Thursday, Jan. 1, an emergency call was received at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in reference to a possible intruder at a home in the 1500 block of Sawmill Rd., in Vidor.  It was reported that when the homeowner located a lone intruder, the homeowner engaged the man with a handgun and fatally shot the man.

When deputies arrived, they located the deceased man at the residence and began an investigation into the incident. detectives were also called to the scene. It was discovered through the investigation that the deceased man had been at a new year’s eve party in the 800 block of Sawmill Rd. earlier.  

According to witnesses at the party, the man was extremely intoxicated and left the residence on foot without anyone’s knowledge. The man went to the residence in the 1500 block where he began to force entry into the home. When the homeowner found the man in his home, he engaged him with his handgun. Based on early information in the investigation, detectives believe the man may have been intoxicated to a degree that he was mistakenly forcing his way into a home that he may have believed to be his own or someone he knew. The homeowner, however, did not know the man.

The deceased man has been identified as William Bloomer, 38, of Vidor.  

Detectives are still investigating the incident and an autopsy is scheduled for Jan. 3.  No charges have been filed on the homeowner and the investigation is ongoing.