Maybe I’ve said this before but there is a whole other early morning culture that many are not aware of. I’m an early riser and have been since that early cow milking back in the old days. For most of my adult life, I’ve always gotten more done from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. than from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Many of the successful people I’ve known are up and at ‘um early. In a lot of cases they catch breakfast around 9 a.m. when most of their work is done. You would be surprised who these folks are. One day, a couple of weeks ago, shortly after 6 a.m., I dropped the water bill payment in the night deposit box at BC City Hall. The lights were on in City Manager Jerry Jones’ office. He sat at his desk in a red tee-shirt poring over some papers. I know he wasn’t dressed to meet the public. He was taking advantage of the early work hours. This happens everyday to many throughout Orange County. On the other hand, we have one staffer who sleeps until 11 a.m. or noon, and is a night owl who will work until daylight comes. She does her best work at night. Some of us like to watch the sunrise and the birds come alive in different ways. I’ve got to move on. Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.


When President Obama announced that 3000 reservist would be pressed into service to deal with the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, it came as a surprise that Air Force reservist Brint Carlton would be one of them. Since then, the President has added another 2200 personnel. Carlton won the republican nomination for County Judge and faces no opposition in the General Election. He is due to take office on Jan. 1, 2015. I suppose if he is not available to take office in January, present County Judge Carl Thibodeaux would be the logical choice to stay on until Carlton returned. This tour may not run past December. Read all about it in an exclusive story by reporter David Ball.


The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, in an 8 to 1 partisan Republican vote, reversed Delay’s decade’s long money laundering charges. DeLay had been convicted in 2005. In 2006 he retired from the United States Congress as majority leader. He did not seek re-election after 21 years in the Congress. In 2010, DeLay was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison. The only descending vote on the Appellatte Court was the lone Democratic. The highly partisan court was accused of putting one of its own back on the streets. DeLay’s money laundering is the major reason Texas was gerrymandered into partisan districts which started the movement for unfair redistricting of Texas counties. I’m not sure if the state plans to appeal the reversal. *****I look for much of the same to happen with the Rick Perry indictments after the Nov. 4 elections. A Republican judge and prosecutor are involved in Perry being indicted so I look for the pressure to really come down on them. The indictments may never find their way to trial and if they do, which I doubt, Perry always has a Republican court that has his back.


We were saddened to learn of the death of our friend Rayford Jimerson, 85, who died at Magnolia Manor in Groves. Rayford, who was always very active, had entered the nursing home for therapy for his back when he broke his hip. His condition deteriorated quickly. That’s how it is with elderly people. Here’s a guy who worked out daily, carried no fat and had no vices. A good Christian man who a few weeks ago appeared to be in excellent condition. To his wife Dot and her family we extend our sincere condolences. May he rest in peace. *****We were sorry to hear about the accidental death of Larry Dean Salsbury, 62, who died in an auto/18 wheeler crash in Bexar County. Service will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 9, at Claybar in Bridge City. Visitation will be held Wednesday 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Please see obituary. *****Diane Baxter, 73, the widow of Gordon Baxter, died Sept. 30 after a long illness. She and Bax had one child, daughter Jenny. She and Gordon, who died several years ago, lived a happy life, much of it spent at Village Creek. Bax, a prolific writer, wrote many books and columns about his life after marrying the young stewardess. He had fathered eight children with wife Mary before marrying Diane. They were our good friends. A memorial service will be held at a later date. 


35 Years Ago-1979

Orange mayor Major Inman, Jr. has proclaimed the week of Oct. 21, National Business Women’s Week in Orange.*****Lamar of Orange celebrates it’s 10th birthday at Brown Center. Regent Bob Montagne and wife, Celeste, and former longtime regent Cecil Beeson, were just a few of the many attending. Baking cookies were Dr. Joe Ben Welch’s secretary, Gayle Peveto, her mom Anna Mae George and aunt Theta Peveto. Punch servers were Kyle Hood, Cathy Otto, Marilyn Roessler, Margaret Hudson, Resa Dunn, Gayle Knybechtel.*****Margaret and Tony DalSasso were out of town for the grand opening  of their new DalSasso office. They said they knew everything was in good hands with Ray DalSasso and sales manager Earl Wright. Katie Stanfield made the huge cake, husband J.D. distributed pink carnations. Pinehurst mayor A.R. Morgan did the ribbon cutting honors. Among those packing the place were Lou Givens, Phyllis Cessiac, Frank Manchac, Jan Dunn, Betty Pitrie, Jim Stelly, Terry Burns, West Orange mayor Glenn Seale and Orange mayor Major Inman.*****Violet and Fred Chapman will celebrate their 20th anniversary on October 20.*****Renee Britt will be 14 years old on Oct. 20. (Editor’s note: This will beRenee’s 49th birthday.)*****Betty Harmon celebrated Oct. 27. She is not releasing the age. *****Judge Sid Calliavet celebrates his 87th birthday. I believe it was Oct. 13. *****Hicks Communications, owned by Steve Hicks, owner of KLVI radio, has purchased KYKR-FM from Jimmy and Felix Joynt. They will keep KEAM. Bill Clark is the morning man for the AM station at the new studio on Nederland Ave. He was with KLVI and KOGT. Fred Chapman, longtime KOGT engineer is now with KYKR. *****Bubba and Curney Lormand to pen new business called L&L Patio. *****Johnson Shopping Complex, on Strickland Dr., will hold grand opening this week. *****Christi Ballard is named homecoming queen at Bridge City. Tina Sigler named football sweetheart and Denise Soileaux band sweetheart. *****Gerry Gore, senior at BCHS, is named to the All Region Choir in UIL competition for the third year in a row. *****Chadene and Corky Carr to open “The Flower Patch” on 16th Street in Orange.

40 Years Ago-1974

Scotty Wilson and Dick Manuel have opened a used car lot on Simmons Drive. So far, Scotty says he’s doing most of the work.*****The beauty featured in Gunn’s Studio ad is LeAnn Carrol, a LC-M student.*****Corky and Betty Harmon journeyed to Rio de Janeiro for eight days.*****Louvenia Hryhorchuk and her crew at the tax collecting office awarded top rating by the state of Texas.*****Bob Dartez is new owner of Western Ave. Grocery in West Orange.*****The Bridge City Cards beat West Orange Chiefs 7-0, revenging last year’s 34-14 win by the Chiefs. Randy Feverjean was a defensive standout for the Cardinals. B.C. quarterback Richard Slaydon hit Robbie Truncale on a pass for the games only touchdown. Bridge City coach Andy Griffin runs the Veer offense. *****Harry Stephens celebrated a birthday on Oct. 14. *****Patrice Horn, a lovely young lady, is LC-M’s homecoming queen. *****Conn’sappliance opens a new store in Orange. *****Ace Amodeo and Harry Stephens both bought their wives new cars. *****A 1974 Luv Chevy pickup can be bought, fully loaded, at Harmon Chevrolet for $2,995.


For the first time since Charlie Wickersham owned the Orange Ford dealership, the Ford store has a local owner. If we could have hand picked one we couldn‘t have done any better. For years now I‘ve followed the life of Ross Smith. He‘s a person to be admired. Ross‘ success came about the old fashioned way, he earned it. He wasn’t born with gold coins in his hands. He worked hard and he and wife Eva have given much back to the community. Ross is a down home guy who knows that we are all better off when we help each other. Every dollar spent at home turns over seven times. I’ll bet you the deal you get in Orange is as good as any you will get anywhere else. Best of luck to the new Sabine River Ford dealership. *****Our friends John Roy Fredrick and John, Jr., at Mauriceville Tire and Lube are celebrating their fifth anniversary with special prices. These down home country boys will do, to do business with. They are fair and honest. They are the only inspection station in the Mauriceville area. It’s worth the drive for all your auto needs. Tell John Roy  or John Jr., we sent you. That should be worth a cup of coffee. *****Monday morning we were visited by both Sen. Robert Nichols and Quincy Procell. It was like old home week. The two recalled playing football against each other, Nichols at Jacksonville and Procell at Stark High. The Senator introduced his press secretary Sydni Mitchell, also his chief assistant J.D. was with him. On his visit to Orange, Sen. Nichols met with the five county school superintendents. He has over 100 school districts in is senatorial district.*****Remember when the Malaysian airline flight 370 disappeared we said, in this column when it went missing that it may never be found. Last March 8, over six months later, a new search began. This week, the search is in the Indian Ocean, more than 1100 miles west  of Australia, a long way from the original search area.*****Something you probably don’t know, Billy Idol was born William Broad.*****Gavin Bruney, a nice guy with great ideas, visited us here at the office. I learned a lot about him I didn’t know. Gavin is running to be our state representative. He has a very good background and understands the middle class and as a school board member, he knows very well the needs of our school districts. He impressed me. *****Don’t forget Cowboy Church’s first annual rodeo to be held in conjunction with the seventh anniversary of the church. A fun time for the entire family. Get on your cowboy gear and celebrate our Texas western tradition on Oct. 11 and Oct. 12. *****Last week we had the wrong information of the Wednesday Lunch Bunch. This week, they do dine at Novrozsky’s and Robert’s next week. Everyone always welcome. *****Be sure to take time to visit the large scarecrow display at Shangri La starting Oct. 8. It is one of our great treasures. It’s also a Texas and U.S. treasurer thanks to the Stark Foundation. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. Before that however we want to wish a wonderful lady, who is a big fan of the Penny Record, especially this column and Creaux. I’m not sure what she thinks of Breaux. It’s my pleasure to extend best belated wishes to Rosalie Benton who turned 84 on Oct. 7. We wish her many more healthy, happy years.***Also celebrating on Oct. 7, was our longtime friend, Dr. Albert Pugh, who turned 63. Al is one of the good guys. In fact, I’m going to dedicate this week’s Cajun story to him. *****On Oct. 8, a special guy, Roy’s Godchild, Darrin Boudain celebrates. He’s sister Fay’s middle child. Joining him is Sandy Frye, Darrell Fisher, Elizabeth VanMetre, Larry Welch and BCISD employee Lisa Havens. May a full moon shine on their day. Joining them is Matt Damon, 44, Chevy Chase, 71, Bruno Mars, 29 and actress Sigourney Weaver, 65.*****On Oct. 9, Imogene Bailey, Megan Benoit, Betty Stimac, Logan Conner and Linda Myers all celebrate. They share birthdays with Beatle legend John Lennon, born in 1940, killed in 1980, Sharon Osbourne who turns 62 and country singer and American Idol winner Scotty McCreery who turns 21.*****On Oct. 10, Mac McCullough turns 93 and also celebrating are Bob Bullard, Janell Matthews and Jessica Franklin. They share birthdays with Dale Earnhardt, 40, Ben Vereen, 68, author Nora Roberts, 64 and Tanya Tucker, 56.*****On Oct. 11, Bridge City Elementary PE teacher/coach, Leslie Anderson celebrates as does Alan Johansson, Preston Pittman, Laura Allen and John Cochron. They share birthdays with the late Dottie West, 1932-1991 and bull rider Ty Murray, 45 and Daryl Hall, 68.*****Marking another birthday on Oct. 12 is Milton Briggs, III, Sheri Wright, Wade Higgs, Sharon Bilbo and Logan Burns. They share birthdays with actors Hugh Jackman, 46 and Kirk Careron, 43. Oct. 12 would have been policeman Brad Lapeyrolerie’s birthday. He passed away in 2005 from Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 36. *****Oct. 13 is Columbus Day. Celebrating birthdays are Anita Triggs, Edna Collins, Ashley Theriot and Jason Sellers. They share birthdays with stars Marie Osmond, 55, Paul Simon, 73, Jerry Rice, 52, Sammy Hager, 67 and Cowboy owner Jerry Jones, 72. This also was the birthday of the late Margaret Thatcher 1935-2013. *****On Oct. 14 a special guy, the appliance man, Harry Stephens, celebrates his special day. Stop by to wish him a good day, Margie will have cake. Also celebrating is Kim and Lon’s lovely daughter Olivia Hubbard, Jerry Evans, Shirley Hudson. Trey Miller and Eunice Barrett. Joining them is singer Usher, 36, Roger Moore, 86 and fashion designer Ralph Lauren, 75.*****It’s almost certain that Conn’s will undergo some changes. There are several options but one that wouldn’t surprise me is if the Woodland based retailer closed the stores in the Triangle, including Orange, Port Arthur and Beaumont. Conn’s was founded in Beaumont and was family owned for many years. The brother of the late Jimmie Conn started the company. *****Good news, Gerald Morris, in a Houston hospital, stood up for the first time Tuesday morning. God is answering all our prayers. *****Last Saturday, a wonderful lady, Mildred Purifoy, turned 97. She is Sharon Segura’s mom and Darrell’s mother-in-law and he loves his mother-in-law. Happy belated birthday Ms. Mildred. *****United States jobless rate falls to 5.9 percent, job growth rebounds. The economy added a robust 248,000 net new jobs. Gasoline prices fall below $3 per gallon in many areas. If the Congress would have voted on the Senate Jobs Bill three years ago, the country would be booming. We’ve come a long way but the middle class is still falling behind. The wages are stagnating. We need to adjust the minimum wage and the Congress needs to get off their hands on creating jobs.


Shelly Rose, Blaine Huff, Connie Bland, Darrell Fisher, Larry Welch, Lisa Havens, Betty Stimac, Robert Love, Susan Ayre, Will Stout, Kristen Perricone, Linda Myers, Logan Conner, Mark Prevost, Megan Benoit, Steve Kidwell, Imogene Bailey, Taylor Jagoe, Barbara Fournier, Bob Bullard, Janell Matthews, Jenny Betz, Jessica Franklin, Anita Ryan, Laura Allen, Preston Pittman, Sadie Sellers, Shannon Maloney, Alan Johansson, Barbara Nixon, John Cochran, Katherine Jackson, Leslie Anderson, Tara Edgerton, Milton Briggs III, Sharon Bilbo, Suzanne Barlow, Wade Higgs, Timothy Tremont, Janet Taliaferro, Logan Burns, Sheri Wright, Alexia, Willingham, Anita Triggs, Ashley Theriot, Edna Collins, Jason Sellers, John Heyduck, Eloise Stewart, Martha Kile, Ronny Arnold, Stacy Rhodes, Trey Miller, Dillon Crabtree, Eunice Barrett, Jerry Evans. 


Two Cajun farmers, Clovees Bertrand and Otto Fontenot, while sharing a couple of beers at Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill, were talking bout wat was going on wit farming. 

Fontenot say, “It’s going to be a bumper sugar cane crop wit all da rain we had.” 

Clovees say, “Yea, a lot of grass for da cattle too. By da way, me I bought a young registered bull from Sostan Comeaux, gave him $2,700 cash. Dat bull jus ate grass and wouldn’t even look at a cow, not even da young heifers. I was starting to believe I had paid too much for dat bum steer me.”

Fontenot say, “Wat you gonna do, hanh?”

Clovees say, “Well, I had da vet Dr. Leblanc come and look at him. He said dat bull was healthy, jus need a boost. He gave me some medicine to put in his feed once a day.”

“Did dat do any good? Fontenot axe.

“Dat bull started to service da cows in two days him, he even broke through da fence and bred wit all my neighbor Boudreaux’s cows. He’s like a machine him,” said Clovees, 

“Keyaw,” said Fontenot, ”Wat was in da medicine da vet gave him hanh?”

“Mais, I don’t know me, but it taste a little like licorice.”


On Monday, the Supreme Court faced one of the most fundamental issues, but rather than rule on the constitutional rights of gays and lesbians to marry, they did like the US Congress has done for the last six years, they turned their backs and did nothing. They let stand lower court decisions on same sex marriage. That immediately affects five states but will bring to 30 the number of states that ban same sex marriage. Nine states in the mid-west and west could be added later. I was asked how many country’s have legalized same sex marriage and I really don’t have any idea. A poll out this week says that 59 percent of Americans approve of it. If a pollster in my youth would have asked a citizen if they approved of same sex marriage, they probably would have gotten a question for and answer, “Wat’s dat you talking bout, hanh?” Time evolves into constant change and in just one lifetime I’ve seen many, some I never could have expected. I’m sure many more will come down the pike and they too will become part of our national culture. Change has brought the freedom to be you, live and let live. It’s now a world of “If it feels good do it.” I’ve seen it all so far but the one big thing left for me personally is to someday see a lady president of the United States.*****A lot is being said about Ebola, a lot of scare and even being made political. I recall other times when fear ran through the country over contagious diseases and other illnesses that weren’t near as disastrous as was being preached. Polio, Aids, smallpox etc. Like the Salk vaccine, something will be found and Ebola someday will be just a memory of a scare. *****I’ve used up my time but I sure thank you for yours. I deeply appreciate your loyalty to this column. Please read us cover to cover, shop our family of advertisers, it helps us all. Take care and God bless.