Last week we couldn’t have predicted any closer what the congress would do with the border refuge problem. At one time Speaker John Boehner had the votes to pass the senate bill that had cut a billion dollars off of President Obama’s request. Then freshman Sen. Ted Cruz cut his legs out from under him by calling a dozen congressmen to his dungeon and telling them they would not get any Tea Party pac money if they voted for the bill. In disgust Boehner said, “The President will just have to solve it with executive order.” Then it hit the fan. Rep. Steve King called for impeachment. You can bet the President won’t wait six more weeks for the congress to return, drag their feet and do nothing. It’s too bad a problem to just let fester. An immigration bill should have been passed by the congress two years ago. They have had the senate bill that long.*****I have to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.
We were saddened to learn of the death of June Ellen Middlebrooks Guidry, 58, who passed away last Friday, Aug. 1, in San Antonio. She was a native of Bridge City. The Middlebrooks family is well known in the community. Childhood friends say they had a large, fun family. Ms. Dorothy, June’s mother, kindly hosted many large groups of their friends and James, her father, was a Dupont employee.  Tragedy seemed to follow the family. They not only lost their mom and dad, but also three brothers, Stanley, Allan and Mark. Now only two sisters remain Lynn and Donia. We spoke to Dave Guidry, June’s husband, who said her death was sudden and unexpected. He said it was an intestinal rupture. Dave is also a Bridge City native whose family owned a tug boat business on Cow Bayou for many years. Services will be at 10 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 7, at St. Henry Catholic Church in Bridge City. Visitation will be from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City. A rosary will be held at 6 p.m. June Ellen was a special lady. She loved everyone and was loved by everyone who knew her. Our condolences to her family and friends. May she rest in peace. Please see obituary.*****We were also sorry to hear of the death of Coach Preston Prince, 84, who passed away Aug. 1. An Orange native, he had been a teacher, longtime coach and assistant principle at LCM. For many years this writer heard many Preston Prince stories. A former Golden Gloves boxing champion, he was known as a fisherman who always caught the limit. Some of his students say he was always upbeat and a great motivator. Funeral services were held Monday, Aug. 4, at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Orange. Please see Obituary.
The United States economy grew at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of four percent which surpassed all expectations. Stronger job gains are spreading to middle and higher wage industries as employers gain confidence in the economic recovery. Over all 209,000 jobs were added in July, the sixth straight month of 200,000 plus gains, the best in 17 years when Clinton was president.
The GDP is now growing, corporate profits are high and the stock market has been booming. Consumer spending on automobiles, furniture, appliances and recreational goods helped bolster the GDP for the second quarter. A sharp increase found in the stocks of goods in warehouses and on store shelves as businesses anticipate that consumers are developing a greater urge to shop.
If for two years the U.S. Congress had not sat on their hands refusing to bring up the Senate passed jobs bill, millions of new construction jobs would have been added. Each pay check circulates seven times, improving all parts if the business community. Every kind of business would profit, plus other satellite related industries would have sprung up, unemployment problems and a weak economy would have been a problem of the past. The Congress is on a near six-week vacation. The mid-term elections are Nov. 4, so it’s not expected that they will take up any bills before the election. After the elections those who lost their seats will shut down and take the rest of the year off. Congress has not been showing any interest in wanting to improve the economy or advance any Obama Administration policy. Our domestic situation continues to improve despite their non cooperation and road blocks.
If you listen to the spin doctors however, they would have you believe that the nation is going backwards. Numbers don’t lie; five years ago we were in a deep recession with high unemployment and many companies facing bankruptcy. With just a little push from the “Do Nothing” Congress, the economy could rise to an all time high.
10 Years Ago-2004
A real U.S. hero, Red Adair, died Saturday, Aug. 7, at age 89. He put out 2,000 oil well fires in his 50 year career. In 1968 he inspired the movie “Hell Fighters” starring John Wayne. In Kuwait he extinguished fires set by Saddam. Instead of taking years he put out all of the fires in months. He started his business with $125 worth of equipment. (Editor’s note: My kind of hero. He “Made” the “Silver Spoon” he wasn’t born with. There’s a difference in self-made and old money.)*****At 1 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 8, a lovely lady, Patsy Fisette, age 65, passed away. She had fought a lifetime battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Through all those years she kept a good attitude. She was a good friend to many and truly an inspiration to everyone who knew her. She and Harold were more than man and wife, they were buddies. She was a great mom to their sons Craig, Mark and Curtis. She was also survived by four grandchildren. (Editor’s note: I feel privileged to have known her.)*****Don and Joyce Kachtick celebrated their 50th anniversary Aug. 7. (Editor’s note: Today it’s 60 years. Don was one of Bear Bryant’s Junction Boys at Texas A&M. He also was a U.S. military helicopter pilot and was a longtime Orange County Extension agent. Joyce was a longtime secretary at Little Cypress-Mauriceville.)*****Job growth under Bush fades to a trickle with 32,000 new jobs in July. *****The GOP has recruited Alan Keyes, a black man from Maryland, to go to Illinois and run against Barack Obama for the U.S. Senate. (Editor’s note: Boy, the GOP has been after Obama even before he became a U.S. Senator. Little did they know that in just five years after beating Keys, he would be elected president of the U.S., beating Hillary Clinton before really stomping Sen. John McCain. He was re-elected for a second term and has never lost an election. I predict history will treat him kindly.)*****The Masons to dedicate new Bridge City High School. Masonic Lodge 1345 will place “Level” right in front of the new gym.*****Carla Wright became the bride of Bubba Lavergne on July 24*****Heather Nicole Tait and Christopher Rasberry plan an Aug. 14 wedding.*****Lindsey Richard and Keith Norwood will tie the knot on Aug. 21.*****Laura Olivia Stanton became the bride of Gerald Wayne Moore on July 31.*****Christina Myers became the bride of Jeremy Robert Stolfa Aug. 7.*****R.C. and Mary Russell will celebrate their 50th anniversary Aug. 14.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Kathy Jean Pack, 54, died Aug. 7, after a sudden illness. She was a school teacher over 30 years. ***Robert J. Smith, 67, of Orange, died July 11. ***Howard Wynne Sharp, 57, of Bridge City, died July 31. ***Ozie Howeth, 85, of Orange, died Aug. 2. ***Alexandria Dawn Turner, 11 months, died Aug. 6. She was the daughter of Scott and Deborah Turner of Orange.
40 Years Ago-1974
Former Gov. John Connally indicted, the main witness against him is his longtime friend Jake Jacobson. The two worked for LBJ for many years. It looks like ole Jake sold John out to save his own hide. He was given immunity from prosecution. (Editor’s note: For all these years I’ve believed that the immunity law, that often turns loose the guiltier, is a bad law. Connally beat the rap.)*****Orange Countians spotted in New Orleans: H.D. and Sue Pate, Buddie and Carol Hahn, Betty Haynes and daughter Pat, the V.J. Zetos, Roy and Phyllis Dunn and children and friends. *****A few days ago, Kay and Joe Dan Harrisbecame the proud parents of their third son. *****Special services were conducted at the Apostolic Pentecostal Church on West Bluff Road. Guest speakers were Hilton Broussard, formerly of Orange, Paul Upton and David Kennon, Pastor of the church is Jack Hudson.*****A memorial fund has been set up for Cecil Ray Brown, who was killed in an auto accident on Jack Island Road on July 23.*****On August 7President Richard Nixon announced he would resign the presidency. This was the result of the Watergate scandal. (Editor’s note: That break in was blown plum out of proportion. Folks around Nixon caused his downfall. On August 9, Vice-president Gerald Ford was sworn in as president. *****Perry Brothers hold grand opening at Northway store. L.J. Brooks is store manager. Beth Thompson, age 15 wins stereo/radio/record player at drawing. *****James Foyle is a motorcycle bluff. Kirby Ray Granger is an avid shrimper. Steve Carlton and Don Burgess are two of the smartest, young attorneys in Orange. James “Stick” Stringer is the most handsome justice of the peace. *****County Tax Assessor Louvenia Hryhorchuk celebrates birthday. *****Bob Sims is manager of the Orange County Drainage District and is expecting lots of complaints if heavy rains come. Flooding can be expected.*****Officer Randall Ritter resigns at Orange P.D.*****Harmon Chevrolet has a new 1974 Vega on sale for $2,737, fully loaded.*****Big Mike Treece, football standout at West Orange, Kilgore Junior College and Oklahoma State University, sees action in World Football League game this week.  According to his dad, Bill Treece, who lives at 122 Henrietta in Orange, Mike plays for the Memphis Southern. (Editor’s note: Do you remember Big Mike? What became of him after the WFL folded?)
We were glad to hear that our friend Jerry McIness is up and about and doing quite well after having open heart surgery.*****Our buddy, Ms. Pearl, who has been drving for 75 years has checked her keys in and gave up running the roads as of last month. We miss seeing her going by, tooting her horn, waving and flashing that smile. She was usually headed to Danny’s or MacDonald Baptist. She made her rounds, visiting the girls at Wal-Mart, Bealls, etc. Always independent about giving up her wheels she said, “Timing in life is everything, the time had come.” Ms. Pearl will turn 94 on Oct. 27.*****We understand our friend of many years, 95-year-old Inez Hearn has slowed down a lot and “Father Time” is taking its toll. We send our prayers and best wishes to two lovely ladies who in their lifetimes have done so much to help others.****Happy birthday to Keeli Muckeirath who turned 7 years old Aug. 5. Keeli is the daughter of Ron and Jennifer Muckelrath and granddaughter of Phillip and Delia Muckelrath of Bridge City. *********James Brady, 73, Reagan aid who became the face of gun control died MondayBrady, the White House Press Secretary, was wounded in an assassination attempt on President Reagan. He took a bullet to the brain. He is credited with saving Reagan’s life. On March 30, 1981, John W. Hinckley, Jr., a mentally troubled college dropout, who had hoped that shooting the president would  impress actress Jodie Foster whom he was fixated on. Brady became an advocate of tough restrictions on the sale of hand guns.*****Melinda Feverjean, of Bridge City, recently had quadruple bypass surgery. She is recovering at home and we wish her God speed. Her brother Randy Feverjean is also doing well after having many health related issues, including a kidney transplant and double leg amputations.Randy was a powerhouse basketball and football player for the Cardinals in the 70’s. He has retired to Village Mills with his wife Marilyn who tells us Randy is in good spirits and happy.*****
A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. On Aug. 6Pam Boehme Simon, from Ingram School of Dance, celebrates. ***Also celebrating is our longtime buddy Sleepy Smith. A few years ago he toured the world for his birthday, now he tries to make it to Kroger’s. ***The singing gambler, our friend Robert Carpenter celebrates on this day. I like the songs he sings.*****On Aug. 7Rodney Hanks, Tessa Bailey and Don Lyons share birthdays along with B.J. Thomas, 71, and country singer Rodney Crowell, 63.*****One of our favorite guys, Coach Dwight Thacker marks another one on Aug. 8 as does Darlene Dearing and Fred Brint. Dustin Hoffman turns 76 and Mel Tillis 81 on this day.*****On Aug. 9, a good guy, Judge Dennis Powell celebrates as does Jada Montagne, Clarice Miller, and Bridge City Bank’s Sandy Hutto Haynes. Deion Sanders turns 46. *****Aug. 10 is a special day for a special guy. Judge Joe Parkhurst and another great guy, William “Bill” Smith, founder of Central Office Supply, both celebrate.***Also having birthdays on this day are Leslie Smith, Bree Ann Collins and Joe Allen. Actress Angie Harmon turns 41. *****On Aug. 11, we wish Kelly Sharpton best wishes. He’s Evelyn’s better half. Also celebrating are former tax collector Louvenia Hryhorchuck, Morgan Taylor and Louise Kent. Hulk Hogan turns 60 and San Francisco Giant player Pablo Sandoval is 27. *****On Aug. 12Tracy Smith Miguez, Jared Sleeman and Jennifer Babin celebrate. They join George Hamilton, 74, guitarist Mark Knopfler, 64 and tennis star Pete Sampras who turns 42.*****Some folks in Bridge City have gotten all worked up about brown water coming through the system. Even though it looks bad and not desirable, it won’t hurt you. From time to time every water system will run into the brown water problem. Everywhere I’ve lived, at some time or other, the brown water problem appears. I once stayed in a fancy hotel that had brown water. Sometimes it takes a little while to get the chemicals right, just like in a swimming pool. Just be patient.*****To my friends who like oysters, I’m sorry to say you will have to pay double or triple prices to get them in the shell or in restaurants. Texas Gulf Coast oysters are on the slide. Years of drought have taken their toll. Sediment and rising water temperatures are cutting into the harvest. However, here is good news for the future. Parks and Wildlife have been working to recreate habitats for oysters by pouring tons of river rock into locations in Sabine Lake and East Bay. Juveniles are already settling in. There’s hope for market size oysters in two years.
Joe Comeaux was driving to Calvin Broussard’s camp at Bayou Benoit, when he saw a crowd of folks standing a safe distance away looking up at something in da tree.
Wen Broussard saw Comeaux coming he ran to meet his buddy saying, “Joe, dere’s a big bear, wat is in my big Mulberry tree. Come see, wat I’m gonna do me? It won’t come down.”
“Don’t worry bout dat Bruce, I can get him down, me. I’ll go home and get my shot gun, my stick, handcuffs and my dog, Ole’ Blue.”
Comeaux came back in a flash him, wit all his stuff. He walk up to dat tree wit da bear and axe Broussard to help him.
“Wat you gonna do with dose tings hanh?” Broussard axe his friend.
Comeaux explain dat he would climb up dere next to da bear and poke him wit da stick. “Wen da bear lets go, he will fall to da ground him, den Ole’ Blue, him, will go for his crotch and lock in on him. Wen dat bear puts his paws on da dog’s head, you handcuff da bear and we got him captured.”
“I don’t understand me, Bruce said, Why you have de gun wit dat buckshot?“
“Well, said Comeaux, if dat bear knock me down instead, you be sure to shoot Ole’ Blue before I hit da ground me.”
Judge Derry Dunn attended a family reunion at Crystal Beach three weeks ago where everyone had a great time. Judge Dunn just went into the Gulf waters once but that was all it took. His right leg got discolored and turned bright red. Wife Jane took a picture of it and emailed it to their two doctor sons. Both responded within minutes to take him to the emergency room immediately. He was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis, commonly referred to as a flesh-eating bacteria. (That is a media hype term.) Anyway, Saturday, on the Judge’s birthday, Aug. 2, he underwent surgery. A six inch hunk of meat was removed from his right leg at Baptist Orange. The area was cut down past the infected area. He will remain in hospital the rest of the week. The healing process will take some time because it must heal from the inside out. He will be constantly checked to prevent new growth. What went through the Judge’s mind was if he lost his right leg, how in the heck was he going to operate his tractor. Derry has been through so much he just takes whatever comes along in stride. He says it’s the Lord checking off the list. The mistake Judge, was just going In the water once. Everyone else spent hours in the salt water and salt water cures anything. Sometimes a little bit of something is just not enough. Best wishes Judge for a full recovery. A good thing you raised two medical doctors, the free expert advise may keep you around a while.*****I’ve got to get out of here but first let me advise you that the Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and Novrozsky’s next. Everyone always welcome. Please read us cover to cover and support our “Family of Advertisers” when you can. You will always get the best deal. Take care and God bless.