Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Oct. 1 through Oct. 15:

LaQuinta Inn & Suites, 2220 Hwy. 62 S., Orange – Score – 100

Orangefield Jr. High School, 7745 Sandbar Rd., Orangefield – Score – 100

Vidor Elementary School, 400 E. Railroad, Vidor – Score – 100

Sun Wok #2 Chinese Food, 2429 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Fried chicken/egg rolls out of proper temperature, dates needed on foods in cooler/freezer, need to cover foods, storing foods inside cardboard box without liner, hand-washing station broken, towels needed for hand-washing, mice feces found on storage shelves, cooler motor dripping water into bucket – needs repair, air vents, storage shelves, containers, floors need to be cleaned of old foods, storage shelves beginning to rust – need to be repaired, need to discard all broken/unused equipment from site. Score – 68

Pine Forest Elementary School, 4150 N. Main St., Vidor – SCore – 100

Bridge City High School, 2690 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Score – 100

Little Cypress Elementary School, 5725 Meeks Dr., Orange – Score – 100

Little Cypress Jr. High School, 6765 FM 1130, Orange – Score – 100

Community Christian School, 3400 N. MLK Dr., Orange – Score – 100

Kam Wah Buffet, 150 Strickland Dr., Orange – Employee drink without lid, need to date all foods in cooler/freezer, box of molded lemons found in walk-in cooler, need to cover all foods in cooler/freezer, defrosting boxes of crab on storage shelves, several flies and hanging fly traps were found hanging from ceiling, floors throughout need to be cleaned of old foods, storage shelves inside walk-in cooler are rusted and need repair. Score – 78