From time to time, every newspaper I’ve ever read makes mistakes and we make our share. We sometimes blame the Gremlins, or computer glitches, but most often it’s an employee error. Someone not following the rules. Last week on this page, in a sub-head, we had the Texansplaying the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Four sets of eyes looked at it. No one caught it. No harm done. We did however make a more costly mistake when we ran the previous week’s K-Dan’s/Danny’s Food Center ad. That does cause problems and should never happen. Old ads should be deleted and not find their way back into the folder. We apologized to Kenneth Smith and Danny Brack. They are loyal advertisers of many years and they rely on us to get their message to their customers. Their weekly specials are important to their customers also. We apologize to the customers too. Those two stores pride themselves in bringing quality meat and produce to their shoppers. A butcher is always on hand for special orders. As independent grocers they have more control than the chain stores. They hand pick only the best quality meats at affordable prices. Their meat doesn’t arrive pre-packaged, they guarantee every cut to be the very best quality. When you shop with any independent, locally owned merchant, your money stays local. Always shop locally when you can. Be sure and check out our family of advertisers. They deliver this publication to you free each week. *****I’ve got to move on. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to clear up that issue. Hop on board and come along; I promise it won’t do you no harm.

For over a week now the talk hasn’t been about what promises to be a great Super Bowl game between the Patriots and Seahawks, instead thousands of stories have been about Tom Brady’sdeflated balls. My belief is that the referees only checked the balls by feel not inflation before the game. One person is believed to now be involved. It really doesn’t matter, Brady still had to throw and someone had to catch the ball. The score was 17-7 at the half with deflated balls and with pumped up balls Brady ran the score up to 47-7. I believe Coach Belichick will use the incident to fire up his Patriots. He will ask his team if they want to be known as cheaters or champions. This game won’t be a blowout. I’m pulling for Earl Thomas and the Seahawks, who will have to play a great game. New England will never be shut down. Brady really has something to prove. On the other hand, you never know which Russell Wilson will show. If his magic is working, he’s unstoppable but he can’t play half a game like he did last week. If I were betting, I’d take either team with seven points.

One of the most poisonous Tea Party congressmen in the country, Steve King, hosted a GOP candidates Christian Right Forum in Iowa. A parade of would-be candidates for president showed up. Christi, Cruz, Perry, Walker, Huckabee, Carson, Santorum, who won Iowa two years ago, even Donald Trump and Sarah Palin showed up as advisers to the candidates. Palin rambled and no one figured out what her message was. Romney, Bush, Paul and Rubio stayed away. Most candidates don’t have a chance but are in it for the money. Santorum has made a living running for president. Old man Ron Paul retired wealthy on campaign funds he was able to keep after running. Perry had enough left from his “oops” campaign to be able to pay his lawyers now. Some are wondering why Mike Huckabee is giving up a $2 million a year gig to run. Simple, follow the money. Six million for his book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.” If he raises $50 million for a campaign and spends only $40 million, he pockets $10 million. Running for president is the only political office in the nation that a candidate gets to keep political contribution for their own use. That’s why so many run. Not one at King’s summit has a chance against Hillary. I’m not sureBush or Romney can get the nomination.

16 Years Ago-1999
The 580-foot ship Cannes, seized last week with five tons of cocaine in Houston by the U.S. Coast Guard, is being stored at Orange’s CBH Services. The cocaine, valued at $375 million, is the largest cocaine bust in Texas. U.S. officials arrived in Orange to continue the investigation. *****The Bridge City Business and Professional Women’s club names Beverly Vincent “Woman of the year.” Beverly and husband Gale have three daughters, Melissa, Connie and Amber. Beverly is very active with CASA and PTA and other major civic projects. *****Architect Mark Magnuson tells commissioners court that renovations to the exterior of the court house is estimated to cost $537,950 and would take six months to complete. Judge Carl Thibodeaux said the money for the project has been budgeted for this year. *****Denver wins Super Bowl 34-19 over Atlanta. The Falcons had five turnovers including three interceptions. The Denver offensive line was awesome. They double and tripled teamed Shane Dronett all day. No one laid a hand on Elway. *****Blind radio personality on KOGT Terry Lyons celebrates 20 years with the station. Station manager Bill Forte hired him to do telephone ad sales but because one D-Jay was fired and another quit, Terrywas forced to go on the air. The rest is history. He never sold the first commercial. He does the morning show plus is host of Trading Post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Editor’s note: Since then Terry has passed away.)*****The following Bridge City football players sign college letters of intent. All-Staters Jared Williams and Jeremy Stolfa, kicker Raun Bryant, DathanJuneau, Eric Bramblett, Bryan Wiggins, Daniel Kibodeaux, Jeremy Buckley, Dustin Denhan, quarterback Brad Miller, Charles Higginbotham and Shane Peveto. They all played for Coach Les Johnson, Darrell Brock, defensive coordinator and Rick Colson, offensive coordinator.*****The coach at Orangefield said he will have three players sign this week.*****Pole vaulting champion Eric Eshbach will celebrate a birthday February 4.*****Butch Campbell served up great gumbo at the Orange County Day in Austin.

36 Years Ago-1979
Runnels Tire Company holds open house at their Simmons Street location. Joe Burke eats only the icing on the cake. He’s on a diet. *****Sue Collins goes blonde. Sue dyed her hair when she heard blonds have more fun.*****The Lutcher Stark Tigarettes basketball players are Janie David, Joanie David, Mary Lou Ewing, Marty Price, Sherry Anderson, Geri Anderson, Becky Hare, Hildy Bulovas, Nina Mumbach. Hattie Mae Wood is coach.*****A new 1974 Step Side C10 pickup at Harmon Chevrolet will set you back $2691, with monthly notes as low as $46.*****Dick Bivens, at Texas Avenue Grocery, has a 10 ounce jar of oysters for 99 cents; beef hindquarters 99 cents lb.; Miracle Whip, 69 cents; Texas Pride beer, 6 pack, 12 oz. cans, 89 cents; Borden’s 1/2 gallon buttermilk 77 cents; Del Monte catsup, 29 cents; lettuce, 25 cents a head; baking hens 59 cents lb; lean hamburger meat, $1.09 pound; soup bones 9 cents pound.*****Juliet Patton, of Gravely Tractor, is hit with some kind of bug that has her bedridden.*****Gene Rutledgeis the new postmaster at Corrigan. He and wife will be missed by friends in Bridge City. *****JoanGreco is doing commercials on KOGT. Ed is putting his move on her. *****The local daily newspaper is putting trash out on District Attorney Sharon Bearden. *****The Witnesses, a musical outreach group from First Baptist Church, have recorded an album. Some singers areKeith Branson, Doug Massey, James Decker, Ruthie Harris, Sheree Davis, Ann Sanders, Sheri Kiser. Director is Mrs. Bennie Ross Talmadge.

56 Years Ago-1959
Orange County Commissioners authorized the employment of Maxine “Max” Boatman as deputy sheriff succeeding Tom Eddleman. *****Two Orange physicians are accepted into membership on the American Board of Surgeons. They are doctors Malcolm E. White and Dr. Gene W. Slagle.*****The Texas Port Association elects J.T. Arledge president. He is the Orange County Port Director. *****Inez Runnels is teaching people to drive. She is co-owner of the local Texas Driver’s License School with her husband County Clerk Joe Runnels, Jr.

We were sorry to learn about the death of Glenda Kinder, 63, who passed away Jan. 23. Services were held Tuesday, Jan. 27. She was the owner of Glenda‘s Bake-A-Cake, on Western Ave., for over 35 years. Glenda was a special lady, giving much of herself to help others. Rest in peace. Please see obituary.*****In the last few days we also lost Rodney LeJeune, 79, a resident ofNederland. He was a native of Church Point, LA. The Cajun musician was well known and always thrived to promote the Cajun culture. He will be missed. Like a good Cajun he spread joy and a good time wherever he performed.*****Make a note: The good doctor, Jimmy Jones, will have a 75th birthday celebration Saturday, Jan. 31, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Winfree Baptist Church on Hwy. 62. The doctor will also be celebrating 50 years of medical practice. No gifts please, just your presence. No he’s not ready to retire yet. Y’all come.*****Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellattempted to strong arm the Keystone project through the senate Monday. His first show of power failed. It was an attempt to throw sand in President Obama’s face. He’ll have to try again. That should humble him.*****Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has no business getting involved in U.S. foreign policy. It’s an effort to get Netanyahu reelected. John Boehner invited him to address congress on March 3, just two weeks before Israel goes to the polls and also to poke a finger at President Obama. Vegas casino owner, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, is the deep pocket in this rigged deal. You’ll see I’m right.*****The tidal wave of snow that spread through the northeast Monday and Tuesday found some Orange County natives in the worse of the storm. Even though the blizzard wasn’t as bad as predicted, it was bad enough. In Hudson MA., whereMark Dunn’s daughter Jenna and her family live, she reported they had plenty wood for heat and husband Robby was out plowing snow, his line of work. Robby calls snow “white gold.” They received over 30-inches. The other bad spot was in Long Island, New York, where Jenna’s cousin and Karen’s son, Sean Gros, is stationed with the Coast Guard. He was on 48-hour duty at the CG station. A Gulf Coast boy from Bridge City finally saw his first snow, a 29-inch freezing blizzard. He’ll take the South.*****We had news from Gerald Morris’ daughter who gave us an update on her dad. He was able to open his eyes for a few seconds and his heart rate was holding steady and blood pressure was alright. His temperature was also good. He is improving and the family thanks everyone for their prayers.*****Our neighbor here on Henrietta Street, The Shabby Chic Boutique, is having a major expansion. They have acquired the entire building and will be expanding service. Stay tuned for later announcements. *****Can you believe Bob Dylan on the cover of AARP magazine? He is turning 75. His best quotes are in the magazine compiled byCindy Clark. *****As spring approaches some Orange County folks start planning trips to LasVegas. For you who are country music lovers you will find legendary entertainer Reba McEntire,paired with Brooks & Dunn, who are back together in their new home, The Coliseum, at Caesar’s Palace. Mariah Carey has signed up to do her first residency in Vegas, also appearing at Caesar’s, filling in for Celine Dion who has taken a leave to care for her ailing husband Rene’Angelil.*****Specials now at Peggy‘s on the Bayou Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 5 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. “All the Catfish You Can Eat.” Dine in only. On Friday and Saturday, 5 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. all the “All the Popcorn Shrimp You Can Eat.” Load up for $15.99 with the trimmings. The food is always good at Peggy‘s. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. Three sets of twins celebrate birthdays in the coming week. On Jan. 28, a special buddy, Mary Stanton, sees another year done gone. Now she embarks on another one. The Amedo twins, Lynn Greenwelland Leslie Smith celebrate today. So do the Sarah and Frank Todaro twins Mary Ann Scofieldand Rosalie Clark. They’re the best thing that ever happened to John and Pat. Also on this day retired Bridge City teacher, a nice guy, Bill Dixon celebrates. Others are Colin Briggs, JustinGearhart, and Cheryl Gonzales. Actor Alan Alda turns 78 and model Barbi Benton turns 64. *****January 29 is Bobby’s better half, a special lady, Devra Cormier‘s, special day, also old buddy Wayman Ogden moves the clock forward. Traci Anderson, Ricky Miller and Amy Campbell celebrate. They join Oprah Winfrey, 60, actor Tom Selleck, 69, politician Paul Ryan,44, and diver Greg Louganis, 54.*****On Jan. 30 Brenda Dubose, Jason Myers, Shirley Jordan and Lindsey Garrett celebrate. They join actor Gene Hackman, 84, actress Vanessa Redgrave,77 and singer Phil Collins, 63.*****On Jan. 31, Lily Fields, C.B. Burns, Marty Delano and Skipper’s youngest, Scott Free. Also celebrating are Amanda’s twins Lucas and Mason Adams, who used to run around this office, Lucas leading the way. Celebrity birthdays are pitcherNolan Ryan, 67, actress Minnie Driver, 44 and country singer Tyler Hubbard, 27.*****On Feb. 1,Wayne Sullivan, Lisa Monceaux, Virginia Williams and Bobby Anderson celebrate. They joinLisa Marie Presley, 46, Don Everly, 77 and country singer Skylar Laine, 20.*****On Feb. 2, the “Old Aggie,” who survived “Bear” Bryant, Don Kachtik, celebrates. Also Fred Dohmann, Kelly McBride and Vance Thomas celebrate. They join Tommy Smothers, 77, Duane “Dog” Chapman, 61 and singer Shakira, 37.*****On Feb. 3, Charlie Johnnie turns the big number. Also a year older is Stephanie Carpenter, Michael Hillard and Alssa Allensworth. They join actressMorgan Fairchild, 64 and quarterback Bob Griese, 69. *****As a grand opening special, Boogies Express Wash, 1480 Texas Ave. in Bridge City, is offering free car washes on Jan. 28 and Jan. 29.*****Ross Smith’s Sabine River Ford has been topping the charts in Ford sales throughout the region, including Pasadena. Ross is keeping his promise that Sabine River Ford will go all out to make sure that auto buyers can get the best deals right here at home keeping Orange County buyers local. Everyone wins. *****Last week, Mr. Cub,” Ernie Banks, Chicago’s great shortstop from 1953 to 1972, died at age 83. Folks my age were lucky enough to be able to follow him through his entire career. He was the Cubs first black player and one of the best to ever play the position. He was top notch on and off the field.

Bill Dixon, Cheryl Gonzales, Hollie Fregia, William Carpenter, Justin Gearhart, Chase Rendall, Colin Briggs, Jim Snider, Mary Ann Scofield, Rosalie Clark, Sheryl Richard, Sterling Werkheiser, Virginia Robinson, Kerstin Jewel, Wyman Ogden, Paula Perkins, Devra Cormier, Caitlyn Eubanks, Rachel Beaulieu, Ricky Miller, Traci Anderson, Amy Campbell, Lindsey Garrett, Shirley Whitley, Carolyn Martin, Brenda Dubose, Jason Myers, Jeanie Kreger, Shirley Jordan, Amy Campbell, Ted Blanchard, Chuck Rowley, Lily Fields, C.B. Burns, Marty Delano, Eric Mangham, Regina Gaspard, Ron Mason, Scott Free, Steven Kimbell, Telisha Kuykendall, Lucas Adams, Mason Adams, Quade Clark, Wayne Sullivan, Virginia Williams, Brittany Leonard, Garrett Kerger, Jake Williams, Lisa Monceaux, Bobby Anderson, Daric Rogers, Fred Dohmann, Kelly McBride, Vance Thomas, Don Kachtik, Michael Hilliard, Stephanie Broussard, Rosalie Jones, Stephanie Carpenter and Alssa Allensworth.

Joe Meaux brought his pet monkey to Tee-Boy’s Bar. Dat monkey him, jump on everyting and grabs olives, slices of lime and whatever and eats dem. Joe, he order a drink but dat monkey him, jump on da pool table, grabs one of dem balls and sticks it in his mouth. Everyone in da bar is amazed dem when dat damn monkey swallow dat pool ball whole.
Tee-Boy, he screamed at Joe, “You monkey jus ate my cue ball, he swallow it whole him.”
Joe witout looking up from his drink say, “Dat don’t surprise me, he eats everyting in sight. I’ll pay for the cue ball and utta stuff me,” den Joe left with his monkey.
A few weeks later, Joe and his monkey returned. Dat monkey find da cherries, grabs one, puts it near his read end and den eats it. He does the same wit da peanuts.
Tee-Boy him is disgusted, he said to Joe, “Did you see what you monkey did, he put a cherry and a peanut to his butt den he eat it.”
Joe answer, “Well, he still eats everyting in sight but since he pass dat cue ball he measureseveryting first.”

It’s would be a sad note if Baptist Orange Hospital were to close. For over a 100 years Orange has always had a hospital. For a longtime it had two. We learned of the possible closing two weeks ago and had hoped that a meeting last Friday would resolve the problem. More on this later. It’s my belief that if Texas participated in the Medicaid Expansion program, with $88 billion from the Federal Government, many small hospitals like Baptist Orange could be helped. It would also be a big help to county government. Orange County spends nearly $2 million a year onindigent care. As of now, a hospital spokesman says there is no plan to close the hospital.*****TheWednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week at Robert’s next week. Everyone always welcome. Good fellowship with good folks.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up. Take care and God bless.