Lamar University has been ranked among the top ten engineering programs in the country based on their graduates’ mid-career earnings according to The Washington Post.

The article focuses on schools that have the highest profit for majors in their peak earning years by using the self-reported salaries for graduates from more than 1,000 schools from Payscale, Inc., the largest salary profile database in the world.

 “This ranking is a tribute to Lamar graduates, showing that they took the work ethic they cultivated during their schooling and applied it effectively to the workplace,” said Victor Zaloom, interim dean of the College of Engineering. “As demonstrated, Lamar provides a foundation that truly prepares students for successful careers in their chosen industries.”

Lamar engineering majors were ranked as having the second highest mid-career salaries, ranking higher than other notable universities such as UC-Berkeley and Vanderbilt.

“Prospective students look to see how prosperous graduates are and when they see data portraying how successful Lamar graduates are at getting jobs and progressing in their fields, this becomes an extremely attractive quality,” said Zaloom. “This article reinforces something we have understood in the engineering department: Lamar possesses tremendous opportunities for students.”

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