Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Aug. 16 through Aug. 31:

Kajun Seafood and Wing II, 1102 Park Ave., Orange – Need to date and cover all foods inside coolers/freezers, freezer door not closing completely – need repair, ants found in sugar/flour containers, roach feces found in storage room, all contact surfaces and equipment is full of grease and dirt. Need to clean all surfaces – store currently has lawn chair with pillows that needs to be removed. Inspector Scales returned in two hours and some clean up had been done. Pest management needs to be contacted to re-treat the area.  Score – 78

Stars Petro Plus, 1955 MLK Dr., Orange – Hair restraints needed, Need to date all foods inside coolers/freezers, store currently storing peanuts on floor, storing bait shrimp, fish with foods for public sale. Inspector Scales pulled several expired foods from shelves, mold found inside ice machine. Score – 81

Chili’s Grill and Bar, 292 Strickland Dr., Orange – Employee drinks were found inside cooler, employee with improper jewelry, mold was found inside ice machine, reach in freezer needs to be cleaned of old foods, clean dishes found with old foods still on them – need to rewash dishes. Score – 89

Little Caesars Pizza #3113, 715 Texas Ave., Suite F, Bridge City – Pre-opening inspection. No score given.

Whataburger #830, 7241 IH-10 E, McLewis – Score – 100

Subway, 10383 Hwy. 12 Suite 120, Mauriceville – Score – 100

Pirate’s Stop, 1883 N. Main St., Vidor – Corndogs found at unsafe temperatures, need to date all foods in coolers, pulled several (2013) expired foods from shelves , crickets found in walk-in cooler, thermometers needed inside coolers, ice scoop found on top of cardboard box, rust was found inside ice machine, cabinets under drink station need to be cleaned of old syrup, inside of cappuccino machine needs to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 75

Jack in the Box #4718, 1315 N. Main St., Vidor – Need to cover all foods inside freezers, cooler in kitchen and at drive-thru is holding water – need to repair. Score – 93

Ming’s Buffet, 840 N. Main St., Vidor – Found fish at unsafe temperatures and being left out on top of cooler, employee drink found in coolers, need to date all foods in coolers/freezers, chicken being stored above raw vegetables, live roach and ants found in kitchen, vents above wok need to be cleaned of old grease, need to clean mold off walls in back storage room/restroom, knives being stored between equipment and need to cover whole fish in freezer. Score – 76

The Donut Palace, 11258 Hwy. 12, Mauriceville – Found egg and sausage at unsafe temperatures, all foods in coolers/freezers need dates, storing unwrapped foods inside plastic grocery bags, floors behind equipment and around baseboards  need to be cleaned of old foods and dirt. Score – 84

Burkhart’s Marina, 1802Mississippi St., Orange – Score – 100

Star Stop #5, 1104 Burton Ave., Orange – All bags of ice need store name and address, store is currently storing drinks inside restroom next to toilet – need to remove and store properly. Score – 92

LCM Mart, 8270 N. Hwy. 87, Orange – Storing raw chicken above potato in walk-in cooler, towels are needed at the hand wash station, air vents throughout store/deli need to be cleaned of built up dust. Score – 90

Sunrise Donuts, 2830 Western Ave. #B, Orange – Storing bacon inside plastic grocery bags, using the same pan liner ti bake several batches of kolaches, found sausage and egg at unsafe temperatures. Score – 91

Kwick Stop Valero, 1555 16th St., Orange – Bait shrimp being stored above bags of ice inside freezer, no sanitizer at dish sink, no certified food manager on staff, heavy mold inside ice machine, drink dispensers and walls in storage room. Score – 87

Lucy’s Cafe and Bakery, 2488 MLK Dr., Orange – Score – 100

JB’s Bar B Que, 5750 Old Hwy. 90 W., Orange – Score – 100

Church’s Chicken #0218, 1322 16th St., Orange – Pies in freezer frozen in liquid block from dripping motor, door to walk in cooler not closing completely – needs repair, several dead roaches found, motor in walk-in cooler dripping water into pan – needs repair, slime found inside ice machine, employee dropped dish scrubber on floor and kept washing dishes without cleaning the scrubber, area around fryers needs to be cleaned of old grease. Score – 84