The following marriage licenses were issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk, for the week of Dec. 1 through Dec. 5:

Kyle M. Skinner and Kala M. Smith

Robert T. Young and Nicole L. Davis

Keith M. Rasberry and Laci D. Piazza

Richard C. Sessions and Ruth E. McDonald

Loenard H. Barefield and Jerry D. Grant

Lonnie D. Clifford and Samantha L. Simmons

Matthew J. Raughton and Kelly L. Garltic

Cardell L. Douglas and Tomorrow T. Tillman

Wilbert R. Charrier and Sandra D. Halliburton

Thomas J. Almond and Oleta P. Dorsey

Michael W. Barulich and Tenell C. Hicks

Larry Hopkins and Shanell Malveaux

Arthur N. Shriner and Ashley R. Gunstream