Property taxes are normally due on Jan. 31, but because this year the last day to pay falls on the weekend, the law considers payments timely if paid in the office or postmarked on the next regular business day. The tax office will be accepting payments on Monday, Feb. 2, without penalty and interest. Because the Feb. 2 postmark is crucial to avoid penalty and interest, taxpayers need to be aware of the last pick-up time posted for the mail box or have a post office clerk personally stamp the mail.

Payments can be made at the Orange Tax Office located at 123 S. 6th Street or the Vidor Tax Office at 155 Wilson. Drop boxes located outside the front entrances are available for “after hour” payments. Tax payers also have the option of paying online by going to and clicking on “Tax Records and Tax Payments Online”. The credit card service provider charges a fee of 2.5% of the total tax being paid or $1.50 if paid by an E-Check.

Taxpayers who qualify under the homestead exemption of sixty-five or older, disabled, or disabled veteran or their surviving spouses, are eligible to set up a tax payment plan of four equal payments. Please call the office for additional information.

For inquires, contact the tax office at (409) 882-7971 or (409) 769-0064.


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