Thursday Feb. 5, the Orangefield Powerlifting team competed in the Silsbee Quad Meet.

In the Boy’s division, finishing 1st, were Wesley Reed (810 lbs) in the 132 pound class; Austin Moore (1430 lbs) in the 198 pound class, and Jerrod Watkins (1570 lbs) in the 242 pound class.  

Second place finishers were Cameron Guillot in the  165 pound class, Adam Jacobs in the 242 pound class and Aaron Galitz in the SHW class.  

3rd place finishers were Shayne Arceneaux in the 198 pound class and Juan Padilla in the SHW class. Austin Moore was named Outstanding Lifter on the heavy platform. The boy’s team finished in 2nd place.

In the Girl’s division, Finishing 1st was Lauren Groom (710 lbs) in the 132 pound class. Lauren was also named Outstanding Lifter on the Light Platform.  Second place finishers were Britton Edgerly in the 123 pound class, Brooke Morphew in the 132 pound class, Skyler Hammons in the 165 pound class, and Bre Norton in the 181 pound class. Krista Wheeler finished 3rd in the 123 pound class. The girl’s team finished in 3rd place.  

Both Teams compete next week in the LCM Quad Meet.