West Orange – Stark Elementary School students earned ribbons in individual competitions at the District UIL Academic Meet. Additionally, 11 WO-S Elementary teams also placed in various competitions.

In individual competition, results are as follows:

Taylor Hardin, First Place, Math, 2nd Grade; Trinity Brown, First Place (tie), Social Studies and Sierra Peoples, First Place, Ready Writing, 4th Grade;Dayarrah Womach, Second Place, Storytelling, 3rd Grade; Mirande Carpenter, Third Place, Listening, 5th Grade; Evelyn Jasso, Third Place (tie), Spelling, 3rd Grade;Robin Lynch, Fourth Place, Storytelling, 3rd Grade;Jadon Jones, Fourth Place, Social Studies;MacKenzi Newberry, Fifth Place, Ready Writing, 3rd Grade;Geodai St. Julius, Fifth Place, Storytelling, 3rd Grade; Aariana Francisco

Fifth Place (tie), Music Memory, 3rd Grade; Katie Hogg, Fifth Place (tie), Ready Writing, 5th Place and Austin Russell, Sixth PlaceNumber Sense, 5th Grade.

In team competition, results are as follows:

Trinity Brown, Jadon Jones, Mackenzie Brown and Asha Anderson, Second Place, Social Studies; Makenzie Newberry, Adriana Francisco, Zachery Nation, Third Place, Music Memory, 3rd Grade;Chase Carpenter, Christian Mack and Austin Russell, Third Place

Number Sense, 5th Grade; Heather Todd, Aziyah Crawford and Asia Stewart, Third Place, Art Team, 4th Grade; Kami Bishop, Taynesha Meyers, Ke’aira Geral and Trinity Garrett, Fourth Place, Music Memory, 5th Grade; Trinton Garrett, Katie Hogg, Emily Houghton and Kyra Holder, Fourth Place, Dictionary, 5th Grade; Jerriah Dugas, Caitlyn Henry and Evelyn Jasso, Fourth Place, Spelling, 3rd Grade;Joshua Arthur, Dardin Hardin, Anahi Davis, Alejandro Aguinaga, Keyshawn Gray and Aaron Norwood, Fourth Place, Art, 5th Grade; Ryan Bergeron, Kelsey Miles, A’Khau Thompson and Tyrone Wilson, Fifth Place (Tie), Number Sense , 4th Grade;Ania Jackson, Fifth Place, Spelling, 4th Grade; Jazmyn Canion, Shealee Lienhardt and London Stroud, Sixth Place, Spelling, 2nd Grade; Paris Overstreet, Kaedan Polk and Christopher Foster, Sixth Place , Spelling, 5th Grade.

WO-S Elementary academic sponsors are: 

Lori Broussard- 4th grade art; Cecilia Christopher- 5th grade art; Amy Thompson- 5th grade dictionary skills; Stacie Dryden- 2nd and 3rd grade math; Adena Frazier- 4th and 5th grade number sense; Stephanie Anderson- 4th grade oral reading; Karen Bergeron- 5th grade oral reading; Lisa Huckaby- 2nd grade spelling; Rhonda Kueck- 3rd grade spelling; Susy Balsano- 4th grade spelling; Kym Franklin- 2nd and 3rd grade storytelling; Nicole Lawton- 3rd grade ready writing; Jill Klinkhammer- 4th grade ready written; ; Annely Domas- 5th grade ready writing and 5th grade listening; Ann Taylor-2nd grade creative writing; Katie Kornegay-  4th grade maps, charts, and graphs; Jill Hart and Callie Orebo- 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade music memory and Paula Manuel- 5th grade social studies.