For the second year, Vicky Holland rewards students at Little Cypress Elementary who earn the highest AR reader points for each semester with dinner at a local restaurant.

This year the two students for the first semester who earned Dinner with the Teacher were Marissa Vaught from Ms. Holland’s homeroom class and Gabrielle Moore from Mrs. Mott’s homeroom class.  They chose to have dinner at Casa Ole’.  Marissa was the top reader with 51.5 points during the first semester and Gabrielle accumulated 32.2 points.

Marissa wants to attend Texas A&M and be a fashion designer or doctor – whichever one will earn her the highest income. She also takes dance and gymnastics, but really loves sports, especially soccer.

Gabrielle is not sure where she would like to go to college, but she is interested in fashion design or teaching. If she teaches, she would like to teacher kindergarten or third grade. In addition to her regular studies, Gabrielle is very involved in Bible Quiz through her church. Last year she competed in the national competition where teams from around the country vied for the championship. She recently completed in a district meet in which her team placed 5th, but Gabrielle received a blue ribbon for scoring the most points.


Pictured from left, are teacher Vicky Holland, Gabrielle Moore and Marissa Vaught.