St. Mary Catholic School has been operating without air conditioner or a fan circulation in their gym for about 50 years.

The 8th grade class always gives back a project to the school as their appreciation for what the school has given them. This year the 8th grade class wanted to contribute something that would not only benefit students and staff, but could also be enjoyed by parents, grandparents, and other family members and friends as well as other school for games.

This year the 8th grade class provided a “Big Fan” for the St. Mary Catholic gym and had the dedication ceremony which included the major donors.  The fan made staff and student members hair fly and flow and was a wonderful working memory.

Pictured are: Ross Smith, Trey Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pousson, Juanita Smith and son Wade Smith, whose contribution was given in memory of Papaw, Edward Smith; Carolyn Siebert (Represented by daughter Jamie Wilson) and all the 8th Grade Students.

Those not present were Dr. and Mrs. Chris Reidel, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reidel, Dr. Kevin Dileo and Dr. Evie Green- Dileo