WhenSeanSpeaks, a powerful, real life story about the consequences of riding with a drunk driver, will be presented at West Orange-Stark High School Friday, Nov. 21, at 9:00 a.m. Students at West Orange-Stark High School will learn about safety behind the wheel of a car.

Sean Carter and his mom, Jenny, have taken their message to tens of thousands of young people to help prevent drunk driving and to make people aware of the consequences of their choices.

WhenSeanSpeaks provides a frank look at the circumstances and choices that Sean made that placed him in a wheelchair, unable to talk or walk. Jenny, Sean’s full-time caregiver and traveling companion, shares her story from day one of Sean’s crash on March 27, 2005, to the lives they lead now.

Without uttering a word, Sean holds a lively conversation. Using an iPad that speaks the words he types, Sean captures young peoples’ hearts and has immediate rapport with his audience as he shares his story. In a coma for 39 days following the crash, Sean is now well down the path of his new life.


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