It’s come on Thanksgiving time and we certainly have plenty to be thankful for. It looks like Thanksgiving time I remember as a boy with the changing of the leaves. It’s not New England but I still appreciate the bright colors, even on the Tallow trees, Oaks, etc. I hope you all get to enjoy a nice day with your families. This year, for the first time, too many of our tribe are away and can’t get home. On a personal note, I’m very thankful for the many years of loyalty so many of you have shown for this column. We may not always be on the same page but your readership has kept this column the most read in our trade area and that makes all the long hours spent worth the time.***** My heart is heavy today because of the illness of so many personal friends. Don Harmon, one of the greatest persons I know is back in the hospital as I write this. He has been transferred to Beaumont and is undergoing surgery to relieve fluid on his brain. Don has always been a benefactor to anyone in need. He’s full of goodness. He and brother Corky have been partners for 57 years and Don’s illness is weighing heavy on him. We pray for the best.***Our prayers go out to Mayor Don Peters, who is very ill also. He has been in the hospital but is home now. He’s fighting a tough battle. Our thoughts are with him.***Attorney Lynwood Sanders is recouping at Harbor Hospice after having his leg amputated. I hear he’s improving every day. We wish him the best.***We are glad to report that our buddy and sweetheart Ms. Pearl Burgess, 94, is on the mend. She has been facing several health problems that would have defeated most normal people. Not Ms. Pearl. She’s 98 pounds of toughness and a thousand pounds of optimism and positive attitude. She is publishing a Thanksgiving poem this week and we’re grateful to her for that.*****If we enjoy good health we are truly blessed. Give thanks and pray for those who are under the weather. I’d best get going. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The United States Senate, after several months of negotiating, came up with an immigration bill that both sides and the President agreed on. Once and for all, it would fix the long standing immigration problem. The bill passed the Senate with bi-partisan support of 68 senators. The Senate sent the bill to the Congress expecting a quick vote. That was seventeen months ago. Speaker John Boehner, being held hostage by his Tea Party members, has refused to bring the bill up for a vote. Senate members pleaded with him to just let the Congress vote. Sen. John McCain called it the best bill we could ever hope to have. Others said, “Shame on the Congress if they don’t take up this bill.” Several months ago President Obama warned if the Congress didn’t pass a bill before the end of the year he would take executive action. Congress ignored him and more or less dared him to do it. I said at the time that if Obama did pass his executive action, you would hear the Republicans squeal. On Thursday, President Obama unveiled a landmark plan that includes more border security, rounding up criminals and protecting four million immigrants with families, who have been in the country five years, from deportation. Republicans can’t agree on their course of action. FOX News and talk radio are spinning everything from the President’s lawlessness to impeachment. Other Republican Senators are saying shame on the Congress for not passing a bill. Some FOX News talking heads are making a big deal out of Obama, saying he wasn’t a king or emperor, only the Congress could grant citizenship. It’s apples and oranges. They claim he was referring to amnesty and citizenship and that’s not what he did last week. He granted three year green cards. That is not set in stone. The Congress or the next president can change it. But it’s a good starting point. The craziest thing I’ve heard said was on the Chris Wallace show Sunday, on FOX. Sen. Ted Cruz suggested paralyzing the country. “Don’t approve anything, don’t approve nominations or any funding that doesn’t affect national security. In other words, they would sit on their hands and not approve anything.  That’s exactly what the Congress has done for the last six years. The American people said they wanted the Congress to function. They want the Republican Senate to govern. Next year, 24 senate seats are up for the GOP, several in purple states. Democrats only have two seats in purple states. They only need four to take over the Senate and Mitch will only get two years. He will want to accomplish things not just obstruct. As far as the President’s plan being legal, you can book it. There are a lot of things people may not like about the President but he’s not stupid. Obama’s proposal on family values sounds perfectly reasonable and consistent with whatever previous presidents, Democrat or Republican alike, have done. It would become irrelevant if Congress finally got to work and passed a bill on immigration reform that would offer a more permanent solution. Quit squealing. It’s simple, PASS A BILL.


Gov. Rick Perry lost his bid to dismiss indictment charges. Judge Richardson over ruled the governor’s technical objections to special prosecutor Michael McCrum. Perry’s legal team immediately hung its hope that the case against Perry violates his constitutional rights. Lawyer Anthony Buzbee said, “We are confident we will ultimately prevail and expect a favorable ruling by the end of November.” I have no doubt somewhere down the line somebody is going to save Perry; I also believe that if he is tried, he will be convicted. If he is like Tom DeLay then they will find a Republican appellate court to turn him loose. He is facing five to 99 years but will never serve a day. This ruling by Judge Richardson gives him some breathing room, then it won’t look so bad if he rules for Perry on the two felony charges. Perry, running for president, is a great way for him to raise millions, spend some and keep the rest, enough to afford appealing to the Supreme Court if need be.


10 Years Ago-2004

Lester and Marialeice Saucier will be marshals of the Bridge City Christmas Parade. *****Wayne Dionne, of Bridge City, catches a monster of a flounder on Bailey Road canal. It weighted 8.5 pounds and was over 23 inches long.*****Louis Dugas, who has been writing a column for many years, first in the Dunn owned Opportunity Valley News and then The Record Newspapers announced this week, in his column “LeRaconteur” that he had written his last column. He said, “In the years that I have written this column enough words were used to write at least two books. Now, I want to write that book. I may not succeed but I want to try. I love writing this column and I will miss the comments, yet I must try. Maybe Roy will let me reminisce once in a while. God bless all of you.” (Editor’s note: A great friend of many years, Louis was a historian. He often amazed us all with unknown tidbits about Orange County. He was a former state representative, the youngest ever at the time and also a former district attorney and a great defense attorney. Lou started his book but didn‘t get far before he became ill and died.)*****Ferry Road project to began in Bridge City. City manager Don Fields said work will start in February. All of Ferry, from Texas Ave to Roundbunch, will turn into three-lanes with continuous left turns. The intersections will be widened. (Editor‘s note: The road work took nearly nine years to complete but did away with the narrow, two-lane road that was once the main highway from the Orange to Port Arthur ferry.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: body of 23 year old John David Hannagan of Orangefield was recovered from the Neches River. His truck and trailer had been parked at Esther’s Seafood several days. His 14-foot aluminum boat was recovered by two fishermen near the Entergy out flow area where Hannagan’s body was found.***Willy Bailey, 93, died Nov. 26. He was one of the original Bailey’s who came to the Bridge City area in 1926. He was the son of Capt. Henry and Mary Bailey, who settled on Sabine Lake.***Bill Gibson, 81, died Nov. 22.***Dr. Earnest Lanier, 86, of Bridge City, died Nov. 20.***Charles “Butch” Floyd, Jr., 59, of Orange, died Nov. 28.***William “Bill” Linscomb, 79, of Orange, died Nov. 26.***Lucille Fredrick, 94, of Mauriceville, died Monday, Nov. 29.***Elda Marie Suire, 85, died Nov. 25.***Marian Von Dohler, 95, of Orange, died Nov. 25.*****

40 Years Ago-1974

Jim and Mel Hicks of Hick’s Construction have retired and are moving to Florida.*****James Colvin, a good man, passed away last week. He was Rocky’s dad.*****Roy and Chrystal Wingate are working hard preparing for the bicentennial.*****Bill Smith and Fain Holbrooks lead the sales team at Conn’s Appliance. Fain is teaching Bill everything he knows. That can’t be good for Conn’s.*****Ace Amodeo turned 50 on Nov. 26 and didn’t want anyone to know that he had reached a half century.*****On the basketball court for the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears is Clint Plant, Dale McCall, Gary Mikisch, Buck Roberts and C.E. Roth.*****Toni Leigh Green, a real beauty, married Darrell Wayne Terry on Nov. 28.*****On Nov. 30, a wedding shower was held for Frances Herman, bride elect of Ronald Bacak.*****The Dolly’s of Orange are celebrating five birthdays in December. Mama Vera on the 5th, Jerry on the 7th, Kenny on the 10th, Kathy on the 11, and daddy Gerald on the 12th.*****Jo Ann Shelton is marrying somebody on Dec. 10.*****Lowell Scribner is the manager of Palais Royal.*****State Senator D. Roy Harrington speaks to the Bridge City Rotary.*****Jo Ann Brabham celebrates a birthday Dec. 3.*****Cecil Scales says, “If you buy a car from them now, he will bail you out of jail free if you land in one over the upcoming holidays.*****Charles Frederick is a police officer with the Orange Police Department and is voted “Best Liked” Law Enforcement Officer.”*****Congressman Charles Wilson has nominated Samuel Ceraso Sichko, of Orange, to the United States military academy in West Point, New York.*****Harvey Barron is back with the Sherriff’s Department.*****On the basketball courts for the Stark Tigers is Donald Mosby, Michael Davis, Marcus Floyd, Gerald Antoine and Robert Kelly.*****Cowboy Bob Lilly says this will be his last year unless coach Tom Landry ask him to return in 1975 as a back-up player only.


Officer Darren Wilson, a Ferguson, Missouri policeman, who’s father Jerry Wilson lives in Orange, will not face state criminal charges in the killing of Michael Brown.The 18-year-old who was 6 foot, 5 inches and weighted 240 pounds. Here‘s all I’m going to say about that. First, Brown disobeyed the officer; secondly, anytime a citizen strikes a peace officer and if the officer fears for his life there will be consequences. Remember, a peace officer puts his life on the line everyday. The end of the day may bring undesired results but they are what they are. Sometimes everyone loses. There are no winners in this case and violence and destruction won’t undo it. What’s done is done. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will meet Dec. 3 at Robert’s. Everyone is always welcome.*****One of our loyal readers wanted us to send her thanks to the good Samaritan who was so helpful Tuesday morning of last week. It seems she had a blow out while on Hwy. 62. A kind man changed her tire but wouldn’t take payment. He did however take some freshly picked lemons. ***** A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On Nov. 26, a bunch of great folks celebrate their big day. I’ll start with the prettiest district judge in Texas, mother of twins and just a nice person, Judge Courtney Arkeen, celebrates.*** This guy I’m sure is not the prettiest district attorney in Texas but he’s a good guy who has been doing a heck of a good job for Orange County over the years. John Kimbrough really is a people’s person and pretty good at picking college football. The next guy, D.J. “Ace” Amodeo, who turns 90, is an interesting person with an interesting past. He knows plenty Orange County history. Ask him about the Orange jail house killing back in the 50’s. Happy birthday Ace.***Russell Dillow, one time Bridge City school board president, owner of the Orange Sears store, celebrates as does our friend Eric Andrus, owner of Central Office Supply, grandson of a good man, Bill Smith, proof that an acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.***Pretty Taryn Hubbard, daughter of Kim and Lon Hubbard, also celebrates. They share birthdays with singers Tina Turner, 74 and Joe Nichols, 37.*****On Nov. 27, Thanksgiving Day, June and the late Fred Gregory’s daughter Sharon, who was once voted Miss Teenage America, celebrates as does Mark Bourgeois, son of the late Tommy Bourgeois. Also celebrating are Betty Simonton, Melissa Fisher, Don North, Cindy Huckabay and Roy’s sister Shirley Kogas. They join Carolyn Kennedy, 56 and actress Robin Givens, 49.*****On Nov. 28, a real good guy, Debbie’s longtime husband, head man at Cormier’s Well Service, David Fusilier, celebrates as does our former editor, Veterans Officer, Air Force retired Jerry Childress, who last I heard was married to Barbie, celebrates today. Also Barbara Peveto, Cassandra Carpenter and Cappy Ricks. They join Jon Stewart, 51, and singer Randy Newman, 70.*****On Nov. 29, a good, down to earth guy, with lots of common sense, independent and will be a conscientious county commissioner, John Burton’s boy, Barry, celebrates. He will replace his uncle Owen on the court.***Margaret Louviere turns 94. Her claim to fame is not only her son Mike but at one time she was famous for her banana nut bread. Also Trey Manuel and his son Maddox both celebrate. Granddad Kenneth Manuel celebrates on the next day. Three generations.***Also celebrating are Jim Bob Aven, Sharon Evans and Angela Webb. They join Howie Mandel, 58 and actress Kim Delaney, 52.*****Nov. 30, I could write a page full on this next one. Anyone who knows Norris and Pat Brandon’s girl knows what I’m talking about. Evelyn will do to ride the range with. Happy birthday “Girl Friday.”***Here’s another joker in the same mold as Kee-Kee and Ray Leleux, “Mr. Big Red,” Vance Chauvin, celebrates as does Erin Evans and Brad Braus. They join singer Billy Idol, 58, Bo Jackson, 51, actor Ben Stiller, 40 and actress Kaley Cuoco, 28.*****On Dec. 1, our longtime friend and the friend of the working man, Flo’s “Yes Man,” Gene Edgerly, gets a year older as does longtime Beall’s manager Bill Hare, Amanda George, Kelsey Dardeaux and Wesley Duncan. They join singers Lyle Lovett, 57 and “Whispering“ Bill Anderson, 77 and actress Jenny McCarthy, 42.***We also send happy 36th anniversary wishes to George and Janelle Sehon.*****On Dec. 2, Vergie Thomas, Lisa Walker, Beverly Blalack, Edd Brown and Marie Moran all celebrate. They join singer k.d. lang, 53, actors Stefanie Powers, 72 and “Friends” David Schwimmer, 48.*****Last Friday, the GOP controlled House Intelligence Committee concluded that the U.S. military, CIA and Obama Administration performed properly in Benghazi. No misconduct. For three years attempts have been ongoing to make Benghazi Hillary Clinton’s albatross. Rep. Steve King said, “It was ten times worse than Watergate and Iran-Contra. It became a major obsession for FOX News. They have yet to report that the Republican panel debunked all the noise about Benghazi being a major scandal. There will be those who still want to hang Hillary with it despite the report. As for FOX and talk radio, they have gone underground with this favorable report. 


Holly McKinley, Christi Nelson, Mason Grizzaffi, Shelly Hollier, Taryn Hubbard, Katie Deal, Wanda Ferguson, Wanda Monogue, Colby Daville, Juantia Schilcher, Dana Bryant, Emily Fischer, “D.J. “”Ace”” Amodeo”, Eric Andrus, Jessica Harkness, John Kimbrough, Mark Bourgeois, Melissa Fisher, “James “”Red”” Powell”, Nick Miller, Bobby Adams, Sharon Gregory, Tena Kenney, Abby Floyd, Betty Simonton, Cindy Huckabay, Don North, Mildred Frank, Georgietta Daves, Russell Dillow, Andrea Tupper, Jerry Childress, Bette Smith, Haley Barlow, Lynda Walther, Preston Shuford, David Fusilier, Tiffany Osborn, Cappy Ricks, Cassandra Carpenter, Drew Craft, Barbara Peveto, Jade Seibert, Melissa Jenkins, Keith Lange, Sharon Evans, Troy Manuel, Abby Reynolds, Shirley Beaudion, Angela Harkness, Angela Webb, Carrisa Guidry, Freda Riley, Erik Tutt, Jim Bob Aven, Zenobia LeBlanc, Erin Evans, Jamie Applebach, Evelyn Brandon, Sandra Smith, Kenneth Manuel, Leah Vogt, Tish Garrett, Brad Braus, Howard Minor, Ricky Harper, Ryan Anderson, Vance Chauvin, Bill Hare, Stephen Clopp, John Garrison, Frank Welch, Kelsey Dardeau, Mitchell Backer, Wesley Duncan, Amanda George, Cheryl Fornols, Jake Glazner, Vergie Thomas, Lisa Walker, Beverly Blalack, Edd Brown, Eddie Robertson and Marie Moran.


Pooldo Comeaux’s a 70-year old, extremely wealthy widower who owns several big rice farms an da big bank in Abbeville. One day he showed up at da Abbeville Country Club wit a breathtakingly beautiful, sexy, 25-year old blond dat knocks everyone’s socks of with her youthful sex appeal and charm. She hangs on to Comeaux’s arm an listen intently to every word he says. His buddies at da club can’t get over it. Dey corner him an axe, “Pooldo, how you get dat trophy girlfriend, hanh?”

Comeaux him, he replies, “Girlfriend? She’s my wife!”

Dat really knocked dem over. “Pooldo, how you persuade such a gorgeous young woman to marry you?”

“Mais, I lied bout my age, me,” Comeaux replied.

“Wat do you mean?” dey axe. “Did you tell her you was 50?”

Pooldo, him, he smile and say, “Mais no, me, I tole her dat I was 90.”


They threw Brady under the bus: Even Orange County friends of Congressman Kevin Brady were saying that he was a shoe-in to be named chairman of “Ways and Means.” Kevin was next in line and should have been promoted, he even believed he would be and used the promotion as a reason citizens should vote for him. Several months ago, in this column, we said not so fast, because if Paul Ryan wanted the chairmanship they would throw Brady under the bus and that’s exactly what happened. Paul Ryan will be the new chairman despite Brady being a good soldier and voting with the crazies. Votes I’m sure he would have rather not made. A small handful, run the “Do nothing Congress” and Brady is not one of them. He made a concerted effort for the post, revamping his party fundraising operation and aggressively lobbying his fellow Republicans for their support to no avail. When Ryan said he wanted it, the game was over.*****Good luck on Friday to Coach Thompson and his Mustangs in the game against La Marque. Read us cover to cover and please shop our family of advertisers. Thanks for your time and have a nice, safe Thanksgiving. Take care and God bless..