Officers from the Orange County Police Department responded to the following calls between Dec. 19, 20, 21 and the morning of Dec. 22:

Miscellaneous incidents, IH-10/near BC exit

Fraud/illegal use of credit cards, 201 8th St./502 S. 44th St.

Domestic problem/family offense, 711 7th St.

Traffic accident, Wildwood and Meeks

Traffic accident, 2929 16th St.

Traffic accident, IH-10 at exit 875

Public intoxication, 205 Border St.

Traffic accident, 3500 16th St.

Aggravated assault, 701 W. Curtis Ave.

Damaged property, 1111 1st St.

Traffic accident, IH-10 W./Hwy. 62

Traffic accident, IH-10 W.

Traffic accident, Simmons and N. Farragut

Follow-up investigation, 3727 Ridgemont

Warrant service, 205 Border St.

Aggravated assault, 503 Decatur Ave.

Miscellaneous incidents, 2513 Champions Dr.

Possession of cocaine, 2424 16th St.

Theft, 1308 W. Orange Ave.

Burglary, 807 2nd St.

Traffic accident, 3108 Edgar Brown Dr.

Indecent exposure, 428 Dewey

Damaged property, 109 W. Dewey Ave.

Assault/family violence, 1029 Clairmont Dr.