Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Dec. 16 through dec. 31:

Moz Grill/Crawdads, 12099 FM 1442, Orange – Found two cases of eggs that were expired; floors (baseboards) throughout need to be cleaned of old foods and vents above grills/fryers need to be cleaned of old grease. Score – 93

Mazzio’s Pizza #626, 3108 Edgar Brown Dr., Orange – Pizza on the buffet line found out of proper temperatures; employee drinks found without lids and on prep table; meat/chicken found stored above produce inside walk-in cooler; floors/walls/equipment need to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 84

Just for Kids Daycare, 480 E. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City – Score 100

Tracy Seafood and Wing, 715 Texas Ave. Suite 1, Bridge City – Need to date all foods inside coolers/freezers; inside of walk-in freezer needs to be cleaned of build-up of ice/trash on floors. Score – 93

El Ranchero, 2413 16th St., Orange – Score 100

Kwick Stop Valero, 1555 16th St., Orange – Hotdogs were found at improper temperatures; pulled several expired foods from shelves; bait shrimp being stored above bags of ice; soap needed inside restroom; heavy mold found inside ice machine; ice scoop laying on top of box; restroom needs to be cleaned. Score – 81

La Pasadita Mexican Food, 18172 Hwy. 62, Orange – Need to date all foods inside coolers/freezers. Score – 96

Raceway#6945, 550 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Pulled several expired foods from shelves. Score – 96

Stop N Drive #22, 1801 Dupont Dr., Orange – Pulled several expired foods from shelves; no hot water found inside restroom; soap and towels needed inside restroom; mold found inside ice machine. Score – 86