A Groves woman, who has family in Bridge City was one of four worker killed in a chemical leak at the Dupont plant in La Porte. Crystle Wise was originally from Port Arthur, but lived in Groves. Wise also has family in Bridge City. She had worked for Dupont for eight months and was int he process of relocating to Houston. Wise is survived by a daughter and a grandchild.

There were also two brothers, and another victim killed in the incident. One worker was injured in the leak and is being held for observation at the hospital.

There is an investigation underway to determine what caused the leak. Randall Clements, plant manager, said in a statement that there are no words to fully express the loss that is felt, or the concern and sympathy that is being extended to the families and co-workers of those involved in the leak. He also stated they are in close touch with the families, and providing them with all support and assistance available.

Clements also stated they are cooperating with all investigating authorities as they conduct their investigations into the incident.

Clements said at approximately at 4:00 am Saturday the facility experienced a release of methyl mercaptan which is a product commonly used to odorize natural gas for safety purposes. He said the release was contained by 6:00 am and the leak at no time posed a danger to the community.

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