Students at Orangefield High School participated in the Hamshire-Fannett Invitational UIL meet on Jan. 9 and 10. The following shows the students that placed in their events.

Computer Applications

First place, Kristen Blake and fourth place, Thanh Tsan.

Spelling and Vocabulary

Second place team – Thanh Tsan, Sage Granger, Olivia Davis, Anna VanPelt and Yuritzy Gomez.


First place, Kristen Blanke; fourth place, Nathalie Bergman; fifth place and Victor Vuong.

First place team – Kristen Blanke, Natalie Berghman, Victor Voung, Kayla Boyett and Kaylea Daigle.

Feature Writing

Second place, Kayla Boyett and fourth place, Allie Crouch.

Editorial Writing

First place, Allie Crouch; Third place, Kayla Boyett and fourth place Jerri Agee.

News Writing

Fourth place, Kayla Boyett

Headline Writing

Kayla Boyett

Calculator Applications

Third place, Victor Voung