At approximately, 5:09 am on Monday, Oct. 27, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a call from a Colorado resident that he was unable to find his wife when he returned to his vehicle which had become disabled in the sand on McFadden Beach.

The individual advised that he and his wife drove their vehicle past the barricades on the Galveston Side of Hwy. 87. The individual further advised that his vehicle became disabled in the sand about 6-7 miles past the barricades. He began to walk out late last night leaving his wife in the vehicle. He decided to return to the vehicle because of the darkness and check on his wife. He located her missing. He again ventured towards the Galveston County barricades when he was able to get a cell phone signal; he contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and advised of the situation.

Deputies with Jefferson County Marine Division were dispatched. When Deputies made contact with the caller and he advised of the situation, the marine division requested the assistance of the aviation division. Air One was dispatched to the area and began an aerial search for the missing person. They located the missing woman on the beach near Hwy. 87 and Hwy. 124. Neither party was in need of medical treatment and was released.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone that the barricades are in place to warn drivers that the road is out of service and un-passable. This area creates a danger to drivers because of the conditions and inability to receive a cell signal to request assistance.