Little Cypress Junior High and Mauriceville Middle School eighth graders recently participated in JASON 2015 at Lamar University. Students prepared and presented four different lessons to elementary students in grades 4-6 from across the Golden Triangle.  MMS taught a lesson on waves while the three teams from LCJH taught lessons on igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. Each team presented twelve times throughout the day. Elementary students rotated through each of the rooms reviewing/learning about the different lessons. LCJH and MMS students created PowerPoints and demonstrations for each lesson as part of their presentations. Jennifer Knapp (LCJH) and Ronda Sunderland (MMS) are the sponsors of The JASON Project for LCM schools.

Students that participated are Jackson Baeza, Sean Martin, Kryssy Smith and Chaz Hill are from MMS and Sophie Boyd, Mallory Lisle, Karly Rogers, Akhil Tejani, Walker Smith, Seth Sartin, Kooper Abernathy, Max Dileo, Zach Casey, Allee Frank, McKenzie Guillory, Danya Maradiaga and Valyn Faulk are from LCJH.

Photo – Front Row from left, Jackson Baeza and Kooper Abernathy.

Second row from left, Allee Franks, Sean Martin, Kryssy Smith, Valyn Faulk, Walker Smith, McKenzie Guillory, Mallory Lisle, Akhil Tejani and Seth Sartin. 

Third row from left, Chaz Hill, Max Dileo, Danya Maradiaga, Zach Casey, Karly Rodgers, Sophie Boyd.