I, John H. Gray Jr., would like to announce that I will be running for a seat on the Board of Trustees for West Orange Cove Consolidated Independent  School District. I am a lifetime resident of Orange and a 1990 graduate of West Orange-Stark High School.

I was instrumental in crowning the #demandbetter slogan during a somewhat controversial debate over the superintendent position at our district. During that highly publicized conversation over social media, I recognized that there is a need for board members who truly have the district’s best interest in mind. 

Even before that, I realized that our district, like every other district, have areas that we can improve upon. It is going to take a board that is willing to work along side of the parents, staff, students and taxpayers of the district. I am ready to do just that. 

I take pride in WOS and believe that positive communication from all parties involved will result in tremendous acheivements that will mark our district for Excellence!

I ask all of the #demandbetter supporters and all concerned parents and taxpayers to join me in my journey to a seat on the board of trustees. I pledge to work along side of each one of you to bring you positive results in any concerns that you might have where our district can improve because after all … the common goal should be the betterment of the district and the wonderful staff and students. So again, I ask you for your support as I continue to #demandbetter!