The strike at Motiva by steel workers brings back memories of years past. The 1950 strike at Texaco and Gulf played havoc with the local economy. As far as I recall, I don’t believe we have had any major strikes since 1980. Hopefully labor and management works their issues out before long and the strike doesn’t go deep and get ugly. The cold front that blew in this week sure adds a burden to the picket walkers. Two strikers walk at the same time at all gates. They take turns walking 20 to 30 minutes at a time around the clock, with different shifts of picketers. The strike is against all unionized oil companies in America. Shell is the company that the national steel workers targeted. When a contract is reached it will be used to secure contracts with all the other oil companies. The strike at Motiva, a friend tells me, has a lot of support from local citizens. They could use a break from the cold weather. *****I had a nice, long conversation with Judge David Peck Monday night. I hadn’t realized how close he had come to entering the Pearly Gates but they turned him away saying, “Not yet.” He had two choices, he could lay there and wait for the bus to come for him or he could battle for his life. He chose the latter and it’s been a hard fought battle but he’s giving it all he’s got. He’s in a special rehab facility in Galveston. When the trainer showed up, in typical Peck style he told him, “I’m here to work, what are you here you for?” David is up to walking 1,000 yards on the treadmill and improving daily. He says he’ll be back sooner than anyone thinks. He is in constant contact with his JP office staff. They call him on certain matters and he advises them. He’s had a lot of help from the other judges, including Judge Mandy Rogers. I believe Judge Peck misses the job more than the job misses him. He believes he will show a lot of improvement in the next month to six weeks. We pray that his optimist outlook continues and before too many moons he will be back giving us a hard time.*****I’ve got to move on now, I have a lot to do and little time to do it in. I’d be honored if you came along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


There is no doubt Bill O’Reilly was embellishing and misspoke about his time covering the Falklands for CBS. He said he was in a war zone but the truth is all American journalists were based in Buenos Aires, over 1,000 miles from the fighting. O’Reilly has claimed covering the riots, which were demonstrations, and afterwards he saw fatalities around the presidential palace. No such reports at the time appeared anywhere. Seasoned newsmen and camera personnel say it just didn’t happen, O’Reilly made it up. There also were other misrepresentations by O’Rielly. He and CBS parted ways after such reports. That was then, today O’Rielly, who has the biggest ego in show business, and that’s exactly what his show is, it should be called, “The All Spin Zone.” Nothing fair and balanced about it. He bashes the president constantly, but I’ve never heard the balance part of it, giving him credit, like for cutting unemployment in half, 10.2 to 5.6, cutting the deficit by three-fourths, adding over six million manufacturing jobs, saving the auto industry from bankruptcy, taking the country from the brink of a recession, saving the home market and least we forget, ordering the killing of Bin Laden. It all gets down to frustration by O’Reilly and the GOP. Regardless of what they attempt Obama comes out on top. The Congress sat on their hands and did nothing for four years. They bet everything on him being a one-term president and he beat them. Now they want to destroy his legacy. What they are doing however, is giving credibility to the enemy. Last week, O’Reilly had a big holy war promotion, “millions wanting to kill Christians and Obama standing idly by doing nothing.” Two lies, not millions, there are only 30,000 ISIS fighters and they kill many more Muslims than they will Christians. The code word “idly by” means “boots on the ground.” It’s all about the money with O’Reilly, he’s made plenty for himself and FOX, so they will never let him go. In fact, FOX and Bill paid $10 million to settle a sexual abuse lawsuit against him. He’s a phony, but has a nitch. Last Thursday, he had nearly a half-million viewers, but at the same time, 34 million were watching something else. He would have you believe everyone watches his show. A couple of weeks ago, a grade report on presidents was published. Obama was in the all time best six presidents. Lincoln–A; FDR–A; Clinton and Obama tied with a B plus; Reagan–C-plus; George H. Bush–C. Since then the Talking Heads have revved up the hate mongering. That’s why Rudy came out with the stupid statement, “Obama doesn’t love this country.” That will sure not give comfort to our friends around the globe. Our enemies loved it. ISIS doesn’t need to recruit here, we have hate mongers doing it for us.


We want to mention two special ladies who passed away in the last few days. Dioris Thibodaux, age 86, died Feb. 20. She, along with her husband Joseph, owned and operated the Rodair Club, a Cajun dance hall, for nearly 40 years. Everyone who knew her was taken in by her smile, style and Cajun cooking. She was a joy to watch on the dance floor. Our condolences to her family and many friends. Services were held Tuesday, Feb. 24.***We were also saddened to learn of the death of Laura Sue Donnaud, 85, who passed away Feb. 20 Services will be held Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. In the years we knew her she was such a beautiful lady. She was a registered nurse and supervisor at Orange Memorial Hospital, now Baptist Hospital. She and her late husband Ray raised a great family. Our sincere sympathies to daughter Sheila, sons Charles, Thomas and Michael and their extended family. Please see obituaries. 


10 Years Ago-2005

How quickly those years have flown by. It seems like yesterday to me but it might seem longer ago to you. Here are a few of the things that were happening 10-years ago. 

Major Steve Jones, with Orange Police Department, explains the new child curfew that goes into effect March 1. Jones said a curfew was needed for children 6 to 18, on streets and public places the during school day and at night. Bridge City Police Chief Steve Faircloth said the ordinance to be voted on by city council is almost a carbon copy of what Orange has.*****Kody Duplichien, a Bridge City High tennis champion picked up his third single championship over the weekend. (Editor’s note: Fast forward to last week when Kody became a new dad. The father of a son, who could also be a future tennis star. Neighbor Cox is that boy’s great-grandfather so he has good genes.*****Mrs. Paul “Nettie” Roy is doing fine after being hospitalized. She was outfitted with a stint. It seems stints are the in thing lately.*****The 77th Academy Awards are history. “Million Dollar Baby” won four awards, best picture, Hillary Swank took home best actress, Morgan Freeman, best supporting actor and Clint Eastwood, best director. Jamie Fox captured best actor for his role in “Ray,” the life of Ray Charles.*****The Orange courthouse closes for Texas Independence Day. (Editor’s note: Louis Dugas was a strong advocate for that.)*****The Bridge City baseball team, coached by Billy Bryant, wins the Don Gibbens Tournament hosted by LC-M. The Cards posted four wins and beat Jasper for the championship. Some of the Cardinal stars were Ben Myers, Hunter Hays, Johnny Dishon, Darrell Stevens, David Coulter, Derrick Coleman, Kirk Vincent, Kevin Angelle, Ryan Richard, Jay Schroder and A.J. Heckler. (Editor’s note: What a great bunch. The above sounds like an all star team.)*****The Little Cypress-Mauriceville softball team, coached byTom Wolley, won the Bayou Classic and the Jasper tournament in consecutive weeks outscoring opponents 86-6. Pitcher Cody Trahan has surrendered one earned run in 43 innings, with 92 strikeouts and ERA of .05. LC-M has the sticks also with Trahan batting .538, Miriam Richard .571, Joi Oldbury, .519,Stephanie Zimmerman, .483 and Karlie Harrell, .450. The team average is .428. (Editor’s note: How could anyone forget those Lady Bears.)***** Coach Nathan Todd and Coach Brandon Prouse lead the Orangefield Bobcats to their first post season basketball playoffs since 1959. The Bobcats ended the season with a 24-8 record. Players are Erik Smith, Michael Camp, Chris Barnes, Jeff Heubel, Trey Peveto, Jared Allerman, Randall Locke, Calvin Granger, Kyle Little and Brett Ramsey.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Junius Andrew Wingate, 84, died Feb. 26. After joining the Order of Teaching Christian Brothers he took the name of Brother Amedy Lucian Wingate. He was a PH. D in Theology. After teaching all over the country and Mexico, he retired in Orange where he continued to live a very simple life, allowing himself very few modern conveniences. He is survived by brothers Nick and Roy Wingate, sisters Barbara Marshall, Mable Lawrence and Edith Pratt.***Daudre “Mee-Mee” Smith, 62, died Feb. 24. She was a clerical specialist for Dupont for 40 years. She is survived by daughters Melanee and Mark Scales and Melissa and Glenn Guidry and their children. The Orangefield boys basketball team served as pallbearers.***Steve Taylor, 42, died Feb. 27, at his home. He was a school teacher. He is survived by his mother Bobbie Taylor, grandmother Mabel Rost, sister and brother-in-law Lisa and Chad Hogan and their children. ***Rev. Dr. R.C. Hammock, 74, died Feb. 24.***Pat Norsworthy, 76, died Feb. 22.***Maybell Warren, died Feb. 22.***Mildred Smith Gammage, 98, a longtime school teacher, died Feb. 26.***James “Barney” Barnwell, 79, died Feb. 25.***Blanche Atkinson, 89, died Feb. 24.***Alan Kubish Buller, 47, died Feb. 23.***Charlotte “Chanky” Marcantel, 67, died Feb. 26.***John H. Guinn, 92, died Feb. 28.***Clarence Everette Feuge, 81, died Feb. 22.***Caleb Day, 18, of Bridge City, died Feb. 22.***Iona “Onnie” Scales Davis Heathman Dailey, 92, died Feb. 24.

40 Years Ago-1975

Former Orange police chief, businessman, banker, Alvin Keown, chosen chairman of the Easter Seal Crusade.*****Grand opening held for Wayne and David Clothing Store, at 410-5th St., former location of Gil’s Shoes. Owners are Wayne Smith and David Frenzell.*****Gary Savoy is now working for Conn’s Appliance in the MacArthur Shopping Center. Other Conn’s employees are Bill Smith and Fain Holbrook. Gary’s wife, Judy, owns Savoy Studios, a dance school.*****Marine officer Neal Kelly, of Bridge City, is home on leave. His buddy Larry King, who is in the Marines and stationed in Hawaii, is home for a few days also. Neal visited with school chums Mark Dunn, UTA football player, home for the weekend and football team-mate Langston Fall, who plays for Lamar.*****Speck Faries celebrated his 58th birthday last week.****The first annual team match of the American Legion Boxing Club will be held Feb. 28. Referees for the main events are Bubba Busceme and Paul Jorgenson. Some fighters participating are Willie Store, Marty Delano and Mike Harrison. Twenty events are scheduled each night.*****Roy Dunn has lost 42 pounds since Sept. he says there is nothing to it; if you don’t mind starving, being short tempered, irritable, hard to live with and just plain hungry.*****Joe Kazmar named Salesman of the Year for the second year in a row at Butler-Baker Pontiac.*****Fiat, the biggest selling car in Europe, comes to Orange at Gasow Motors, 807 Simmons Dr., owned by Paul Gasow.*****Attorney Cimron Campbell opened his new law office March 1, at 714 Division Ave., across from the Court House, in the former office of Murry Harris. Cimron has been associated with the Sexton, Watson, Campbell law firm for the past six years. Cimron has been appointed to represent Dowden in the Danny Gray case. He has been able to gain a change of venue for his client.*****Three Orangefield students are nominated as “Outstanding Teenagers of America” for 1975. They are Lydia Jean Franks, Robert Keith Mott and Janice Kay Ledoux.*****Betty Harmon pulled a leg muscle while doing her strip act at the Follies. A doctor’s care was required.*****Cliff and Helen McCardle celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary.*****On March 1, Bridge City hires it’s first city manager, Bill McClure, from Altus, Oklahoma. He is 46-years-old, married and has two sons. He takes office April 1. (That was April Fool’s and boy did it work out to be.)*****Robert Giles, Jr. is hired in Bridge City’s first city planner.*****Dist. Judge Pat Pate, of Oklahoma, visits his brother from time to time so H.D. can brief him on the law. Of course no one is buying that story.


Great news this week is that Gina Cessac’s final report finds that she is cancer free. Many people prayed for this good lady. Thank God that prayers were answered.*****this week in 1836, the San Antonio Alamo was under siege. It fell to Mexico and Santa Anna on March 6. Sam Houston used the cry, “Remember the Alamo” to defeat the Mexican army at San Jacinto.*****In 1954 the vaccine discovered by Dr. Jonas Salk became available to all school age children in time to defeated Polio.*****Ed Shultz, host of the Ed Show on MSNBC, has been doing a special report on the effects of the BP oil spill. A lot more harm has been done than we were led to believe. The show airs at 4 p.m. and is worth watching.*****Joey Logano, 24 years old race car driver, won the Daytona 500 NASCAR seriesSunday. Meanwhile, longtime racer Jeff Gordon ran his final Daytona 500 race. He is a four time NASCAR champion. Gordon wrecked on the last lap Sunday and said that reminded him of why he was walking away. Crashing cars going 200 mph ain’t for the faint of heart.*****The Voice returned to NBC Monday night with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aquilera and Pharell Williams. The spinning chair gimmick works. Of all the talent shows, the Voice has the best judges. They don’t over try, they just blend together and seem to have a good time.*****Jasper native Savion Wright made the final 24 cut on American Idol. Almost every year someone from this part of Texas or Southwest Louisiana makes it to the top finalist. Last season Wright missed the top 30. His brother was Alfred Wright whose body was found in a wooded area in Nov. 2013. He had been dead 18 days. The family suspects foul play.*****We ran into Thad Hill over the weekend. He’s a BCISD board member. We were impressed with this young man when we first met him over 20 years ago when he came knocking on our door running for his first political office. He beat the most popular man in town for a city council seat. He’s a natural politician without trying to be. He likes people and it shows. I’ve often wondered why he hasn’t run for higher office.*****Our girl Penny made a quick trip to Branson this weekend, spending Friday night in Hot Springs. The cold weather followed her to Branson so she hitched up her wagon and headed here before she got iced in. She barely made it out.*****You won’t believe this. Jason Arrington, the top guy at JB’s Barbecue, has talked pretty Alisha Scott into marrying him. He’s JB’s grandson. An acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. He’s full of it.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On Feb. 25, Bridge City police officer, Orangefield school board and motorcycle rider Brad Frye celebrates on this day. Also Angela Brinson and Zelda Jones. They join actor Sean Astin, 43, better known as Patty Duke’s son, comedian Chelsea Handler, 39 and actress Tea Leoni, 48.*****Feb. 26, is a big day for everyone’s buddy, Coach Moe Litton, who just keeps keeping on. Celebrating also are Claudia Williams, Amanda Beeson and Betty Sherman. They join singing Michael Bolton, 61, Fats Domino, 86 and Erykah Badu, 43.*****On Feb. 27, our longtime friend, Abbeville High School grad and a constant volunteer for good causes, Anna Belle Rost, turns 80. I give her age only because she’s proud of it. Also celebrating is David Claybar, Butch Choate and our sexy buddy, Darrell’s bride, Gretta Brinson. They join actress Joanne Woodard, 84, Chelsea Clinton, 34 and Ralph Nadery, 80.*****On Feb. 28, Ginger Romero, Kurt Reeves, LaVerne McDonald and Amy Ball all celebrate. They join country singer Jason Aldean, 37, actress Bernadette Peters, 66 and race car driver Mario Andretti, 74.*****Feb. 29 finds Leap Year babies, two great guys, Logan Dubose and Will Brinson celebrating.*****On March 1, Louise Hamilton, Jennifer Thomas, Monica Wilson and Robert Foster all celebrate. They are joined by Justin Bieber, 20, Ron “Opie” Howard, 60, actress Catherine Bach, 60 and Robert Conrad, 79.*****March 2, Texas Independence Day finds Kay Butler, Craig Nugent, Apryl Carter and Tommy Andrus all celebrating. They join rocker Jon Bon Jovi, 52, football player Ben Roethlisberger, 32 and actress Gates McFadden, 65.*****March 3, those celebrating are Norris Brandon, who was born on 3-3-33, not a bad hand for a good guy. Also Joan Broussard, Donna Sullivan, Carolyn Miller and Lori Bonds. They are joined by football player Herschel Walker, 52, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic runner, who will be 52. This also would have been the birthday of the late Franklin Scales.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at PK’s Restaurant in Orange, on Strickland, this Wednesday. Next week The Bunch will be back at Robert’s. Everyone is invited to join the fun and fellowship. 12 noon.


Brad Frye, Zelda Jones, Doris Byrd, Angela Brinson, Betty Sherman, Braelyn Baugh, Claudia Williams, Eleanor Shult, Marilyn Powell, Zachary Gilliam, Amanda Beeson, Jeffrey Fregia, Bailey Noah, Beth Mathews, Butch Choate, David Claybar, Gretta Brinson, James Wilkinson, Lindsey Moreau, Sarah Havens, Allisha Bonneaux, LaVerne McDonald, Anna Marshall, Amy Ball, Kathy McKenzie, Kurt Reeves, Royce Pendergast, Ginger Romero, Logan Dubose, Will Brinson, Kevin Jones, George Cassidy, Jennifer Thomas, John Gooch, Louise Hamilton, Monica Wilson, Robert Foster, Aiyana Bland, Kay Butler, Craig Nugent, Apryl Carter, Tommy Andrus, Brittany Waguespack, Lori Bonds, Joan Broussard, Andy Pryor, Donna Sullivan, Carolyn Miller, Vickie Parish, Darrell Evans, Jo Young, Frances Brood, Travis Reeves, Barron Nimitz and Carolyn Sheppard.


Anna Mae Boudreaux is not very bright her and to make tings worse she has always been very poor. Most everyting she owns has been handed down stuff, nutten new. 

Her eyesight had gotten bad so her Papa told her to go see bout some glasses. Dr. Badeaux had Anna Mae read some letters and numbers wit her left eye while covering her right eye. Poor Anna Mae got so mixed up wit which eye to close and which to open that Dr. Badeaux, in disgust, took a paper lunch bag, cut  a hole out and axe Anna Mae to read da letters, den flip it over and read wit her utta eye.

As she did, da doctor notice tears running down her face. He said, “Look, dere’s no need to get so emotional bout getting glasses.”

“Mais, I no dat,” Anna Mae said, “but me, I had my hopes and heart set on wire frames.”


Congress returned this week. They have until Friday to avert a Homeland Security shutdown. Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, said on “Meet the Press” that he was hoping someone will exercise some leadership citing new terrorist threats, including shopping malls. He said it was absurd that we’re even having this conversation. Funding will expire for 240,000 employees, including customs, border protection, secret service, the Coast Guard, FEMA, etc. If the $40 billion bill is not passed and there’s a government shut down, Republicans will take another hit. The American people will take off the blinders and say “Enough Already.” Surely some adults will step up and show Boehnor and his Congress what they are doing to their party but also to the security of our homeland and avert the shutdown.*****Well, I have run out of time and space. Thanks for coming along. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers when you can. I’m cold and ready for some of Peggy’s gumbo so that’s where I’m headed. Take care and God bless.