The following marriage licenses were issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk, for the week of Oct. 6 through Oct. 10:

Troy L. Pool and Wendy L. Gentz

Joshua C. Russell and Aubry N. Ellis

Gregory A. Valdez and Latisa N. Pedder

Alyxander L. Hennigan and Paige N. Higgins

Kasey S. Colley and Subrina M. Rowsey

Micheal A.T. De La Cruz and Miranda S. Edwards

Jeremy B. Ritter and Christina L. Perez

Keith L. Jenkins and Jillian C. Riley

Anthony A. Lockwood and Teela J. Cooley

Christopher L. Updike and Rebecca R. Clark

Cade P. Doucet and Alex L. Corbello

Allen W. McNeil and Tracey L. Tynes

Tony E. Todd and Alice J. Koonce

Sean P. Horton and Jessica L. Wimberley

Hunter W. Hughes and Jacquelyn N. Copley

James E. Richardson and Jeanette L. Johnson

Richard D. van der Stucken and Judy D. Maggio

Chad L. Smith and Krystle A. Malinchalk

Jimmy L. Alexander and Sheryl M. Mangrum

Chad L. Smith and Krystle A. Malinchalk

Charles R. Buxton and Kendra R. Hildalgo