Some were worried when the rain started mid-day Saturday , but it stopped a couple hours before the National Dance Day was to kick-off at 7 p.m. and a cool breeze actually blew in.

People started arriving around 6 p.m. to claim their spot. A few set up tents for cover. There were approximately 250-300 people in attendance at the inaugural event of National Dance Day in Orange, Texas.

Over one hundred participated in the line dances on the cement pad in front of the Riverfront Pavilion stage. Christie Kovatch and students taught the Beginner tutorial, while her mom, Rose Thayer taught the seated version assisted by Janet LeLeux.

John Gray led the advanced tutorial.

A spontaneous thank you to veterans in the audience brought tears to many.

When asked, the audience gave a resounding “Yes” to both the questions, “Did you have fun? Do you want to do it again next year?”

Jay Trahan of the Orange EDC seemed pleased with the turnout. “It was a fun event,” he said.