Several Orangefield High School band students participated in the UIL Solo & Ensemble contest Friday evening at Lumberton High School. Students who perform a solo, play a piece of music with a piano accompanist, and are rated by a judge. The Superior rating is the highest you may receive, and earns a UIL Medal. Students play solos of different class levels of difficulty, with the Class 1 solo being the most difficult.

Performing a Class 1 solo from memory and receiving a Superior rating allows the performer to advance to the State Solo & Ensemble contest in May. Katy Swiere chose to memorize her Class 1 solo and received a Superior rating so she will advance to the state contest.  Other students receiving a Superior rating on their solos are:  Jacob Buckles, Class 1; Emily Frost, Class 2; Suzy Madrid, Class 2; Jeremy Broussard, Class 2; and Seth Doucette, Class 2.

Also receiving a Superior rating for their percussion ensemble are:  Lani Cole, Brody Judice, Aaron Sprayberry, Malorie Flanigan, Luke Padilla, Sean Russell, Sam Truncale, and Jeri Agee.