A very special event will be held Friday, Dec. 19, at the Orange County Convention and Expo Center. A retirement reception honoring County Judge Carl Thibodeaux for 20 years of service. Many improvements have been made throughout the county under his leadership as our longest serving county judge. The event is being sponsored by family members and friends and people who appreciate the service and leadership the Judge has provided.  A meet and greet will be held from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., with a program beginning promptly at 5:30 p.m. Meals and a very special cake will be served. It’s a well deserved honor and should be a fun evening for invited guests.*****Well, I’m already tried of the cold. I used to like winter. Back then I heard older people complain about the cold now I know what they were talking about. Blood thinners don’t help. I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


After traveling 10 years a comet probe named Philae landed on a four billion year old comet traveling through space at 87,000 miles an hour. Spacecraft Rosetta orbited then dropped Philae off from three miles away from the comet. That really boggles my mind. I came from an era when we brought sugarcane to the mill in a wagon drawn by a pair of mules. *****Over 500 days ago, the U.S. Senate passed a bi-partisan immigration bill and sent it to the Congress. The Tea Party put a horse head at the foot of the Speaker Boehner’s bed. Gutless as always, he wouldn’t bring the bill up for a vote because he knows it would pass. Now they are threatening the President, talking impeachment and shutting down the government if he takes executive action. Since President Ike, the executive order has been used 36 times on the immigration issue, including President Reagan and both Bush’s. Congress will never pass any immigration bill, not now, not next year, so the President needs to do it. His plan is less ambitious than the bill the Senate passed that would have given legal status to eight million immigrates. I say do it and let’s move on to doing the country’s business, not threatening ObamaCare, impeachment and other silly stuff like grid lock. Simply move the country forward and quit saying no to everything without a plan to replace it.*****San Antonio could soon become the fifth largest city in the nation when they annex 66 square miles, five acres in Bexar County, adjacent to the city. I can hardly believe it, the fifth largest. I recall when San Antonio was the size of Beaumont, College Station had less than 4,000 residents and Dallas was bigger than Houston and Waco was just a country town on the Brazos. The Valley has grown leaps and bounds. Only our little part of Texas seems to be stagnated. That should tell you something. We haven’t seen any of Perry’s “Rainey Day Fund” in our area.*****The world’s tallest Holiday Inn opened last week in New York, in Manhattan’s financial district, 453 feet high, 50 stories, but only 492 rooms. Some rooms rent for as little as $250 a night. What I’m wondering is if this is the tallest Holiday Inn in the world but what and where is the  world’s tallest hotel?*****Judge Richardson was suppose to rule on the Perry indictment last Thursday but so far no word from San Antonio and the judge’s next move.


16 Years Ago-1998

Michael Cory St. Clergy, 18, was arraigned on first degree murder and robbery charges. He is charged with the murder of Ernest Alan Ford, in Pinehurst and a gunpoint robbery of a convenience store in Orange. Police Chief Dan Robertson said, “The boy seemed to show no remorse for his actions.” Pinehurst policeman Lt. Ronnie Barrett and D.A. investigator K.C. Breshers said St. Clergy has confessed to both crimes. Dist. Attorney John Kimbrough said, “There is no doubt we have the right person.” Ford was found shot inside a white Lincoln at Sussex Manor apartments. *****I have a hard time believing some of the following events occurred that long ago. On Sunday, Nov. 15, banker Fred Charles Gregory, 64, died at his residence. Service was held Tuesday, Nov. 17. Fred was a United States Army veteran, former Bridge City Bank president and chairman of the board of Amtex Bancshares. Survivors include his wife June, daughter Sharon and son Darin. His is also survived by his mother Pauline and sisters Barbara Broussard and Vicki McKinzie. In a column on Fred’s life, written by Roy, he describes the 33 years Fred lived in Bridge City and his many contributions to the community and the help he gave to young businessmen. Fred died of cancer. Fred, until the cancer came, was a picture of health. He didn’t smoke, drink or abuse himself with food. At age 60, he ran a 26 mile marathon and until getting sick could be seen running 30 to 40 miles a week. Dunn described Fred in the column as a common man’s friend, pure as gold.” (Editor’s note: June still lives in Bridge City and is still a beautiful woman with lots of class, just 16 years older. Fred would have been 80 years old today.) Sixteen years ago, we also lost Shirley Bendy, Jack Dees, Charlie Swift and founder of Catfish Kitchen Wayne Jones.*****Dr. David Jones, of Bridge City, has come home to practice Physiatry, the non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal injuries with rehabilitation and medication. Physiatry allows David to practice sports medicine. While a student at Bridge City High David participated in football, basketball, baseball and track. As Coach Andy Griffin’s quarterback and defensive back, he earned the title “Orange County Athlete of the Year.” He attended Lamar on a full ride, athletic scholarship. He was raised around sports. His mother, Cynthia, is married to Coach Dan Ray Hooks. He graduated from Texas Tech University of Health Science Center, in Lubbock. His uncle is Dr. James B. Jones, longtime West Orange doctor. (Editor’s note: David is located in the Professional building next to Baptist Hospital in Orange.)*****The awesome Lady Cards volleyball team is headed to the state volleyball tournament. They advanced to state after winning the class 4-A Region III championship. Coach Rosette Wilson’s Lady Cards have the best record, 39-3, among title contenders. Some of Bridge City players are April Belk, Erin Dillon, Misty Jenkins, Sally Hill and Jessica Johnson.*****The Orangefield Bobcat football team moved up in the playoffs after defeating the Hamshire-Fannett Longhorns 21-13 in the Class 3-A Division II playoffs. Hamshire-Fannett had defeated the Bobcats in their last playoff game back in 1988. The Bobcat defense, led by Roy Farias, Grey Williams and Vito Agerton, held the Longhorns to 94 yards on 27 tries. They had 142 yards passing. Meanwhile, Beaux Deville, the areas top ground gainer, toted the ball 39 times for 226 yards and three touchdowns. The Bobcats, of Coach Randy Theriot, will take on Crockett in Conroe. Daville gained 1660 yards and 19 TD’s in regular season. Fullback Bo Shaffer threw the key blocks. Gary Naquin took care of field goals and extra points. *****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs walked through District 20 4-A undefeated, with 10 straight victories. The Mustangs are number two in the state and were, in the second week of the playoffs, being compared to the 1987 state championship team. The results shocked fans around the state. WO-S lost to Silsbee 21-20 on a missed field goal in a game played at T.J. Yellow Jacket stadium, in Port Arthur. Just like that, in the upset of the decade, the playoffs were over for Coach Hooks’ Mustangs. *****Chris Farkas, the Record Newspapers “Jack-of-All Trades” leaves for a new job in Florida. He was a special part of a great team at The Record, made up of Pattie Hanks, editor, Vickie Parfait, writer, Karen Gros, head of sales, Mark Dunn, layout specialist and photographer and Roy, who keeps all the parts working for Orange County’s most popular publication.

36 Years Ago-1978

Attorney Sharon Bearden, on his first deer hunting trip of the season, killed an eight-point buck. He hung him overnight while he dreamed of that fine kill. He got up early to marvel at his deer and all hell broke loose when hanging where his deer should have been he found a jackrabbit. He threatened to kill everyone in camp before they finally produced his deer. *****Betty Harmon has been added to the board of directors of County National Bank. *****Charles and Juliette Patton have just recently returned from a trip to Switzerland. While there they ran into Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Garrett, who were staying in the same hotel. *****Joe Burke will celebrate another birthday on Nov. 22. Also this week, Nancy Ramsey celebrates as well as Nancy Brunel. *****Brandon Reeves blows out his candles this week. He is the five-year-old grandson of Coach Bum Phillips, nephew of Wade Phillips and son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Reeves

41 Years Ago-1973

For more than a year, President John F. Kennedy sought the trip to Texas that ended tragically the afternoon of Nov. 22, 1963. The national pain and trauma that followed his assassination 10 years ago produced the Kennedy legend.*****While Richard Corder and Joe Kazmar were broadcasting the West Orange-Crosby game in Baytown last Saturday, Carl Thibodeaux hand delivered a mess of boudain to the press box. BBRC flew into the Cajun vittles; Yankee Kazmar was a little suspect but tried it anyway and got hooked. *****Millie and Cathy, the Harper girls, drive in from Mauriceville every morning. They are still asleep when they show up at the Jack Tar at 5 a.m. to serve breakfast. Their old truck just drives itself in. *****Bill Stringer hangs it up after serving the public for many years. *****Allen Dunn celebrates 16 on the 20th. *****West Orange Chiefs defeat Crosby 20-13 after being down 6-0 at the half. Roy Williams sparked the victory with a 54-yard scamper. He piled up more than 100 yards rushing. Randle Teate hauled in three passes and a TD. Ronny Green quarterbacked while Ray Pousson moved to halfback. The Chiefs meet Henderson next. *****East Zone 10-AAA All-District team is named. The coaches’ pick is loaded with talent. On offense QB Ray Pousson of West Orange, RB, Lanston Fall, BC; Roy Williams, WO; Lorrance Wills, WO; Donald Solco, SFA; E’s Randle Teate, WO; James Hadnot, Jasper; T Robert Moody, LCM; Victor Enard, WO; C Duane Callahan, WO; G’s Clint Belk, BC; Mark Champagne, SFA. The Offensive Player of the Year is Ray Pousson.*****All District defense, E James Long, WO;  Paul Bingham, WO; T Mike McDonald, WO; Kenny Brown, BC; NG Randy Fults, BC; LB Mark Dunn, BC; Larry Spears, WO; Charles Hillebrandt, BC; HB Gary Dean, Silsbee; HB Kenneth Stephenson, WO-S; Dale McCall, LCM;  S Bo Worrell, BC. The Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year is Larry Spears. Glenn Green of West Orange is Coach of the Year.


I understand Kenny Dupuis will be parade marshal for the Bridge City Christmas Light Parade on Dec. 6. That’s a good thing and well deserved. I would make only one adjustment. Kee-Kee should have Ray Leleux ride with him. It would be like Charlie McCarthy with his Mortimer Snerd. The crowd would get three clowns for one.*****This Thursday, Nov. 20, the women of St. Mary Alter Society, in Orange, will hold their annual Gift Shop and Gumbo Luncheon in the Parish Hall from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Larry David’s famous gumbo will be served starting at 11 a.m. Homemade desserts, etc. It’s a great time to buy homemade crafts, canned goods, handmade arts ideal for Christmas gifts. Items that can’t be found at the store. You’ll see many old friends. I’m sure Judge Pat Clark will be one of the greeters. No telling what Father Daleo will be doing. He and Clark are good at supervising. *****Congrats to the Orangefield Bobcats and West Orange-Stark Mustangs for advancing in the football playoffs. The Bobcats, of Coach Josh Smalley, are coming off a 49-35 win over Kashmere. Running back Colby Choate ran wild for the Bobcats gaining 337 yards, six touchdowns, with five coming in the first half. Here’s hoping Choate and his band of Cats saved some gas because Friday they face fifth ranked LaGrange in the second round of the playoffs.***Mustangs walked all over the helpless Scarborough Spartans, 64-0. The stakes get higher this week as the Mustangs go up against the good program of Giddings Friday night. West Orange-Stark will have to bring their best game to date. ***Congrats also to the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears on a good season. Football continues to improve year after year at LC-M. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky‘s this week and will skip next week due to Thanksgiving on Thursday. The Bunch will dine at Robert‘s Dec. 3. Everyone always welcome. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On Nov. 19, Liz Harris, Trina Stringer, Cecil Allen, Charles Cagle, Linda Klein and Veronica Smith all celebrate. They share birthdays with Jodie Foster, 51; Larry King, 80, Ted Turner, 75 and television host Dick Cavett, 77.*****On Nov. 20, Roy and Ms. Phyl’s youngest son, a great guy, Allen Clay Dunn, celebrates, as does another of the good guys, one of the late Dot Eschbach’s boys, Edgar.  Pretty Sunni Oceguera also celebrates along with our buddy Lon Hubbard, Carey Green, Jan Briggs, Jim Pruter and Jesse Evans. They join V.P. Joe Biden, 71, Bo Derek, 57 and country singer Josh Turner, 36. *****On Nov. 21, Joel Steirman, who Kathleen has put up with for many years turns 71. Also celebrating are Jason Leleux, Bart Williams, Tabatha Forse. They share birthdays with Michael Strahan, 42; Troy Aikman, 47 and actor Goldie Hawn, 68. *****Nov. 22 is the day President JFK was killed in Dallas in 1962. Celebrating birthdays are our longtime buddy Attorney H.D. Pate, Bridge City’s first and longtime city attorney. Butch Campbell, the pride of Lamar Orange, someone we’ve known since he was a pup celebrates. Also Larry Bridges, Belinda Thibodeaux, Barbara Trahan and everyone’s friend, a great gal, Jackie Roberts, celebrates. This would have also been Bobby Taylor’s birthday. He passed away March 22. Our thoughts are with Barbara. Stars celebrating are actress Scarlett Johansson, 29, Jamie Lee Curtis, 55, and tennis player Billie Jean King, 70*****On Nov. 23, “Mr. Lion’s Club” Randle Morris celebrates as does John Charles Newcomer, Haylie Belcher, Ann Caples. They join singer Miley Cyris, 21, and morning TV anchor Robin Roberts, 53.*****On Nov. 24, pretty Kim Hubbard celebrates as does “Girl Friday” at  Hughes Realty, Debbie Hughes, Thomas Hutchison, Candace Todora and Steven James.*****On Nov. 25 our longtime friend Howard Morse celebrates. He’ll do to ride the range with. Also celebrating are Serena Simonton, Joel Gilbert, Sherry Hickman, Sherry Hommel and Michael Chapman. They join actress Katharine Heigl, 35 and runner Carmela Jeter, 34. *****I ran into Attorneys Paul Henderson and David Dies at Peggy’s on the Bayou last week. They were there to enjoy some of Peggy’s shrimp gumbo. No one makes it any better. I understand they are also serving chicken and sausage gumbo now. If you like crawfish you will love their Etouffee, only served on Friday


Kristina Denman, Meagan McGill, Linda Klein, Liz Harris, Patty Burke, Shelly Ford, Trina Stringer, Veronica Smith, Ann Miller, Ben Carpenter, Cecil Allen, Brandon Swarers, Charles Cagle, John Moore, Joe Permar, Murray Moreland, Edgar Eschbach, Kevin Phillips, Sunni Oceguera, Hayden Clark, Whitney Mott, Jim Pruter, Jan Briggs, Jesse Evans, Lon Hubbard, Rose Powell, Tabatha Force, Hazel Spurgeon, Jason LeLeux, Mary Tate, Adam Schisler, David Heyduck, Bart Williams, H.D. Pate, Marie McKinley, Butch Campbell, Dorothy Mathis, Cecil Broom, Larry Bridges, Misty Moody, Barbara Trahan, Belinda Thibodeaux, Bobby Tarter, Jackie Roberts, Brenda Spangle, Carolyn Hagen, John-Charles Newcomer, Christina Tallant, Haylie Belcher, J.O. McCune, Ann Caples, Ernest Swanson, Rodney Petty, Scott Mackey, Steven James, Cindy McLaughlin, Dae Leigh Sandlin, Thomas Hutchison, Jeff Hollis, Candace Todora, Jessica Stark, Justin McCarthy, James Crocker, Kim Hubbard, Debbie Hughes, Joel Gilbert, Rebecca McLemore, Sherry Hickman, Serena Simonton, Vivienne Mathews, Amber Permar, Christie Smith, Sherry Hommel, Kelly Stanley, Michael Chapman and Lana McCracken.


Otto Comeaux showed up at T-Boys Bar and Grill sporting two black eyes him. “Mais, wat da hell happen to you, hanh? Tee-Neg Dartez axe.

“Well, it’s like dis, Camilla has been trying to get me to go to mass wit her so me, I dress for church and go wit her. Boy, Tee-Neg, dat’s a dangerous place yeah. I was sitting in da pew me, and dere was dis fat lady wat was sitting in front of us. Wen she got up from kneelin’ down, her dress, it was caught in da crack of her butt. You know, like da cow eating da cabbage. Well, I figure I help da lady out so I pulled it out of her crack. Boy, dat lady turn around and pop me right in da eye.”

Tee-Neg say, Keyaw! Tell me how you got dat utta black eye hanh?“

Comeaux say, well me, I figure dat lady don’t want it out her, so wen we all stand up again I reach over da bench and shove it back in like it was.”


I see no good reason for the GOP to fight even a slight increase in minimum wage. There are 25 million Americans earning minimum wages. If their wage was raised just one dollar an hour, which wouldn’t hurt any employer, it would put $25 million an hour in circulation. Eight hour days puts $200 million back into the economy everyday.  This could boost economic growth since lower-paid workers are forced to spend most of their paychecks on necessities, a dollar raise would help restaurants, retail and convenience stores workers, etc. The Republicans Congress claims it will cost jobs. That’s bull corn. I know it, you know it and they know it. Nothing in their future plan is to uplift the poor and middle-class. They don’t even want them to have affordable insurance. Yet so many folks continue to vote against their own interest, like the one dollar raise. I don’t understand why anyone would not be for that. Chances are the congressmen and senators you voted for will be against any amount of raise that helps the working class at the bottom of the salary scale. *****I’ve got to shut down, times up Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover; check us out on our web 24-7 at therecordlive.com. Please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.