St. Mary Catholic School wins many division in the Orange County Livestock Art Show.  In Division K-2nd grade – 1st place winner –Josie Riedel (Kindergarten); 2nd place winner-Emma Kate Staton (2nd grade); 3rd place winner-Marco Bandiero (2nd grade); Best of Show –Division K-2nd – Heather Hughes (1sGrade); Honorable Mention – Amaya Meadows (1st Grade) , Tessa Erickson(1st Grade) & Eliese Gravett (Kindergarten).  Division 3rd-5th Grade; 1st place winner-Lilly Riedel ( 5th Grade); 2nd place winner-Madelyn Smith (3rd Grade); 3rd place winner-Peyton Felchak (4th Grade); Honorable Mention – Teanna Tran (5th Grade) & Jacob Gonzalez (4th Grade).  Division 6th-8th grade – 1st place winner – Audrey Johnson (6th Grade); 2nd place winner-Carter Claybar (7th Grade); 3rd place winner –Mallory Huggins(6th Grade); Best of Show-Jace Nunnley (8th Grade) (his art work auctioned off for $500.00); Honorable Mention – Sydney Schmitt (6th Grade) & O’Shan Mitchell (8th Grade).  St. Mary Catholic School art teacher is Mrs. Cindy Claybar.


Pictured – Orange County Livestock Art Work Winners & Art Teacher – Cindy Claybar