An Orange woman was arrested early Friday morning after police observed her acting suspicious in the parking lot of Baptist Hospital.

Shannon Darwin, 36, appeared to be talking to herself and pacing back and forth while talking to herself. She told police that she was seeing lights and people were following her, calling her a snitch. She also stated that dogs and voices were chasing her from a porch.

As police were speaking with Darwin, she kept jumping and acting as if something was coming at her from behind, and she kept being frightened by her purse that was on the ground, and any noise from a distance

In the process of interviewing Darwin, officers believed that Darwin was intoxicated to the extent that if left alone,  she would be a danger to herself or others. She was teen into custody for public intoxication and transported to the Orange County Jail.

While being transported to the jail, Darwin stated that she had snorted a powdery substance which possibly could have been bath salts or methamphetamine.