Stacey Nichols, Counselor at Little Cypress Elementary, reports that all students at LCE are encouraged to work hard and show good character each six weeks. As a reward for exhibiting good character, two students from each class were chosen to participate in the “Character Café” on Wednesday, October 1.

Pictured (top right photo) are Maddox Manual and Paisley Angelle.

These students went the extra mile to show responsibility, which earned them the honor of sitting at a specially decorated table on stage during lunch and playing board games with the counselor.

First grade “Characters” include  Aubrey Levels, Logan Frazier, Maddox Manuel, Paisley Angelle, Kelsey Riggs, Tyriana Dews, Asia Woodson, Madison Hudnall, Lauren Barthlomew, Candace Guzman, Eden Frenzel, Colt Dryden, Rylan Vandiver and Shelby Veitch.

Eden Frenzel and Colt Dryden

Eden Frenzel and Colt Dryden

Kindergartners are Emma Williams, Wyatt Gericke, Rhys Davis, Aubrey Temple, Mackenzie McFatter, Brayden Morphew, Alana Guadalupe, Ezekiel Leon, Brooke Richard, Aaron Trip, Victoria Sulak and Amelia McFatter.

Second grade representatives include Kyndall Davis, Gabriel Walker, Madison McGuire, Rylen Stone, Madison McConnel, Taylor Bull, Sydney Guidry, Adrian Roberts, Jason LeBlanc, Crystal Gonzales, Jonah Fuller, Elaina Salinas, Braden Earnest and Thomas Teneyuke.

Third graders are Avery Odom, William Rodgers, Nial Patel, Mia Dockins, Gabrielle Moore, Gabe Andrus, Cameron Dougharty, Jordan Struwe, Adrian Roberts, Elena Pancardo, Autumn Newcomb, Trista Pelfrey, Jessica Ridout and Rustyn Ackerman.

Rhys Davis, Wyatt Gericke, Emma Williams, and Mackenzie Fatter

Rhys Davis, Wyatt Gericke, Emma Williams, and Mackenzie McFatter