67, of Mauriceville died July 22.***Cornelius “Con” Kennedy, 75, died July 19.***Myrtis “Micki” Kibodeaux, 57, of Orangefield died July 19.

35 Years Ago-1979

Bridge City coach Buddy Gillis has surgery.*****Phyllis and Kenneth Haas, with kids Stephanie and Kenny have returned from a week in Panama city, Fla. Traveling with them were Marilyn and John Green and daughter’s Cori, Lori, and Christy.*****Last week, fourteen students from Phyllis’ Dance School attended the Dance Olympics in Houston where they studied under the best instructors in the country. Students attending were Audra Measle, Sandy Castille, Jannine Fair, Colleen Smith, Melanie Jordan, Laurie Landry, Robyn Lusignan, Laura McLeod, Shelly and Kim Titus, Paige Guilbeaux, Shelly Flowers and Liz and Ann Lieby. (Editor‘s note: I wonder where those girls are today.)*****Eddie Rasberry celebrated her 80th birthday last week.*****Arkansas football coach Lou Holtz says about the importance of learning how to be a winner, “If winning isn’t important, don’t keep score, play for an hour and then quit.”*****A sniper fired shots into the Shoe Tree plate glass windows, then shot windows out at the Bridge City Post Office.*****Hubbard Sound and Electronics holds ribbon cutting. B.C. city manager C.R. Nash, along with chamber president Bill Nickum do the honors with owner Jeff Hubbard.*****Major Inman, Jr. completes first year as Orange mayor. David Claybar is a city councilman. Orange is hosting the Municiple League’s regional meeting. State Rep. Wayne Peveto is guest speaker.*****Tropical storm Claudette dodges Orange County.*****Happy birthday this week to Lewis Gay, Randy Arnaud, Nina Hardin and her grandson Jimmy Raymer and also Jan Curlyo.*****Dennis and Lynn Hall mark 11th anniversary on July 31.*****Sheryl Ann Brister buried after having been pronounced dead on arrival at Orange Memorial on July 21. Cause of death massive pulmonary embolism. Survivors are husband Clinton, daughter Kimberly Ann, parents Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Bryan, sisters Nancy Trahan, Geneva Miller, brothers W.R. and Ikie.*****Judge Pat Clark and Johnny McHugh named outstanding young men in America. Clark is county court at law judge, McHugh has received his doctorate at the University of Texas medical branch.*****Thirteen year old Gary Dwayne White was killed in an auto accident near Park City, Utah.*****Lance Runnels is recovering after being shot in the head by a pellet gun. The shot entered his head. He is the son of Judge Pete and Carol Runnels. Grandparents are Inez and Joe Runnels.*****James Cole joins U.S. Air Force.*****Visiting with Pete Sterling this week are sons Dean and Scott.*****Heritage House Association reached its goal of raising $10,000 with flea market and fair. June Gunstream won stained glass, donated by Jan Kelly; Dorothy Heller won a quilt donated by Mrs. James Cloud.Mrs. J.W. Wheatley won a prize donated by Jim Pledger. Co-chairmen were Dixie Kelly and Joanne Pledger.


Among all my messages I have received this one from Pattie Hanks, now living in Las Vegas, really got my attention. Pattie writes, While driving home from work, listening to radio station KNPR’SDrive Time programming, the talk was about drug detecting dogs as a private business. The dog handler they were interviewing left many unanswered questions so the reporter posed a question about how that plays out in the course of law enforcement. That’s when they went to District Attorney John Kimbrough, of Orange County Texas. Mr.Kimbrough said, “It hadn’t been tested yet but there were lots of questions, like does the dog have a reputation for reliability, where is the warrant, where is the probable cause?” He was the level-headed voice of reason on case law. Thought you would like to know that about your friend John. Pretty cool. (Editor’s note: Thanks Pattie, good to know.)*****Congrats to Bridge City and University of Houston baseball star Jake Lemoine, who is currently pitching for Team USA. Jake was voted the premier player of college baseball presented by the “Premier Players Sports Foundation.” He received the most on-line votes from a list of 20 top college baseball players. Former B.C. standout Matt Hicks, a Ragin‘ Cajun, was also listed in the top 20. Not bad for Bridge City. Two great guys.*****AARP magazine reports that in 1952, 60 percent of U.S. families consisted of two married parents, a bread winner and a house maker. Today, only 20 percent live in such a family. Divorce among Boomers has increased 50 percent in the past 20 years. No slow down in sight. The Baby Boomers are likely to have the highest lifetime levels of divorce of any generation born in the 20th Century. In 1970, 40 percent of households consisted of married couple and their children. Today, that is only 19 percent. Married adults in 1960, 72 percent, today 51 percent. Births to unmarried mothers in 1960, five-percent, today, 41 percent. Among all the changes, one thing remains constant, Americans love their kin. Survey after survey shows an overwhelming majority say their family is at the center of their lives. Family is everything. In the U.S. 8.4 percent of all married have a spouse of a different race. I bet this doubles in the next 10 years. Twenty-one percent of these households include children. They didn’t say but I would think a large percentage are adopted.*****We met a beautiful lady last week while having a vision check. She was also getting her pretty eyes checked. Virginia “Ginger” Romero, a resident of Bridge City, is retired from Sun Oil and is a true Penny Record fan. She says she looks forward to the newspaper each week.*****Ms. Ginny made it home and that made Neighbor Cox happy. Over the weekend they were visited by grandson Kevin Duplichan, his wife and the Cox’s two great granddaughters who came from Dallas. Daughter Karen has headed back to Oklahoma. The house has cleared out and things are back to normal at the Cox house*****Our prayers go out to Mary Jo Piazza Herrin who is presently undergoing chemo treatments*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and back to Novrozsky’s next. It was a fun meeting last week even though Donna had to leave early for a Channel Six interview that came off really well. Donna, our Parks Director, always puts Orange County in a good light. Marlene was again visiting the foot doctor. Christy Khoury and Judge Janice were also out of pocket. Everyone is always welcome to join The Bunch, no speeches, no dues, just good fun and fellowship.*****Congratulations to BCISD Superintendent Dr. Mike King, who is celebrating his third year at B.C. He loves it and not going anywhere. Congrats also to Elyse Thibodeaux, senior fourth-degree Black Belt instructor who celebrates four years as a certified trainer at Tiger Rock Martial Arts in B.C. Keep up the good work.*****I missed my buddy Preston Fuller’s birthday last week. I hope I’m not in trouble. Speaking of birthdays, today, Tuesday, July 25, would have been Clarence Dale Newton’s birthday. He died Sept. 26, 2012 and Granny hasn’t been doing worth a hoot since. She needs to straighten up.***** A few folks we know who are celebrating their special day in the next few days: On July 23, Jamie Brabham Hagler, Linda Brinson, Albert and Travis Estes celebrate birthdays. They join Woody Harrelson, 59. On  this day, T.W. and the lovely Lyndia Permenter celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary.*****July 24 finds Margie Stephens a special lady and good friend celebrats a birthday, also celebrating are Lee Harris, James Rucker and Ralph Rucker. This would also have been the birthday of the late Mary Fontenot. Jennifer Lopez turns 45 on this day. She has aged well.*****On July 25, Ryan Kimbrough and Larry Wingate celebrates, as does Misty Cappel and Allison LeLeux. Matt LeBlanc turns 47.*****Happy Birthday on July 26 toLaura Berman, David Young, actor Kevin Spacey, 55, and believe it or not Rolling Stone Mick Jagger turns 71.*****On July 27, our buddy Ty Manuel celebrates. Joining him is Helen Philen, Lisa Simmons and Doug Richter.*****On July 28, It is hard to believe that Heather’s little guy Blaze Montagne turns 15 years old. He sure seems to have gotten there in a hurry. He’s Darlene and Johnny Montagne’s grandson. Also Allison Donnell, Paula Richey and Angela Rhodes celebrate.*****On July 29, Dr. Joe Majors, a friend of many years, celebrates, as does Florence Pelham, Lisa Faulk, Bonnie Sipes, Laurie Davis and Chris Abshire. This also was the birthday of the late Rev. Leo Anderson. 


Travis Estes, Albert Bates, Daniel Peet, Jim Reves, Linda Brinson, Ralph Rucker, Renee Newson, James Rucker, Judy Batchelor, Lee Harris, Madge Fontenot, Marie Burns, Marsha Brown, Glenda Dickey, Gerald Chandler, Misty Cappel, Mutt Eason, Ryan Kimbrough, Bobby Batchelor, Evelyn Toney, Allison LeLeux, Larry Wingate, Laura Berman, Lisa Simmons, Amber Helm, Marie Slaton, Bruce Perkins, Doug Richter,Helen Philen, Joseph Whitehead, Paula Richey, Amber Lingo, Regina Cameron, Allison Donnell, Angela Rhodes, Chaelynn Wilson, Chris Abshire,Garret Birmingham, Cynthia Helm, Florence Pelham, Hannah O’Grady, Jeff Fruge, Lisa Faulk, Nancy Bourgeois, Rollie Allen, Art Miller, Bonnie Sipes, Joe Majors and Laurie Davis.


Alsiod Thibodaux was forced to take a day off from work to appear for a minor traffic summons. Thibodeaux, him, he got restless as he waited hour after hour for his case to be heard. Finally, wen his name was called late in da afternoon, he stood up and said, “Dat’s me, I’m Thibodeaux,” and went and stood before da judge. 

Da judge say dat da court would be adjourned for da rest of da afternoon, and he would have to return da next day.

Thibodeaux, frustrated, snapped, “Say wat?”

His Honor equally irked by a tedious day, and Thibodeaux’s sharp query, roared, “Twenty dollars, contempt of court! Dat’s wat!” Den da Judge notice Thibodeaux checking his wallet. The Judge softened his tone and said, “Dat’s all right, you don’t have to pay now.”

Thibodeaux, still aggravated, answered, “I know dat, me. I’m just seeing if I have enough money for two more words.”


The first time I heard about Gov. Rick Perry’s plan to deploy up to 1,000 National Guard troops to the border was in an interview with Britt Hume on FOX. Hume asked “Why spend $12 million a month when the children are not breaking any laws.? Tell me Gov., what good will it do?” Rick said, “Well, it’s visual. When they see all those guns they will be discouraged from crossing the border.” Hume had a disgusted look on his face at that statement but did not comment. Officials along the border said it is useless. The National Guard is trained in warfare not law enforcement. DPS on the border is costing an additional $5 million  a month. What the border is dealing with is Central American children fleeing violence and hopelessness but Perry, who has been flying all over the country, last week in Iowa, on Texas tax payer expense has for years been wanting to put “Boots on the Ground.” Now we know that this move is all political. Headline grabber. A few days ago Rick walked out in the Rio Grande with extremist radical Sean Hannity for the same purpose. Perry’s waste of money to send 1000 guardsmen to just stand around and show their weapons is strictly symbolic and has no purpose. President Obama has called on congress to approve $3.7 million in border aid but so far the congress is sitting on their hands and in a few days they leave for five weeks vacation. Everyone wants to capitalize on the border crisis and blame Obama for a Bush bill. Perry is taking it one step farther, he’s really trying to make political hay, with a bad, sad situation. He’s one conservative that doesn’t mind wasting money for his own gains. Perry really has visions of being president of the United States but even Ted Cruz is favored in his state. Go figure.*****The old clock on the wall shows it’s time to get out of here. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.