Several Community Christian School students have advanced to the next round in the ACSI Math Olympics. The results are as follows:

Third Grade Computation:

Ava Wright, Excellent; Emma Pierottie, Excellent and Sethnika Hancock, Excellent.

Third Grade Reasoning:

Maddox Hurley, Participation; Aaron Shelton, Excellent Advanced and Mason McCullough, Excellent Advanced.

Fourth Grade Computation:

Isabel Sylestine, Excellent Advanced; Gil Gomez, Excellent Advanced and  Maycie Allen, Excellent.

Fourth Grade Reasoning:

Carolyn Wilhite, Excellen Advanced; Isaac Rizzato, Excellent Advanced and Eli Perry, Excellent Advanced.

Fifth Grade Computation:

Aron Akhtar, Excellent Advanced; Rickey Etheridge, Excellent Advanced and

Lauren Williams, Participation.

Fifth Grade Reasoning:

Daisy Bergene, Excellent Advanced; Emily Robinson, Participation and Kameryn Henderson, Participation.

Sixth Grade Computation:

Abby Rose, Participation; Erin Beard, Participation and

James Menard, Participation.

Sixth Grade Reasoning:

Blake Johnston, Excellent Advanced and Rachel Rose Excellent Advanced.

Seventh Grade Computation:

Rahul Patel, Excellent Advanced and Julianna Sylestine, Participation.

Seventh Grade Reasoning:

Brice Sylestine, Excellent Advanced and Hannah Chitty, Excellent Advanced.

Eighth Grade Computation:

Avery Williams, Participation and Kalli Core, Participation.

Eighth Grade Reasoning:

Jessica Peet, Participation and Allison Le, Participation.

Pictured above right are the CCS seventh grade olympians.

CCS Math 8th grade

CCS eighth grade Math Olympians