The Orangefield powerlifting team participated a meet Jan. 22 at WOS. The results are as follows:

Girl’s results:

Lauren Groom, 2nd in her class; Brooke Morphew, 4th in her class; Krista Wheeler, 2nd in her class; Skyler Hammons, 4th in her class; Kathleen Lozano, 7th in her class; Bre Norton, 3rd in her class; Morghan Kelley, 5th in her class and Mahala McClanahan, 4th in her class.

Boy’s results:

Cade Datillio,  5th in his class; Wesley Reed, 1st in his class; Cameron Guillot, 2nd in his class; Vincent Wilson, 6th in his class; Austin Moore, 1st in his class; Shayne Arceneaux, 3rd in his class;

Jerrod Watkins, 1st in his class; Adam Jacobs, 2nd in his class; Jake Bradley, 6th in his class; Aaron Galitz, 4th in his class and Luke Padilla, 5th in his class.