Several months ago, Orangefield Water Supply Corporation (OWSC) sponsored a field survey for interest in expanding our Water and Sewer service in the Victory Gardens Subdivision. The positive interest indicated at that time, encouraged OWSC to do an Engineering study of the cost to serve the Victory Gardens Subdivision with Water and Sewer service. The present OWSC rates, for a minimum 3000 gal of water and sewer service, is $64.00 a month.

The funding for the OWSC existing infrastructure, both Water and Sewer, was through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Rural Utilities Services (RUS) with low interest loans and grants.  OWSC has made an application to the (USDA), for possible funding for Victory Gardens Water and Sewer Services. OWSC has also applied to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), a separate funding source from the State of Texas.  The funding from USDA and TWDB is a competitive process.  There is a qualifying condition of first time water and sewer services, for the funding from USDA, which helps to qualify Victory Gardens Subdivision for the funding.  The TWDB application for Sewer was rated number one Sewer need in the state for 2013, because of the pollution of Cow Bayou.  We should know which agency will fund the Water and which will fund the Sewer within three to six months.  The Water distribution system would be constructed first, with the Sewer collection system immediately following.

OWSC believes that the Victory Gardens Subdivision will qualify for a Grant to pay a portion of the construction cost.  The most important factor that will influence the final cost, and make this service available, is the number of customers that actually decide to hook up to these services when available.

An application for a Sign Up Drive “Indication of Interest” agreement, which includes an application fee of $100.00, will be passed out to all residences if possible. Application are available at OWSC office, 9913 FM 105 and the Gulf Credit Union on Hwy 87 or call 409-988-4166.  Renters must have Property owners sign agreement.  The OWSC Membership Fee for each member is $100.00.  The “Indication of Interest” Fee of $100.00 will be transferred as a membership fee when services are connected.  There is a payment option plan available for the $100.00 deposit, payment complete by April 30, 2015. If OWSC is not able to furnish Water and Sewer services, all monies will be refunded.

All “Indication of Interest” application returned by Feb. 13, will have the Water and Sewer services connected to each residence by the construction contractor, where their connection starts outside the residence, at no additional cost to the owner.  Owner is responsible for marking where all connections are needed. Any applications returned after Feb. 13, will have to pay an application fee set by the OWSC Board.

Orangefield Water Supply Corporation thanks you for your time in reviewing this application and look forward to serving you if you decide to connect to the services.  If you are in favor of these services, please encourage your neighbors and friends to also sign up.  The more positive response we have, the cheaper the cost, the quicker the construction can start.  If you are tired of dirty contaminated water in your drainage ditches, this will be a way to clean them up.  The Orange County Health Department supports this agenda.  The water system will also provide fire protection for the area served.

If you have any questions, please call Joe Morton, OWSC Interim General Manager, 735-9422.