The West Orange City Council honored someone who got his start in public service in their city at their regular meeting on Monday night.

Mayor Roy McDonald proclaimed Jan. 15, 2015 as Carl Thibodeaux Day in West Orange. There will also be a retirement reception for Thibodeaux from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 15 at the Orange County Expo Center on FM 1442.

Thibodeaux served 20 years as county judge, longer than any other county judge in the history of Orange County. He first got his start, however, serving two terms as mayor of West Orange before he was elected county judge.

Thibodeaux said he has written and read many proclamations in his 20 years as county judge, but he has never received one for himself.

“West Orange is my home city. It’s a great honor for the first one to be from West Orange,” he said.

The council next approved a resolution designating certain individuals as authorized signers for contractual documents associated with the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program for sewer line work.

McDonald said some sewer lines in the city have leakage and/or infiltration issues and the grant allows repairs to be made to the lines.

The work will be done in the vicinity of Donnell, Bonnie and Dayton Streets.

Theresa Van Meter, city secretary, was named as civil rights officer for the CDBG. Jill Hooks was named as labor standards officer fro the block grant.

The council approved a resolution allowing the West Orange Police Department to apply for the FY2016 Justice Assistance Grant.

McDonald explained the WOPD was applying so early so they can apply for any grants that may appear during the year.

“It give us a jump start. If we wait until a council meeting to approve it, it my pass us by. We want to be proactive,” he said.

Pete Amy was given an additional 90 days to complete repairs to his properties at 801 and 803 Boston St. He requested an extension of time to his pending demolition orders.

Dean Fuller, code enforcement officer, said both properties ought to be completed in 30 days.

“It’s all inside stuff so the rain ought not to affect it,” Fuller said.

He added both 801 and 803 are nearly complete pending some plumbing work.

Lastly, William C. Lexa was approved for membership in West Orange Volunteer Fire Department.

Photo – Longtime County Judge Carl Thibodeaux was honored with a proclamation from the West Orange City Council declaring Jan. 15, 2015 as Carl Thibodeaux Day in the city. He first served as mayor of the city before he was elected county judge 20 years ago.