I have nothing but praise for the Lions Club members who put on the annual carnival. It’s a lot of work just putting up the rides and booths. They work for weeks. Even though I’m sure there are well over 100 members, it seems to me that I see the same couple of dozen people doing the grunt work. Others join in when the big show opens and for a few days that’s the fun part but before the carnival closes those daily workers are tired and ready to put away the toys for another year.  They do a great job for a couple of weeks entertaining the kids and their families. A lot to do and they don’t rob the citizens with overpriced rides. More importantly, the Lions Club does great work in the community. They furnish not only glasses to the vision impaired, they also help them with surgery and other eyesight needs. Congrats to a great bunch of folks. Over the years I’ve seen many dedicated carnival workers who loved what they did go on to their other reward. Great community folks that gave themselves for a worthy project that now celebrates its 75th birthday. See you at the carnival. *****On another matter, it’s my opinion that landlords are hard working people who are not appreciated. To be a good landlord, not a slum lord, the work is constant. Tenants abuse the property; fail to pay the rent or to often take several weeks to pay and landlords are forced to pay high court cost just to get them evicted. Landlords are hit at every turn. People who own and rent property pay the highest tax and whenever a bond issue or tax increase comes up they take that blunt too. Because of that reason and a fee that was too high to start with at JP court, rising court and eviction fees by any amount is unreasonable. It seems they are trying to raise money on the backs of landlords who are already fighting a constant battle. I bet the commissioners who voted for that never owned any rental property or they wouldn’t have strapped an additional, outrageous fee on local landlords. These good people are our local citizens. *****Well, I’d best be going. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Late Monday in the United States and early Tuesday morning in Syria, the U.S. military began air strikes against Islamic militant organization. The U.S., along with partner nation forces took military action against ISIS terrorists in Syria, using bomber and Tomahawk attack missals. Planes dropping bombs and ships firing cruise missiles hit about 20 targets including headquarters of militants who have based their movement in Syria. About 30,000 ISIS fighters are based in that area and have captured large parts of Iraq. French war planes launched attacks on ISIS targets in Iraq for the first time. The goal of these Islamic fighters is to dominate the territory from Iraq to the Mediterranean. For the first time, countries in the region are lending their support towards the defeat of ISIS. Meanwhile, the militant group released a threat against the United States and its allies. They urged Muslins to take violent action against “Disbelievers.” A militant spokesman declared to supporters, “If you kill a disbelieving American or European, especially the spiteful and filthy French, or an Australian or a Canadian or any other disbeliever waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic state, kill him in any manner.” The U.S. said Monday it is stepping up assistance to Turkey to help with the refugee problem. Over 130,000 Syrians fled over the weekend to join over one million who left Syria earlier. Secretary of State John Kerry, who put the coalition together said, “The United States expects Turkey to step up in fighting the militants.” The war has begun with ISIS; President Obama has been cautious and has put together a coalition that has even surprised the experts. This is the first installment on a new war. Only time will tell how long into the future it will last. According to most, the President has made the right moves. There are still those who want boots on the ground but I hope and pray the U.S. never has to use ground troops.


10 Years Ago-2004

Bridge City High School senior Kristi Hudson crowned homecoming queen. Principle Terry Stuebing did the honors while Kristi’s escort and grandfather Don Stonecheck looked on. Others serving on the homecoming court were Mallory Alphine, Kaleigh Wallace, Lindsey Worthen, Ramie Johnson, Jessia Blanda, Jackie Johnson, Cayle Angelle, Leah Hubbard and Jordan Doguet. The Cards lost the contest 35-13 to Silsbee. *****Orange County sheriff Mike White announced that deputies with the special service unit of his department had seized $666,000 dollars during a traffic stop on IH-10, at the 863 marker. It is the largest seizure in the history of the county. The money was sealed in a pipe welded underneath the trailer. A woman driver and her husband were arrested. They had two small children in the auto. *****On Oct. 2, 10 years ago, Marie Frances Gauthier, 90, passed away at her home in the Cove. She was the mother of Judge Janice Menard and Mildred Lemoine. (Editor’s note: Mildred has since passed away and joined a long list of relatives who went before her.) Ms. Marie, a strong lady, buried many of her own. Her husband O’Niell, three sons, Charles, O’Niell, Jr., and John, grandsons Greg, Troy and Patrick, granddaughters Stacy Ann Gauthier, Julie Menard Tarver, Amy Gauthier and Catherine Menard and son-in-law, Janice’s husband, Bobby. She was also preceded by 22 brothers and sisters. She leaves behind son-in-law Louis Lemoine, 17 grandchildren, 39 great-grandchildren and several great-great grandchildren. Marie was born April 2, 1914, to Benjamin and Virginia Schexnayder, one of 23 children. She was born at home in Amaudville, LA. (Editor’s note: This great lady lives in the memory of everyone who knew her. *****Others Gone But Not Forgotten. William Joseph “Bill” Toohey, 75, died Wednesday, Sept. 29. He is survived by his mother Lillian Luzak, wife Norma Peveto Toohey and seven children and their spouses. ***Edward “Doc” Schultz Rosenbaum, 77, died Oct. 2. He is survived by wife Norma Goforth Rosenbaum, daughters Sherry and son Howard. ***Clifton “Tick” Carlin, 80, of Orange died Oct. 2. He was a retired boilermaker. He was born in Bayou Chene, LA. He is survived by sons Johnny and Matthew and daughters Trudy Ann and Cynthia. ***Joseph Lee  “Joey” Sonnier, 41, of Orange, died Sept. 29. ***Bruce Mason Stewart, 33, died Oct. 3. ***Anne Duplichan, 66, died Sept. 27. *****Bessie and Vernon Edwards, of Orange, celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary Sept. 21. It was also Vernon’s 89th birthday. (Editor’s note: I wonder how many more married years they made.)*****Janie Love Bland, daughter of Leonard and Connie Bland of Orangefield, was born Sept. 12. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces and was 19 inches long. (Editor’s note: Happy tenth birthday.)*****Jason Menard, who is now serving in Iraq, will celebrate a birthday Oct. 6. *****Millard “Neighbor” Cox and Ms. Virginia are planning for their 56th wedding anniversary on Oct. 2. (Editor’s note: One more week and they will make number 66. That’s quite a route, that 66.)

35 Years Ago-1979

Teresa Hearn. daughter of Elaine and Ray Hearn, is crowned Miss Bridge City. The 16-year-old Miss Hearn is a junior at Bridge City High School. She plans a career in journalism. The new Miss BC was crowned by outgoing queen Sharon Gregory, who also won the National Miss Teen USA Pageant. Lori Chesson was first runner up and Leslie Garrison second runner up. Other former Miss Bridge City pageant winners appearing on the runway were Debbie Sweatman Yocum, Jackie Barnette Logan, LuAnn Dumas, Denise Lormand and Dena Addison. Flower girl was Cara Rutledge, crown bearer was John Paul Nickum. Over 40 contestants entered. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of all those lovely girls. Teresa did become a journalist, first as a reporter for the Penny Record then the Orange Leader. She has written several books, lives in Nashville where she has produced several country music shows such as the Country Music Awards. She is the granddaughter of the notorious Inez Hearn and niece of longtime teacher Janis Overman.)*****Thirty-six Port Arthur businessmen, headed by chairman Vic Drago, will be invading Orange on Oct. 10. The Greyhound bus will then head to Louisiana on a two-day excursion promoting the CavOilCade. Zumo Stelly, GSU big wig, will host the overnight stay in Baton Rouge.*****Salesmen at Bickham Lincoln/Mercury are L.C. Swan, M.B. Slocum, Benny Thompson, Ollie Halten, Roy Johnson and Jody Peabody.*****Recording artist Jim Taylor, of Orange, released his newest record, “The Old Man and the Organ.” The flip side features, “One Too Many Times.”*****The Dunn family starts a new publication in Port Arthur and Groves. “The Community Post,” published its first issue this week. (Editor’s note: The Post was sold to Cox Communications in 1980.)*****Inez Runnels is home from a brief stay in the hospital. *****John Paul Gasow has been admitted to the hospital. *****Cynthia Fisher is out of the hospital and recovering at home.*****Joe Runnels, former Orange mayor and county clerk, celebrated a birthday Oct. 1.*****Twenty-four years ago, Skipper Free drove herself to the hospital and gave birth to Eddie 20 minutes later on Oct. 4.*****Four Bridge City students will compete Oct. 13 in “Brain Battle” at Channel 6 television. Contestants are Alec Brown, Leslie Jenkins, Joule Medley and Brian Outhouse.*****Former B.C. star Richard Slaydon made a defensive play for the University of Texas that won the game for the Longhorns over Missouri. Richard is a senior at U.T. *****Betty and Roy LeBlanc, of Bridge City, won $200 at the Groves Pecan Festival. *****Dot Alford fights for rights of the deaf. Her 23-year-old daughter Suzanne is deaf but can talk to her mother on the phone by placing the receiver of the phone on her chest. Dot was responsible for the first school for the deaf being established in the state.


Make a note, on Oct. 4, beginning at 8 a.m., the big annual Mauriceville Middle School garage sale will be held to help fund the eighth grade banquet. Our friend Nelda Burton tells us that the gym will be packed from wall-to-wall with almost every item you can think of, large or small.*****Our buddies at Dupuis Full Service in Bridge City, the only full service station in Orange County, is having a big tire sale on Cooper Tires with up to $70 rebate. See Earl, David and that wild crew for great service.*****Judge Don Peters been moved to a nursing home. He has been ill for quite some time now. I’m not sure if the medical experts have ever figured out what all is wrong with him. Our prayers are with him and his family.*****Did you know that handwriting is required to be taught only in kindergarten and first grade?*****Last week Gerald Morris, of Bridge City, was taken to Houston by life-flight after suffering immobility supposedly caused by previous neck surgery. He remains in Houston but we understand he has some movement in his arms. We wish him the best for a complete recovery. ***** Evelyn Vaughn became a grandmother again. Jaxon Cruz Vaughn was born Sept. 15. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces and was 19.5 inches tall. He’s the new son of Phillip and Amy Vaughn. Congratulations. ******There is a lot of talk around the state about school finances and how the districts are getting the screws put on them. If you are one of the people with Rick Perry fatigue you won’t get any relief if Greg Abbott is elected governor. I watched the debate between he and Wendy Davis and he’s a Rick Perry clone. Maybe worse on some issues and school finance very well could be one of them. Today, Texas is spending $20 million a month on National Guard on the border, now Abbott says he will add 500 DPS officers. More millions that could go into school finance that they claim the state can’t afford. Abbott is defending the states position in court. *****Some folks we know celebrating their special day. On Sept. 24, Orange city council woman, Marcel Adams’ little girl and Frank’s wife, Teresa Beauchamp celebrates along with our friend Trey Rhodes and Mark Norwood. They join “Mean” Joe Green, who celebrates his 67th birthday Also on this day, in 2005, Hurricane Rita came calling and left a lot of destruction.*****On Sept. 25, Kevin Burns celebrates his big 5-0. He’s the tolerant husband of court reporter Kelly Burns, Phyllis Tarter, retired from BCISD, celebrates also as does Joellen Grooms. They share birthdays with Will Smith, 45, Michael Douglas, 69, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael’s wife, 44, Barbara Walters, 84. This is also the Jewish holiday Rash Hashanah. *****On Sept. 26, Lynn Gremillion, Mary Gremillion, Dan Barclay and Bob Blacksher celebrate. They join Olivia Newton John, 65, Serena Williams, 32 and Donna Douglas, 80.*****Sept. 27, Mike Hughes is a year older as is Jeff Batchelor, Scott Harris, Gaynell Murrell and Hayley Dardeau. They share birthdays with Meat Loaf, 66 and Wilford Brimley, 79.*****On Sept. 28, former Record editor Darryl Brinson, Gretta’s other half, celebrates as does Sherry Mulhollan, Peggy DeRouen and a special lady Fay Baudoin.. They share birthday with Hillary Duff, 26 and Ben King, 75. *****Celebrating Sept. 29, is Priscilla Burns, Richard Estes, Ricky Benefield and Daphne Richard. They share birthdays with Jerry Lee Lewis, 78, who has a new album out and Bryant Gumbel who turns 65. This would also have been Orange native Coach Bum Phillips’ 91st. birthday. *****On Sept. 30, our friend at Peggy’s on the Bayou, Richard Albair, celebrates as does our buddy, who we haven’t seen in the last few months, Howard Fisher. Lawman Robert Strause is a year older and Karen Jo’s hubby, Robert Dale Vance, celebrates. They join Johnny Mathis, 78, Angie Dickinson who unbelievably turns 78 and Marty Stewart, seems he’s been here always, turns 55. *****We were sad to learn that our buddy, 95-years-old Inez Hearn fell and broke her arm last week. As of Friday she was still in the hospital.*****I can always tell when a man has his shirts done at Reliable Cleaners, he’s always the best groomed in the room with his perfectly starched and pressed shirt.*****We hear Wanda Simar fell and broke her hip a couple weeks ago. Best wishes to this nice lady. *****A car that will be a big splash is the 2015 re-designed Ford Mustang GT Coupe. It will go on display and sale at Sabine River Ford next year in Orange where “The Sun Rises on Texas.”

******Our friend Don Harmon is still having a hard time regaining his strength. His progress after battling cancer has been very slow. We pray for his recovery. *****Former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards is running for Congress. There are 12 candidates in the race. Unfortunately for Edwards he is not running in a Cajun district or he would lead the pack. Edwards says he served his time for being a crook but he never took from the taxpayers. He says others are cooks who mess with people’s money. When you look at the clowns we send to Washington who do nothing, (they have just left on a 54 day vacation after six weeks off just a month ago), Edwards would be a breath of fresh air. Maybe he’ll make the runoff.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a fun time last week at Robert’s, much to the expense of Judge Parkhurst who took it good naturally. The Bunch dines at Novrozsky’s this week and back to Robert’s next. Everyone is always welcome.


Jeannie Barnes, Mark Norwood, Teresa Beauchamp, Trey Rhodes, Zelma McCullough, Beckie Kimbell, Blake Seibert, Brittany Bean, Bill Nugent, Jimmy Thurman, Donna Ford, Ola Kindle, Joellen Grooms, Phyllis Tarter, Scott Stout, Bessie Rach, Cameron Pits, James Scott, Jeffery Armand, Kailey Childress, Lynn Gremillion, Kara Day, Mary Gremillion, Sandra Rose, Theresa Blanchard, Vicki Jeter, Byron Buchanan, Bob Blacksher, C.G. Birdwell, Dan Barclay, Deven Young, Gaynell Murrell, Hayley Dardeau, Jack Short, Michael Coffey, Morgan Applebach, Starla Lee, Todd Shuford, Jeff Batchelor, Kevin Hall, Mike Hughes, Ray Dahl, Scott Harris, Brigitte Howard, Jakey Morgan, Lizzie Elms, Sherry Mulhollan, Zack Sarver, Darryl Brinson, Mat Taylor, Peggy Derouen, Brigitte Howard, Terry Brown, Aaron Milligan, Priscella Burns, Richard Estes, Ricky Benefield, Al Goodwin, Brandon Taylor, Debbie Tutt, Denna Elizondo, Martha Hankins, Robert Dale Vance, Richard Albair, Howard Fisher, Rob Strause


“Tee Neg” Dartez was off in da thick woods hunting wen he got turned round and lost his way. He walked for hours and got deeper in the tick forest. 

“Tee Neg” knew night would soon be coming and “Tee Neg” him, was always so scared of da dark. He had often got sick from fright of being where he can’t see nuttin. 

He walk some more until he nearly panic. Finally he dropped to his knees and raised boat his hands to da sky and axe da Lord to help him find his way.

About dat time, a big hawk bird flew over and relieved his self. Da droppings landed in da middle of “Tee Neg’s” hand. Wit tears in his eyes he say, “Lord, don’t give me any of dat crap, I’m not kidding, I’m really lost and so scared, me.


Karen Gilman wrote in the “East Texas Catholic” about 88-year- old “Buddy” Pousson, of Orange. He is an alter server at St. Mary. Most often boys start serving in elementary or middle school and usually stop by the time they graduate high school. Buddy didn’t become an alter server until his late 20’s and over 60 years later he is still serving at daily mass. “I don’t mind doing it,” Pousson said. “I get a little something from it,” he added with a twinkle in his eyes. He grew up in Nederland where he was a member of the state championship football team. He then spent three years in the Navy. What Karen wrote about that I had known but forgot about is that he had married Father Joe Berberich’’s niece, Rosel Theresa. In some way it appears that Father Joe might have helped that union happen. Buddy and Rosel married June 1, 1963. They moved close to the church which makes it easy for them to walk the one block to attend services.  Buddy will continue serving as long as he is able. He also is a watch out for the Communion wine for Father Daleo or from Father Daleo. My words not Karen’s. Now there is a pair of aces, Daleo and Buddy, doing the Lord’s work. *****A final thought. corporal punishment has been in the news lately because of the Adrian Peterson case. He’s accuses of over whipping his son. Well, I got some blistering whippings but I never doubted that my mother did love me. She would say, “This is going to hurt me more than you.” Sure. She also told me Caster Oil didn’t taste. Most of the mothers in my poor neighborhood, that raised a bunch of rough boys, would be in the penitentiary according to today’s corporal punishment laws. *****I’ve got to get out of here but I sure want to thank you for tagging along. Please read us cover to cover and be sure and shop our family of advertisers when you can. Have a nice week and take care. God bless.