Early voting starts next Monday, Oct. 20. Locally we have the fewest contested races in the General Election that I can recall. Only two contested; both against incumbent Justices of the Peace judges. Otherwise, the only other two races with local interest are for State Representative and U.S. Congress. I believe the lack of local races will cut down on the turnout. Statewide, there is a long list of races but only one has much interest and that’s the governors race. However very little of all the millions spent statewide is being spent in this market. Since 2003 our little part of Texas has been overlooked and taken for granted. Nationwide, the only mid-term drama is if the Democrats will hold the U.S. Senate. The odds in Vegas are only 38 percent that they will maintain control. I still say if the Democrats win Arkansas, Louisiana and knock Mitch out in Kentucky, the Demos will win. If they get two out of three it could be a tie. A win in Kansas by the Independent could still give the Democrats control of the Senate.If Sen. Mary Landriau loses in Louisiana the energy states will lose their best friend in the senate. She has two Republican challengers, one a Tea Partyer who could force her into a runoff which is never good for an incumbent.  ObamaCare is no longer the silver bullet the GOP had bet on. They have dropped that and are all over the place, blaming Obama for everything from ISIS to Ebola. Regardless of who wins the senate, it will not change the reality that control will still be divided for the final two years of President Obama. It is now dawning on Americans that ObamaCare isn’t the boogeyman it was made out to be. Maybe because of all the talk and bashing, Republicans have yet to come up with a creditable replacement. Repeal won’t happen as long as Obama is in office. It hasn’t caused the high spike in health cost or premiums that the spinners were on the soap box about. Democrats feel if they lose the senate in this election it will be short lived. They are bullish that Hillary will win in 2016 and carry the senate and congress with her. So there you go.*****I’d best get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.
What Sen. Wendy Davis is pointing out is that in one case Abbott argured that a woman, an amputee suing for employment discrimination, was not disabled because she has a prosthetic (artificial) limb. Abbott collected $10 million in a lawsuit settlement after a tree fell on him in 1984, paralyzing him. Ironically Abbott has been the one using the wheelchair as a prop in his television commercials. He rolls through traffic and rolls from California to Texas. He wants to use his condition for sympathy votes by making the wheelchair the main item in his political commercials.  President F.D.R., the longest serving president in U.S. history, was in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. The American people never knew that he was in a wheelchair. That’s the difference; Abbott wants to capitalized on his condition but doesn’t want it to be pointed out. He can’t have it both ways.
There are a lot of other reasons for women especially to vote against Abbott. Gender, equality, women’s health care,  education, just to name a few, but most importantly is his vow to not accept $88 billion (that’s with a B) from the federal government that would expand the Medicaid program. Medicaid would help many women who are now unable to get insurance like store clerks, waitresses, domestic workers, etc. Women who don’t make enough to buy insurance would qualify for expanded Medicaid, helping the poor working class get access to health care benefits. With Abbott, like Perry, it’s politics. That hurts a lot of good Texans. Abbott got nearly $11 million, then he supported and defended a bill that put into law that a person could only collect $270,000 if a tree fell on them today. Going into the last three weeks Abbott had $31 million to spend on ads, ten times more commercials than Davis, so her winning is a long shot unless the women of Texas have an uprising and say “Enough already.” From cover to cover, any woman who votes for Abbott is voting against their own interest. Being in a wheelchair shouldn’t stop him from doing the right thing on women’s issues and I believe that is what Wendy Davis is showing in her wheelchair commercial. I believe she’s entitled to do that. Since he started the wheelchair commercials and she pointed out that he is being hypocritical.
Cupal Morgan, 78, of Bridge City, passed away Friday, Oct. 10. Born in Orange, Cupal was one of the several children born to Jules and Sadie Carpenter, Orange pioneers. We had known this beautiful lady for over 50 years and throughout those years she was loved and well cared for by husband Coy. In fact, he spoiled her. He loved it and so did she. A good lady has left us and she will surely be missed by Coy, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, brothers and sisters and everyone who ever knew her. Family and friends will pay tribute to her at her home on Saturday, Oct. 18, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. May she rest in peace. Please see obituary. *****Earl Drake, 86, died last week. We had known Earl and his late wife Betty for many years. They were a versatile and interesting couple with many talents and contributed so much to the community. I had known them since those early Jaycee days. Earl was responsible for bringing many stars to the annual Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo, among them Tex Ritter, Lefty Frizzel, Little Joe and many more. Their daughter Vickie Brown has been our dear friend for many years. She was responsible for the caricatures of the “Office Hound” that appeared in the Opportunity Valley News many years ago and also those of Sherlock Breaux and the Creaux on this column. We are proud to have known Earl and Betty and we send our deepest sympathies to the family. Please read Earl’s obituary for more about the life of this good man.
10 Years Ago-2004
Shon and JoAnn Branham became proud grandparents Oct 14. Alexia Renal Branham arrived at 9:50 a.m. (Editor‘s note: Happy belated 10th birthday Alexia.)*****Bill O’Riely, on FOX News, who claims to have a “No Spin Zone”, is accused of playing the sex talking game via telephone. O’Rielyi and his big ego brought to their knees with the disclosure. (Editor’s note: I believe Bill settled the case with a pay off of several million. *****Linda “Granny” Newton celebrates her birthday Oct. 20. *****James “Crocodile” Fontenot turns 70 on Oct. 17. (Editor’s note: Happy 80th to our longtime Cajun friend.)*****Johnny Carson turns 79 on Oct. 23. *****The West Orange-Stark mustangs roll over Anahuac Panthers 55-12. Sophomore Earl Thomas led the Mustangs on the ground churning out 179 yards on 17 carries, with three touchdowns. *****Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears beat Beaumont Central 16-2. Quarterback Donald Tardy passed for 254 yards. ReceiverLadaricis White had six catches for 152 yards and a 42 yard touchdown. *****Two former Orange County athletes die in tragedies. Torrance “T.J.” Locks, a former W.O.-S. football star was shot and killed in Dallas at a party. T.J. was 28 years old. Also former Orangefield basketball player Peter Cesarz, 23, was one of two pilots killed in an airplane crash in Jefferson City, Missouri. He flew for Pinnacle Airline. They were carrying no passengers at the time. *****The Pentagon has announced that they have abandoned hope that Halliburton will account for billions of dollars of missing receipts. Meanwhile, Cheney will be called for deposition in SEC charges filed against Halliburton’s financial officer while he was CEO.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Frances Belle Martin, 79, of Bridge City, died Monday, Oct. 18. She worked as a dental assistant for Dr. Hood and Dr. William Liefeste. She is survived by husband “Pep” Martin, several children, grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. *****Charrie Lee Dunn, 69, of Mauriceville, died Oct. 14. She is survived by her husband Robert Dunn, sons Robert, John and James Dunn, daughters Gayla, Rhonda and Shannon. *****Allen Lee Miller, 55, of Orange, died Oct. 17. Survivors include wife Tina, mother Myrtie McKnight, son John, daughters Pamela, Monica, Regina and Rachael and their families.*****Mildred Duhon Klein, 71, of Bridge City died Oct. 12. Survivors include husband of 54 years Wilburn Pete Klein, sons Randal and Glen, daughters Ruth and Peggy and their families. *****Edward Wagner, 75, of McLewis, died Oct. 13. Survivors include wife Peggy, daughter Aline, son Ronald Gene and their families.
35 Years Ago-1979
An official Texas historical marker for Claiborne West will be erected and the park named for him, on IH-10. The marker made of cast aluminum with Swedish steel effect, measures 27×42 inches and is sponsored by commissioner’s court, the historical society, parks board and the Orange County historical commission. West was born in Franklin County, Tennessee, in 1800. He was one of 58 at the general convention at Washington-On-The-Brazos, March 2, 1836, who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. He also helped draft the Texas constitution. West was responsible for designation of Cow Bayou as a municipality. Judge Grover Halliburton was the driving force to establish and acquiring the park.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville junior high cheerleaders are Kim Dunaway, Beth Reach, Kelly Dunaway, Tracie Williamson, Candy Bilbo and Michelle Garcia.*****For four consecutive years Scott Gooch, 11-year-old fifth grader at SimsElementary, has won Ford’s Punt, Pass and Kick contest on the local level. This year, he advanced to the district level. *****The VFW will sponsor the first Veteran’s Day parade since 1952. Riding in the lead 1951 Buick convertible were, Jonell Peveto Armstrong, Charles Duglas Eddleman and Norma Clark Teague. Lannie Claybar, wearing a Stetson hat, drove the car which displayed a large Rebel flag.
Depot Day at the Pavilion will be Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Riverfront Pavilion. There will be a train ride, model train display, photo booth, coloring and face painting, a talent show and special dance performances. The Friends of the Orange Depot will be promoting their Personalized Brick sale and the Save the Depot T-shirts. Contestants 14 years old and under are still needed for the talent competition. The registration is only $10 and trophies will be given. Two special trophies will be given for the act that makes the judges smile the most and for the most creative act. No dangerous acts allowed. Contact Penny LeLeux at 409-728-5970 or pgleleux@gmail.com to get your “Little Star” a spot in the limelight.*****Texas A&M Health Science Center, in West Bryan, one of the world’s largest and most advanced biopharmaceutical greenhouses, is ready to produce the experimental Ebola drug Z Mapp from two million specially grown tobacco plants. Manufacturing now could start producing thousands of doses of the drug annually. This drug is one of a handful of drugs that have shown promise but has yet to be approved for widespread human use. The federal government would have to authorize a work order.*****A Little About The Natives. We were saddened to learn that a wonderful, sweet lady, Gina Cessac, a Bridge City Middle School employee, is facing bad health problems. She has been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Gina is the widow of Charles Cessac, who passed away last year. They have three boys. Gina is in M.D. Anderson in Houston. Your prayers are very much needed for this young Christian woman.*****We saw a video that Gerald Morris sent out to his friends thanking them for their prayers. He’s much improved but still has a long way to go.*****Our friend Don Harmon sadly is not showing improvement and has gotten weaker. He is battling to regain his strength. What a great guy. Don is one of the finest men I know. He’s helped many. I pray the Lord will give him a lifting hand and help him get stronger.*****Well, here’s good news on Ms. Pearl Burgess. A month ago things looked bleak for this good woman. Not only did she suffer with a broken hip, congestive heart ailment and other problems, they injured her good knee at the hospital. Most folks who will soon be 94 would have given up. Not Pearl. Her great outlook and faith in God has brought a brighter day. She’s getting around on a walker, been to the beauty shop, dressed up, put on makeup and is ready for whatever comes along. She was inspired to write a poem, something she hasen’t done for a couple of months. “Rejoice and Be Glad” appears in this issue of the paper*****Monday it was hard not to find a Cowboy fan. Dallas had been the blunt of many jokes but after defeating the world champion Seahawks 30-23 Sunday, fans began to realize the Cowboys have won six in a row. This record brought the Cowboys back to the fold. A change on defense and Coach Garrett not calling plays has made a big difference. Before I get gung-ho I’ll give it a couple of more weeks and see if Jerry Jones figures how to screw it up. *****The darnest game I watched this past weekend was the Baylor win over TCU where 119 points were scored. *****You know you’re in a Redneck Church if—when the Pastor says, “I’d like to ask Bubba to help take up the offering,” and five guys and two women stand up. *****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On Oct. 15, Carl Thibodeaux, a young guy 20 years ago when he became county judge. On Jan. 1, he will be an older rooster taking a leave of absence from politics. What did Gen MacArthur say? Have a nice day Judge. Also celebrating on this day are Becky Ladler, Derek Borel, Jennifer Peveto, Sue and Kory Freeman. They share birthdays with Sarah Ferguson, 54 and Laverne and Shirley’s Penny Marshall, 70. *****On Oct. 16,Tommy Harmon’s lovely wife Barbara celebrates. Also Barbara Mulhollan’s longtime husband Wayne sees another year gone by and welcomes a new one. This is also National Boss Day, Suzanne Sommers turns 67, Angela Lansbury, 88 and Tim Robbins 55.*****Oct. 17finds a lot of good folks enjoying birthdays. Mattie Lou Huckabay, a resident of The Meadows, turns 97, Judge Jimmy Scales, Donna’s calm, soft spoken other half, celebrates as does lovely Linda Heard, John’s better half, Coach Bob Puntes, BC High School activities directorCheryl Royal, Dr. Wesley Palmer, Johnny Dubose, Linda Nicks, Bebe Ricks, James Fontenot and one great, special lady, longtime friendSue Collins all celebrate. They share birthdays with Alan Jackson, 55, Margot Kidder, 65 and Cheer‘s George Wendt, 65. *****Celebrating on Oct. 18 are Mary Everett, Emily Hughes, Penny Becken and Mary Kendrick. They share birthdays with Happy Days, Erin Moran, 53. Orange native Coach O.B. “Bum” Phillips died on this day in 2012.*****On Oct. 19Janice’s husband Phillip Todora celebrates as doesStaurt Bertles’ wife, Bridge City Elementary teacher Kristin, Joy Simonton, Blake Hunt and Kyle Johnston. They share birthdays withPresident Jimmy Carter’s daughter Amy, 46, Evander Holyfield, 51 and actress Juanita Moore, 91.*****On Oct. 20Linda “Granny” Newton, Jason Yeaman, Jenne Mullins and Kim Ezell celebrate. They share birthdays with Snoop Dog, 42 and Tom Petty, 63.*****Oct. 21finds Kent’s mom, Jennie Hutchison, retired from Sears Orange store, teachers George Fleming, Tommy Ballard, Vicki Brown, John Cecil Beeson and Brad Childs all celebrating. They share birthdays with Kim “Big Booty” Kardashian, 33 and actress Carrie Fisher, 57.*****Our friend Rusty Benoit is all excited about the 7th Annual Cajun Festival to be held Saturday, Oct. 18, at the VFW. Rusty says it will be bigger and better than ever. If you have never attended before, you have really missed a great Cajun treat.*****Kevin and Katie LeBoeuf celebrated their 23rd anniversary this week. Kevin, with the county clerk’s office, is recovering from hip surgery.*****Also from that office, Jacelyn Cooks‘lovely daughter Angelique, will turn 9 years old on Oct. 17.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week andNovrozsky’s next. Everyone is always welcome.
Alsid Babineaux’s boy, Pistache, wat is not too bright him, was out of work for several months. His papa, Alsid, got some political pull him, wit da Louisiana governor, wat is from da Cajun country. Alsid talk to him bout a job for Pistache, so he called da Louisiana Highway Department and got Pistache a job.
Da supervisor told him his job was to paint lines down the center of rural roads. He added, “Pistache, you on probation you, and you got to stay at or above da average of two miles per day to keep you job.”
Pistache agreed to da conditions and start da job da nex day.
Supervisor Comeaux checked and found dat Pistache completed four miles on da first day. “Dat’s great, Comeaux said, dat boy will really work out him.”
Da nex day, Supervisor Comeaux learned dat Pistache, him, only accomplished two miles.
Da supervisor thought, “Well, he is still at da average and I don’t want him to get discouraged.”
Da turd day, however, Pistache only did one mile him. Da boss said to Pistache, “You were doing so great but yesterday you do only one mile, you, why’s dat hunh?”
Pistache hang his head and he say, “Boss, I been work like hell me, but every day I keep getting farther and farther from dat damn paint bucket.”
In 2009, we said two things in this column, the first was that unemployment, which was at 10.2, would be down to six percent or below and gasoline prices of $4 per gallon, would be down to $3 or less by the time Obama left office. My friends said I was pipe dreming. Experts were predicting 14 percent unemployment and $5 gasoline prices. The price at the pump could get down to $2.50 but the downside is that it hurts energy stocks, particularly drillers. Motorists will save billions and it will help working families Our energy policies over the last six years have really turned our energy dependency on other countries around. For the first time in 50 years, the USA is less dependant on OPEC imports.Brent crude hit a four year low Monday going from $115 a barrel to $88.06. Consumers benefit but it’s a double edge sword. If oil prices get too low it hurts the energy states like Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Just think, with these low gas prices, if the Republican congress would have passed the senate’s Job Bill, how this country would be booming. The U.S. is the world’s only country with an expanding economy, yet the politicians are on the stump hollering wolf about how bad everything is, criticizing the country’s leadership, bad-mouthing the Affordable Care Act and running against Obama in every state. Folks, these are the congressmen who sat on their hands and did nothing while our economy grew and worked its way out of the worst recession since the great depression, left behind by Bush and Cheney. I’d say there’s a whole lot of folks out there with blinders on. They are placing the blame in the wrong place. History will prove me right. The country was on the rocks and despite a hostile congress, who even fight each other, the country domestically expanded and is facing a greater future than could have been envisioned just six years ago.*****I thank you for your time but mine is up. Please read us from cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers when you can. Take care and God bless.